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So cute, thank you for making. Loved how unique the characters were, each played a role. Worked great via wine on linux!

Ah dang, still happened. Made sure that option was unticked. This time I was in Grasslands of Ort, moving northeast I think. I've also had it happen when moving from the secret room in the Chroniclary back to the main room.

Gonna give this a try and report back. Thank you!

Really cool game!

On a Macbook Pro, masOS Big Sur 11.4, sometimes a loading screen between areas will hang forever and I'll have to force quit the game. This isn't a total deal breaker, considering the game saves automatically frequently, but it is a pain since I have to reload back to my last big orange crystal.

Anything I can do to alleviate this on my end?

Wow, it's so exciting someone else might get actual use out of this! Good luck!

Yeah, that's the hardest part. Figuring out if it's 3 pairs, or 2 pairs, or 3 pairs + one extra...

This was so charming. I wish I could rate it! Played it all the way through. Nice Missingno reference too lol

Great job lol. This is full ass idea, leaves no part of you thinking it's just a game jam prototype. Good job!

Hey! Justed wanted to let you know we pushed an update based on your playthrough. Eggplants are much easier to drag onto alots now. :) Thanks again!

Absolutely lovely. I was surprised at how performant the game remained even though I had a lot of things running in the background. Ran into a funny bug where I pushed myself under the floor when trying to raise my lift under the stationary forklifts to the right.

You've got a Goat Simulator on your hands!

Wow, fantastic art and great gameplay. The "walking around the world" mechanics are impressive. You got a lot done within the space of a few days! I echo what another commenter said about the movement directions, it's a little confusing when you're under the planet. Maybe when you press left or right, you will walk in whatever direction is left your right from your current position? That may be confusing for an entirely different set of people, though. :) Great job!

Thank you so much for making the video! It was extremely enlightening to see how people were interacting with the controls, and it was totally our bad for the complicated process. :) 

In case you were wondering, you were right that Alots had to have a heart to produce a baby from mating. They get a heart by being selected first, and then dragging the eggplant over them. Sometimes even that didn't work out because the bounding boxes were bad lol.

Used a custom engine just written using HTML5, Canvas, and raw javascript. We followed you on Twitch!

The opposite actually, it was incredibly fast.

That stealth mechanic sounds really interesting, I hope it makes it in this game or a future one.

Wow, this is really cool! Love the art, the music fits, cool mechanics. I'm not sure if I'm bad or the game is tied to framerate, however, as even on Wave 1 it was far too difficult for me to survive at all. Great job!

Really fantastic level of polish! I ran into the same bug as the below poster however. Also, I'm not sure if it's my browser (Firefox) but pressing space made my screen scroll down and it was kind of a pain. Game was good enough that I put up with it and kept scrolling my screen back up, though. :)

Adorable graphics. I think I ended up with close to 100 deer. I didn't see much point to SHIFT being run, as I just held it the entire time, and the feeding sound effect was a bit harsh.

Thank you for making a focused, full experience! Very cute game. :)

Thank you so much for playing our game, and for the feedback! The alots only make a baby when they have a heart. :) Good luck in the jam!

Really great! I actually kept retrying until I won. Great use of theme and the art was distinctive. Don't like the use of commercial music, there's a lot of opportunity for some moody original music! Felt artistic with the use of the shadow looming.