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Best PsyHorror game out there 11/10

I am so ready for the next update!

Thx for giving it a try!

First of all thank you for your review, but if i had an undo button it would be limited to only one step backwards in case you mistaped because getting stuck and redoing the level is a core piece of the game.  And yes, I do plan on completing the game to it's fullest someday with some user level making/sharing, some music/sfx, an endless mode and much more!

HAHAHA I didn't even realize that! I mean *couch* yes it was a genius Idea. Thx

Yes I had the Idea of procedually whit a walker but I didn't have the time bcz I was on vacation during the GJ. Thx for your review!

Well... thats a lot of slimes

Cool game! Could be a great mobile game with better audio and graphics!

I don't rly see the theme... apart from that... WHAT! This quality of graphics in a game jam! Very good indeed.

what is this file size O.O

Now that's a lot of damage!!!!!

I wish there where better controls... Very great game apart from that!

One the the best game here for sure

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What is the game engine!?!? very creative!


Theme on point, Simple but very good graphics, overall very good. Just wish that it wouldn't kill you in one shot...

WOW so good

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The art could be better, I feel like it could be more interestintg with a unique mechanic. The audio is fine ane the sfx are funny. The controls are snappy and responsive. 

Needs more stuff/contents. The graphics aren't that good. The idea is good just needs more...

Very good game

Very good game

Bat'in good

Rly liked it but it needs sensibility adjusting for the mouse and a better view. Great Idea!

Great game overall. Not exactly my type but very good!