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REMINDER: the Jam version isn´t finished, and doesnt even have gameplay incorporated, unfortunately. I made an update to the game, or an Improved version, wich can be Download in the games page! hope yall like it!

Hey hello, actually, the Jam version doesnt have gameplay since the game was more complicated to do than i tough, but i have amde and updated version of the game wich contains gameplay and minor improvements, to download it go to the game pages and use the Link to google drive, i hope you enjoy this improved version! :

Hey thanks, was the game too hard or too easy? i tried adjusting the difficulty all i could but it´s hard to know, anyway thanks for playing and i hope you enjoyed it!

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ups, looks like the difficulty it´s still pretty though, im gonna fix it. you craft items with Y, just click on them ,in the menu.

yeah the problem it´s that it is not a stick, you can craft a "tool handle" with 2 sticks, check the other recipes and you gonna found it, with that you craft Tools.

Yeah, sorry about that, i didn´t had enough time to balance the difficulty, im gonna update the game to balance that and add some stuff. thanks for triying it!

the game is really good, the colors and the gameplay feels great, congrats dude!

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Hey dude, i liked the game, the pixel-art and the machine dropping thing it´s pretty cool.

One thing that would make the game better it´s even more items, more interactivenes with the decoration or the room itself, bosses, and sounds or music.

If you have time i hope you can add those things because the game it´s very nice and that would be a nice addition!

Also i think i encountered some errors, First i can´t restart the game so i need to restart the internet tab for that.

Second the health items didn´t work, and when i use some items they dont dissapear as usual, outside of those issues i like the game, good job for this 7DRL!

Hey, i think the game it´s pretty cool.

The atmosphere, the ambience music, and the general aspect and gameplay of the game it´s really well done and interesting.

Some stuff that i want to comment it´s the "respawn system", when i losed the game didn´t restart, only refreshing the internet tab, also i think that making a little bit more clear some stuff with borders or something would be great for extra clarity.

Good job overall, great game!

The game is really cool, and the design of the birds are cute and well made, in general the gameplay is nice for a jam, Also it could be  a really cool addition to the game having a Photo Album thing when you finish with all the photos you taked.

Hey thanks for playing the game! yeah a death animation could make the enemys more interesting, especially the enemy variety, because there are only 2 types of infecteds. Alsoo im gonna need to add little tutorial .

 im gonna try to add it, also the save system was something i thinked, im gonna think how to add it, thanks for the feedback! :D

Hey! The game idea and graphics are really good, the game works well despite it´s simplicity.

What i didn´t like at all whas that in my opinion it takes too long to get money (or maybe im not good at the game), and also i think making the player spend the money in some "Upgrades" could´ve a good addition to the game.

Good job overall!

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The game is pretty cool, the graphics are really well done and even if the music it´s repetitive it fits well with the game, what i didn´t like was the camera that was difficult to control, and the sleep system of the cats, wich is quite random, the only real problem i had with the game was controlling the cats, especially because they only move when pointing up and not when pointing the ground.

Aside from the cats control the game is really polished for being made in such alow amount of time!

I hope you can fix those issues i mentioned and even expande a little bit the game if you want!

Wow! this is awesome, the combat feels really good, and the game in general is really cool!

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Cool little game! and the sounds fit really well, and i liked the general theme of the game! 

it would be cool if it had some happy ending depending on how much deers you collected, anyway its good.

cool game! it would be cool if it had a little tutorial and more content

so basically, roguelites are allowed?