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Thank you, I'm glad you enjoyed it! :)

I like the core idea that in order to execute a command you have to flip some switches, turn a few knobs - it gives you a feeling of being a commander in headquarters giving order to a robot on a mission. Sadly, I haven't been able to beat the first level as I don't know how to jump diagonally. The game gets a bit repetitive since there aren't that many actions to do it'd be cool if there were more buttons or switches or maybe even simple puzzles. I found the UI not easily readable, especially the instructions on the monitor were hard to read at first.

Overall, the idea is very cool but the game right now is a bit rough around the edges. With more polish, I think it can be great!

It was a fun idea that you needed to collect certain ingredients to make pizza and not just catch everything which is typical in these types of games. Although there is a need for a little bit of balance. It was not unusual for me to just skip all the ingredients and have to wait what felt like half the time for my ingredient to appear. Also, why does the game end with one pizza? :D

Cool game overall, good job :)

Hey, thank you for playing and for the feedback!

Adding a little tutorial is on my todo list, I'll definitely show where is the pen :) And sprint needs some rethinking, might just remove it and make the character faster overall. The feeding sound was actually an explosion from sfxr :D I will replace it along with watering sound, for sure. The story was little cute background to give you a reason to collect these deer.

Thanks again, I'm happy you played my game! :)

Very relaxing and calming experience.  I wish there was a bit more to it, like different fish or some surroundings that were a bit more interactable.  I enjoyed it, nonetheless :)

Cute concept, I love the music and the artwork is nice. The game quickly becomes boring as there is nothing new added, just the same, falling food. Some kind of powerups or maybe increasing speed/ difficulty would do some good to this game :) Also, at times, the food drops in a straight line and it is impossible to pick it all up :/

I was so happy that I was crushing my enemy but then I realized that it was a 2 player game, not 1 vs AI lol 

As I don't have anyone to play with right now it's hard to give valid feedback. But from what I noticed, the game is very well done and highly polished. There's plenty of unique sounds and very nice artwork. Once you get the hang of the mechanics, they are cool and fun to use. It would be great if you implemented even a simple AI :) 

Well done!

Pretty cool game! Artwork and sounds were great. I am actually surprised how well it run since there were a lot of things falling yet it ran smoothly on my laptop, which is unusual :D I love the idea with those signs displaying  step by step what you have to fetch. The game is quite easy and it gets boring after a while since you feel like you can never lose. I think it'd be better if the game got quite difficult before the player gets that feeling.

It was a fun experience, well done :)

Sadly, I never was into collectables in games and this game is collectable hunt only. I wish there was more to it than just finding a few jars and that's it. I did enjoy roaming in the world yet it felt empty. The sounds were relaxing and I think I heard some wildlife in the background, sucks I haven't met any.  The terrain could use some texturing as I was losing sense of where I am at points (especially when I climbed onto some hills).

If there were some small puzzles to get the jams it'd have left me with The Witness-like feeling and it would have been awesome! Or if there was some gameplay after finding those jams (which I was hoping for!) then that would be great! But right now, even though it was well made, the experience felt empty to me.

I wish the game was longer! I was waiting at the end screen for the next battle only to realize that no next battle is coming :P 

Since the game is so short and I had to restart the game each time I wanted to play it'd be nice to skip the intro and not have to wait for each line of text to appear. I am quite confused about the ammo types. I haven't really felt their impact on the battle. It probably had some but I just didn't see any. The battle itself is a bit lacking, I feel like it's a stripped down version of the Pokemon fight system :D You could add some special attacks that change with ammo! Then I'd feel the impact of changing ammo and had a bit more choice during battle. There is a little bug when you kill the alien and it has negative health it actually attacks one more time.

Overall cool art and sounds, pretty fun experience but very short :D

That music was so fun to listen to! I like the concept for the game, it was fun to grow in size although it sucks that there was a limit. I wanted to get as big as the screen lol Also, maybe zoom out the camera with the increased size of the shape group so that it's easier to see what I have to change too. 

Really cool experience, well made :D

I was surprised to hear how many audio effects there are :D Pretty cool concept although there's not much to do right now. I flipped the light switch a couple of times and got 40 contaminated objects from that.  Then I touched some stuff on my way to see them turn green. I ate food to get a virus. I washed my hands, did some work on the computer and went to sleep. 

It would be really cool if you were given some tasks like preparing meals, having to work x amount of time one day or something else that pushes the player to actually try different things.

Quite a cool concept! I like the art and sounds were fine. The beginning was a bit slow and boring but once you introduced the mechanic of burning blocks, it got quite interesting. The levels with the burning blocks acting as a timer was clever! I wish there were some more mechanics introduced, it would make quite an interesting puzzle game. Can't wait to see what you come up with if you decide to continue working on the game :)

The artwork is amazing and the sounds are quite good too! I played for a while and I feel like I don't understand the goal here. I am trying to survive as long as I can from all those blobs. But what exactly do I do to survive? Are the bombs the only way to fight blobs? Can I dash them away?  It's a bit confusing for me and the wall of text in the tutorial section isn't really helpful.

Quite fun anyways, the style of the game is great!

I like the graphics, they're pretty pretty if you ask me! Although I am completely confused about the goal of the game.  I understand I have to heal the sick but at the start everyone coughs so I assume everyone is always sick? But then I passed the first level not doing anything. And then I tried to heal a few people and apparently I got sick? There is no feedback to the heal action so I don't really know when I heal somebody or when I don't. Also, the controls are a bit wonky. I feel like you tried to make a cool concept but I just can't grasp it :c 

I can see where you were going with the idea and I like it a lot. But the game itself lacks a lot of polish.I had to read others' comments to learn how to play (you click on a drink and then click on the table to send a drink to the customer in the queue, for anyone wondering). And still, the controls didn't always work. Also, whenever new customers appear they can obscure the the need of the customer before the new one so you don't really know what to send. 

I think it would be a fun experience if it were not for some inconvenient features.

I was quite shocked to see that the character gets so fast lol The acceleration needs tuning, for sure. I didn't really see any reason to change the color of the bullet. Did different bullets have different abilities? If not then I think it'd be cool if they did :D  Also, I know that the game is called A lot of colors but it was quite hard to see because of that background.

Cool stuff, can be a lot cooler with a bit of tweaking :)

I didn't really feel like playing a game but reading a short story. Which was written fine but I expected some choices along the way not just one at the very end which didn't matter anyway :C

Yup, all things you noted are already in my to-do list! 

I have to rethink sprint and add tasks that require you not to sprint or just remove sprint and make the character faster overall. Some sounds need to be completely redone (like watering and feeding, which are probably the loud ones you're talking about). The deers won't grow and won't make baby deers if you don't feed them - I'm planning on making a short tutorial explaining it. And I'll cut the time to 3 minutes which will keep you running and you won't get bored (which happens at about 4 minute mark from observing my friends :D )

Thanks a lot for playing and for the feedback! :)

If you don't feed and water baby deer then they won't grow into adult deer. And adult deer make baby deers when taken care of! Nothing really happens if you neglect them but you get less deer for grandma's ranch :) I'm planning to explain it a bit better in the future.

Thank you very much for playing and for the feedback!

Thanks a lot! I spent a lot of time on art since I'm no artist but I wanted the game to look good :) I'm glad you had fun, thanks again for giving my game a go :D

Thank you very much! 

I know that those 2 sounds are a bit odd, I already noted to replace them :) I learnt about the Pixel Perfect camera in Unity which should take care of the horizontal lines, I'll update the game after the jam. As for the Z order I just couldn't decide how to solve the issue so I put everything to be obscuring the player but of course I'll do something about it, now that I have more time :D

Thanks for playing and thanks for the feedback!

I played around with releasing the rockets a bit more and got quite the hang of it - the game is way more enjoyable now! :D 

Really cool idea! If every form had its own unique abilites and there were many puzzles involving switching between forms - I'd play that! 

I had a few problems while playing. First, I straight up wall jumped over the wall to the right when you start with the ball form so I was confused what to do when it came to getting the cat. I didn't even think of going left at first! :D The snail sometimes got stuck in the little passages and it was annoying to get it through (also when you go through the passage to the next level and come back in a different form you start stuck inside the ground). When you get to the most left side of the level with the bunny and jump, you jump out of the game and can't do anything but restart :/ When I got all forms it was really difficult to switch them. I had to look up which number is which character, then press that number and if it was a higher number (like 7) I would have to look it up on my keyboard. Took lots of unnecessary time. A select menu or select wheel would be so much more comfortable! 

Overall, I love the idea. I wish there were more abilities and that the levels were longer and more challenging. I want to play more! :D

Grandma looks very happy. Almost as happy as me, knowing that you played my game! Thanks a lot :D

I feel like this is one of those games I would fall in love with and play at least till the end... If it weren't for the fact that I had no idea what to do anything. I understood that part where I had to produce those "biostuff" generators, but how do I attack the city? It was just mostly guess-spamming the screen with different plants. I had a really hard time with the controls, I did not understand the cursor's position (it kept showing a little grey square underneath it all the time, sometimes showing through the buildings, sometimes not).

I didn't notice the city fighting back the plants if it's implemented. Overall, I love the idea but the game needs a bit more polish :)

Hey, thanks so much for playing my game! 3/5, that's like 6/10 which sounds awesome and I am so happy for that rating :D 

I tried my best to keep the player busy so that he won't say that it's empty or boring but I guess that there was not enough variety in the tasks to do or simply the timer was too long. Either way, thanks for your feedback, I know I need to fine tune the game a bit further.

Thank you for playing and for your feedback! I spent a lot of time on these deer :D

I knew that sooner or later the game would become boring, because for how long can you do basically 2 tasks (grabbing deers to the pen, watering and feeding them) over and over again. That's why there was a time limit (although a bit too long) so that the game ends before you get bored! I did experiment with having those tasks appear randomly and that you could take care of only one deer at once but it took away the dynamic of the game and also gets extremely difficult with tens or hundreds of deers. Seeing that you noticed it, I might experiment a bit more with slowing down the game, not having hundreds of deer but with more focus to each individual.

Once again, thank you for the feedback and thanks for playing the game! :D

Another a lot that my game represents, hope you gave 5 for the theme! lol

I wasn't sure how to solve the issue because I don't always want the player to be in front of everything, but also wasn't sure when to obscure the character (like running through the forest - it would be nice if some trees obscured the player, some not, maybe from certain height?). Obviously, being short on time, I had to choose to be in front or behind everything and leave this problem for later - thought being obscured by stuff felt a bit nicer overall, so that's how I left it. 

Anyway, that's something to figure out after the jam. Thank you very much for playing! 

Really cool game! I love the art, although things were difficult to distinguish sometimes. I'm glad you made it clear which food is good, which is bad (however those green, radioactive fruits seem a bit unhealthy! lol) I don't fully get the scoring and the temperature but I had fun bubbling junk food and eating fruits nonetheless! I did once fell off the platform and was stuck below it, didn't see a way out :/

I enjoyed playing it!

Wow, the audio was so good, I didn't expect the voiced count down. Sadly, the main menu looked better than the game itself. It definitely needs some details here and there, grey cubes aren't visually attractive, at least in my opinion.

The gameplay was fun (past the frustrating learning experience, wondering why the tp doesn't go in lol ) especially once you master the throw and can yeet the paper across the city! 

I think 10 days is too long for the content this game has, maybe a week would feel better? Also when there's more people you have to wait for their spawn longer than you play a level, I think you should speed this up.

Overall, fun experience!

That was a really relaxing and enjoyable experience. The game is highly polished, has cute pixel art and nice sounds. I love the way that new mechanics are introduced! That gentle, step by step introduction with simple puzzles that you later on use to solve a bit more challenging puzzles. Great stuff! 

This could become an awesome adventure game, I hope you keep on developing it! :D

A simple, but really nice idea. Good execution as well! I had fun playing it. The whole concept reminds me of the mind puzzle when you print out a name like "Red" but colored blue and you have to answer blue. 

Pretty cool game overall!

Thank you! :D

It's like one of those mobile games with a ball jumping around the tower, but this one is more polished, has much better artwork and sounds and an actual theme instead of just a ball jumping around. Great work, you should make Android version and upload it to the Google Play Store :D

This game is really good. The artstyle is cute, the sounds fit the great theme of your game, the idea for the game is unique and I liked it a lot! I just wish there was more color when the stage is huge and there's lots of going on. Like maybe a couple of color fruits to appear at once? 

Lovely experience!

I was left really confused after playing the first level. The menu UI was amazing but then I got dropped into a dark looking dungeon-thing. There were plenty of chests which gave me stuff but then the next chest took that stuff and gave me new stuff, none of which I knew what it did. Then there were some enemies guarding keys but I don't think the keys were used anywhere. I don't get how the dying mechanic works, you just leave a dead body that you can pick up and make it disappear - what stats am I supposed to get from that? 

I think you might be playing around with an interesting concept that requires a bit more explaining with a little tutorial and not dropping players into a sandbox level. And the graphics are good!

Super fun experience, we enjoyed it a lot with my brother! Getting more and more rockets was exciting each time! We were a bit confused about how the Spacebar shop works. When you opened it the rockets went nuts, I expected them to go wherever I was pointing them at. But then when I bought rockets the shop wouldn't close until the next spawn which was odd. Also, some boost for the rockets would be fun! Great experience overall, good job!

Very satisfying to mow down hordes of aliens! Surprisingly well polished game, good job!

I was surprised to see that there is next level, no idea it was coming - if my brother didn't want to keep on playing, we wouldn't have discovered it! Don't hide such big features like more levels :D The waves felt a bit tiresome after a while, searching for those last 5 aliens that fell into a hole somewhere is not much fun. I wish you could change the sensitivity! And controller support would be great, personally games like that are much more enjoyable with a gamepad.

I like the theme of your game! It was super difficult, lots of frustrations from me and my brother lol Great game, although we didn't make it past the first boss. When you kill the boss you can still die, never managed to survive after killing it :/