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No, never heard of them, but I just checked them out and they seem very interesting and useful! Not sure if 48hrs would have been enough to train the AI, but we can definitely try to use it for further development. Thanks for the suggestion!

The idea for this game is cool! Like someone else pointed out, though, I wish there was some sort of predictable pattern to determine which tiles are gonna be available. Right now, it feels like I just have to be lucky to finish the game. 

Cool game! The music pattern is easy to follow, it's simple and it works well. The controls also feel nice, good job :)

The game won't load :(

Great game! I like how I constantly have to balance my attention between the power management system and the shooting/movement. I think having the boat move by shooting the musket was a great solution to keep the controls simple and to make the game more challenging. I loved the art and the overall tone of the game as well :)

I am become football.

Loved everything about this game, from the artstyle, to the sound design! The hit feedback is really great, and the humor had me grinning at the screen the whole time. Great work :D

Hahahaha yeah, the enemies are merciless  >:) 


Thanks for the feedback! :)

The idea of mixing a text adventure and a platformer is nice, I liked that! The texts in particular were really fun to read,so it would have been cooler if they were more involved in the actual gameplay. Like, if they had colliders, and could create an obstacle or a platform.

I really like how driving the car feels, so smooth!

Cute game! I really like how you transposed the idea of struggling to control your nerves through the rythm sections.  The story is simple and effective, and the rythm parts feel nice to play. They could be even better if the button press had some sort of feedback sound effect, something that tells you if you got that note right or wrong. 

Keep up the good work :)

With a little finetuning, this could make a really addictive  mobile game! 

Nice work :) 

I could shoot that soccer ball all day. Nice work!

Nice concept and good execution! :)  
However, I had a little difficulty understanding where the ball was sometimes. Perhaps if the camera was a little further away, showing a little more of the surroundings, it would reduce the risk of being "lost" and having to restart the level. 

Great artwork and nice concept! The ships felt very good to control. I liked that the instructions were scattered on the scene, rather than on a superimposed info panel. 

Oh man, we totally missed that you could do that on the orb ahahah! Thanks for the kind critique :)

Thank you! We'll work on making the controls more responsive in the future :)

Very cool concept, and nicely executed! I really like the idea of creating your path with the tetris pieces :) The controls work really nicely, although perhaps the movement of the tetris piece could have been made a little easier by using the mouse (move it to position the piece, left click to make it come down faster, right click to rotate)

Fantastic game! The graphics are stunning, the idea is good, well implemented and it fits the theme, all I have to say! You guys are gonna go far :)

A nice simple game that fits the theme and is well functioning. My suggestion for improvement would be adding a UI element that tells you how many "lives" you have left, and maybe a few  small obstacles for the player and the other balls, just to spice it up a bit  :)

Thank you for you feedback! This is our first real jam, so every piece of constructive criticism really helps.

A lot of the issues you pointed out really have to do with us running out of time to finetune the mechanics.

I'll try to answer your questions in order:

-Why you are throwing the sushi: the game is set in an All You Can Eat restaurant, so if you order more food than you can consume, you have to pay an additional fee for each piece that you haven't eaten.  Originally, having food left on your plates would mean losing the game. We had to change that because there was no more time to implement it. We will try to make the context more clear with future updates.

-How to throw sushi: we added instructions in the game project's description, in later updates we will add them as you start the game as well.  Thank you for the suggestion about the tap/swipe, I agree that it would work a lot better than what we have now! Having the customers react to the food (and even eat it happily) was in our plans, but  we were running short on time. 

Again, thank you a lot for your contribution! 
With a bunch of fixes, let's hope it really does become an addictive casual game! :D