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I intended to add a a big bad ball that tries to catch the player, but i ended up spending the last day with my kids instead :) my son is a little sad, because he misses his Kindergardenfriends since it's closed down for Corona-safety. So we played with our dog and spent the day outside in the near Forrest and our garden. It was nice.

There is an Android APK to play it on mobile available. I just provided Windows and HTML so that everyone will be able to Test ist quickly and hassle-free :)

Thanks for the feedback maybe i'll add more.

Thank you for your feedback.

thank you for the feedback. Initially I had the camera following the player around a bigger round Map, but I wanted the player to be able to see all of the balls simultaneously so that one can predict their movement better. But you are right, I'll try varying the lvl

I don't quite know how to say it right. You have nice graphics and a nice mood and a nice setup, but why am I throwing sushi? Does it get any cheaper if you throw it on others people's plate? More importantly: How do I throw sushi? Aiming at the food and picking things up is the hardest part. I think it would be better if you could just tap on the sushi, the sushi starts floating in front of you and then you flick it with a swipe.

That way it could be a really addictive casual game.

Also, the other customers could kind of react on you throwing sushi at them.

Why have players use the mouse to aim, but the spacebar to shoot?  I think strafing left and right would also make the game more playable. 

I really like the game. It is hard  but fun and is embedded in a little  backgroundstory. 

A Bullet hell type of game also fits the theme perfectly.

Html Version:

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I like the way the game is composed out of little minigames.

it's a fun little game. You put lots of focus on details. 

I love the music and the graphic is appealing. Maybe you could make the character look to where your mouse is. The controls did not work as intended when next to walls. 

Also , why not make them drones destroyable? 

The game is nice. It really starts to be fun , when you play it in Multiplayer mode, because the ai just doesn't compete. Also the TP just magically falls into your Basket. So you drive to the big pile of TP, wait and drive back before the time runs out. If you could only get TP-rolls by ramming into the shelves or other players, the player would be busy all the time.

Nice Game. My grandma always old me: "if you start giving 'em something, they'll come back wanting more and more ." She didn't talk about animals, but on the other hand... why am i writing this? 

Really nice game. 

It feels like being in   one of the arenas in pokemon. It also has a similar mood.  Well done. 

The interactions also feel good and sound nice.

Btw. why do the tiles have this square surrounding? it'd be  better if those were not visible i think

Hey , this game is not really all good, :)  But on the bright side it's a game, it has sounds and some kind of music.  If you reach the top it seems like nothing  happens... BUT if you jump all the way     to the right  you get really large and the map gets small. Also you can really jump amazingly high in this game. 

The game is fun. I like the shopkeeper patrolling around the shop. Maybe you could highlight the  checkout counter,  so first time players can find it more easily. The motion Blur is a little too much, for my taste.  When walking past an edge while holding the toilett paper, it changes its position relative to the player. 

Overall a very fun  game.

This is a really nice Casual game. The kind of game you play while waiting for the bus. It is really enjoyable. The tower ist ranomly generated, but it might be nice to have a part of the tower stay the same, so that players can practice the sequence. Only bug i found: Some guy named "FETCHING..." occupies got all the Scoreboard. I really like the fact, that there is a Scoreboard.  

The game looks really nice and I like the bat-sounds and the mood of the cave. But it really needs some kind of goal or activity. Like, if you could  shoot the bats, it would be an awesome game ;)

I didn't understand why the big red ones appear and I don't know why I put the ants into the holes, but it looks nice and   the music adds to the mood.