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Thank you so much for the feedback. I will definitely continue to develop the game. I at a latter point want to add controller support as well as customization in regards to the keys. I'm also considering making a mobile compliant version of the game as well. I realized after uploading the build that I should have added a checkpoint to that area as well so your issue solidifies that thought. Thank you again for taking the time to play my game!

Over all this was a great game. I know there is always that time crunch. The world and damage mechanics are well done.

However, I wasn't a fan of how the projectiles were done.

Perhaps make them travel a bit faster or apply a blur to simulate speed. They just look too static.

Other than that I thoroughly enjoyed my experience playing your game.

Here was my entry I look forward to playing everyones!

Nice little game I'm sure it would be much more fun on a mobile device as that is what it appears to be intended for. However the game play was fun. I over all enjoyed it.

Thanks so much for the feedback i fixed the stone issue. also in regards to your spacebar scrolling the screeen. It might be browser specific. I'm not having that issue on chrome or dare i say it ... ie/edge (bleh)

I managed to fix it.

Thanks for the input It is weird because before the game is built to HTML5 it doesn't have that problem...