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PushBlock Puzzle Game
Submitted by ThisModernDay — 39 minutes, 40 seconds before the deadline
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Game Design#104.2384.238

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This game is lovely, everything is so cohesive, good job on every aspect. I will just say that some texts are a bit unnecessary but it's just nitpicking at that point, great !


This is a great entry! I like the artstyle and music, very cute! 

I love level design in this game. At some point I thought I got stuck but there was a white stone blocking the way (which I couldn't see at first) so I could move it and then get back to the savepoint and restart the level. 

I also like savepoints, how you implemented them to be a part of the game, a board with information fitting well with rest of the environment (instead of being like a portal or other weird thing XD)


Amazingly well executed game. Great job! 


So cute, loved that!

awesome good work son!


I think this is my favourite entry so far. It´s adorable, the mechanics are nice, the graphics are good, the puzzles are interesting and everything´s very polished. I love how you used signs to give theinstructions but they also doubled as check-points and reset points for the levels! And you even designed the levels so they worked when teh player restarted from the checkpoint, even though they were on different places from where he enters the level at first! My hat´s off to you!

One small nitpick is that SPACE+WASD isn´t a very comfortable combination for me, if you develop this any further (you shoudl!) consider adding configurable controls or using the arrow jeys instead of WASD or something.

In the last screen before the chest I broke the stones from below, but as I was pressing UP and mashing SPACE I pushed the rock upwards to the corner. Somehow I manage to push the rock to the right, enter the previous level, reset it and get back to the final challenge, but maybe you should add something to prevent this from happening or add a checkpoint in that last screen. For a moment I thought I was stuck.

Awesome job, loved it!


Thank you so much for the feedback. I will definitely continue to develop the game. I at a latter point want to add controller support as well as customization in regards to the keys. I'm also considering making a mobile compliant version of the game as well. I realized after uploading the build that I should have added a checkpoint to that area as well so your issue solidifies that thought. Thank you again for taking the time to play my game!

Jam HostSubmitted

Yeah! I really enjoyed it!! Pretty neat, good music, good graphics, great concept and level design (5 stars)!! One of the few entries with some nice "handmade" puzzles!! You even put checkpoints and a (kind of) reward at the end!! I love the way you work, keep developing games!! :)


That was a really relaxing and enjoyable experience. The game is highly polished, has cute pixel art and nice sounds. I love the way that new mechanics are introduced! That gentle, step by step introduction with simple puzzles that you later on use to solve a bit more challenging puzzles. Great stuff! 

This could become an awesome adventure game, I hope you keep on developing it! :D

So this is my favorite game of the jam so far, the design, gameplay, music, art and overall feel are really great. The puzzles are creative and I honestly feel a little more relaxed after playing. It feels so polished for only 3 days and you nailed the theme too. Really great work!


Nice little puzzle game, I like the calm mood. And the graphics and cutting of bushes gives me childhood flashbacks ;)


It feels like being in   one of the arenas in pokemon. It also has a similar mood.  Well done. 

The interactions also feel good and sound nice.

Btw. why do the tiles have this square surrounding? it'd be  better if those were not visible i think


Really fantastic level of polish! I ran into the same bug as the below poster however. Also, I'm not sure if it's my browser (Firefox) but pressing space made my screen scroll down and it was kind of a pain. Game was good enough that I put up with it and kept scrolling my screen back up, though. :)


Thanks so much for the feedback i fixed the stone issue. also in regards to your spacebar scrolling the screeen. It might be browser specific. I'm not having that issue on chrome or dare i say it ... ie/edge (bleh)


Unfortunately, I ran into this bug about 4 or 5 rooms in, where I push a white stone into a hole and it doesn't go in. Reloading the page and trying again or restarting with the sign didn't fix it. (It's the room with the hole on the left and a row of shrubs at the top). Bugs aside, the art was very cute, the music was mellow and I liked the mechanic of breaking shrubs to form a path for the stone. It was like a cool iteration on typical ice-floor puzzles from pokemon.


Thanks for the input It is weird because before the game is built to HTML5 it doesn't have that problem...


I managed to fix it.