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thanks, it was probably the part where i put the most effort.

For such a short and stupid game it was fun, and an accurate simulator of the life of a mosquito.

For a prototype it's pretty fun with a solid gameplay, the graphics and music are alright. 

Cool game, you can feel the HM inspiration, and it's pretty cool and unique!

Oh cool, hope the game goes well! btw is the world map gonna be changed or get randomized? because for a rogue-lite it feels like it should be a random path that you have to adapt and choose the most convenient one everytime you restart. But right now it is more like a SMB 3 world where you move from level to level.

Thanks for the detailed explanation, quick question, how can i use these licenses? Do i just make a "License" file and copy and paste it there?

Question about licenses, does the jam game need to have a license? because in the site it says if i dont choose one, by default standard copyright rules apply to the project, which means no modifying, no copy, no distribution, etc...

I personally wanted to have a license that allows stuff like the code and even the project itself to be used, but not giving acces to the assets (music & sprites) and not be available to be sold or used for commercial purposes, but i don't know how to make that.

Pretty cool game, fells like a Fallout + nuclear throne.

Pretty strange to see such a game not only free, but also not on steam yet, it feels like it is a paid game.

Will it get released (or have to be boought) either here or on Steam?

The game was prettu fun and the pixel art is really well done, for the low time of the jam, this game is pretty polished, though it could get some improvements.

The only complaint i have is that in general the dices are too random, so you don't really have to plan too much the battle, you just throw the dices and reroll the bad results, it would be cool if for example, you had to choose which dices to roll so theres more strategy. Hope this helps for a future version!

The game its quite fun, the pixel art and sounds are very good and teh concept it's interesting and fun.

Though i have some complainst that i hope help a little: The tiny enemies shoot too fast or the bullets are too fast, especially with all the other enemy projectiles it's quite hard to dodge it.

I'ts kinda hard to dodge the bullets because of the special look they have which makes identifying them (and their hitbox) harder, also since they are the same colour as the enemies it's confusing to distinguish the two.

And lastly i think the game should show what kind of powerup you got with a small text when you pick them up.

Before i go i also wanted to say the healthbar is bugged, and atleast to me, it doesnt appear.

This game was really fun, the roll mechanic it's pretty fun and makes the you have to be constantly moving and being in action.

The sprites are very well done aswell as the animations.

My only complain, or feedback for the game, is that it feels weird that the gun is static, it would be cool if it was pointing in the same direction as the cursor.

oh cool, nice that theres an update coming!

Damn this game is polished! The art is amazing and the overall gameplay and idea is pretty cool and well executed. I also really love the design of the game and teh animations, the animation of teh color and movements of the dice are really good.

The only thing to note for is that after some tries it gets quite repetitive, especially since your movement and the way you shoot enemies is pretty limited, but in general really good game for a jam!

Thanks dude, glad i helped you! Pretty good job for soo little time, good luck in future projects.

The game is interesting, for a jam game it is fun and has an interesting and unique concept.

Overall the art and the story are pretty good and well done, and it's interesting how the game combines teh "you are your own enemy" theme with it's story and partially with the gameplay. My only complaint would be that the story it's a little confusing and seems like a methapor but the game doesn't exactly explain of what, since the "colors" seem to be something else than that.

This game is awesome, it's the kind of cool stuff i always wanted to see in a tower defense game. The art and main gampleay & idea is very good and well done!

Pretty interesting that the game has been ripped off by "browser games" websites.

Pretty cool game! the pixel art and animations of "pill" are very good. The level design is also pretty good, and the movement or jump-throw is very well done. 

The game is clearly inspired by jump king and similar games, though it's a little frustrating to go from platform to platform with the jump since it's kinda hard to calculate, especially on platforms in the air where if you fall you have to do it again, Though i know this is done on purpose, but i just wanted to note that it's quite frustrating. Anyway, the game is very well done and very fun and the main idea is simple but good!

 The game is very good, the genreal idea of the gameplay is simple but "fun" and the whole frustation theme, though obviusly it's frustrating when the screen shakes and it only makes it worse, which makes it annoying to play but ties well with the games theme.

So overall it's a good frustrating experience, good job!

I think that aside of a good gameplay for a death stranding-like game, as i said, developing a good story is very important (atleast to me) in this kind of games, since it gives both context and a motivation for the player to progress, i though the sword being alive idea since that way one of the main mechanics of the game becomes a partner in your journey, though he is also an enemy!

Something cool i though about the story, if you use the idea i told you, is that the story could be about you and "your sword" being cursed but since he is technically your partner, you are collecting money to somehow break his curse.

The game is pretty cool, the art is retro adn cute, the aniamtions are very well and done and the sounds help with the retro or SNES game fellinf the game has. 

It would be cool to see the idea developed a little more in the future, maybe give it an story (and maybe, this is just an idea of mine, make the sword be alive, so it's an actual character, maybe something like it's kind of your buddy but it's cursed to also be your enemy). And obviously some stuff like new levels, mechanics, and some use for the money you gain, like maybe upgrades or abilities, or maybe getting money is How you progress in the game.

In general is a very simple but fun game with good pixel art and good sfx and music for a jam game, the only gripe I have with the game is that, to me atleast, the sword should not move directly where the player was standing, but instead move forward a little bit so have a little bit more of time to move and ti also gives the sword a felling of weight. Also i personally found it difficult to move in the level because having to dodge the archers while dodging the GIANT sword is kinda hard.

Hope this bible of text helps you! :)

Oh im glad you liked it! although i already fixed that and some other issues, i don't think you are missing much, theres only 2 levels, i couldn't the game i wanted (and adventure game with an story), so the only thing there is, it's the basic gameplay, but ill upload it soon! thanks :)

btw i plan on finishing the game, but right now im with some stuff, so it's gonna take me time.

Oh lmao, i couldn't do much testing, unfortunate you ran into an error, thanks for sharing!

Why do you say the controls are clunky? i mean they could be smoother, but i think they are fine, are you saying it's not clear when you shoot or do something?

yes, you can  submit late during voting

cool, also, P A I N too, bruh....

Pretty cool game, i think the enemy variety and the dices idea could get improvements, but overall pretty great! Also pesonally i think the talking from teh audience it's kinda annoying and doesn't add much to the game, especially because theres no music when they talk.

Theres time man! Don't give up, even if it goes unfinished.

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thanks :P, btw are you gonna use the idea? or atleast did you get inspired?

I kinda want to make a game about someone "killing" their inner "shadows", but if you kill them or something it damages your or something like that.

I think a good idea would be to make it have 2 routes, 1- the standard roguelike experience where you kill stuff and get gold and keys, but here, given the context, would be the 'evil route' which should have kind of con for doing it, like shops not opening or monsters running away from you.

Then theres the the second route, 2- 'the pacifist route', where you know the "monsters" are people, so you avoid fighitng with them, or maybe you "pacify" them instead of killing them, like knocking them out of combat or something, to contrast the evil route the game should be harder but also should reward you for being a "pacifist", like "people" giving you free gold or gifts, etc...

What do you think?

Cool Man! Though personally i don't think the mom finding you late idea was that bad, you could make it like a horror game where your mother looks like a demon or has red eyes or something and says she is gonna "punish" you, whatever that means, even though that seems like a normal situation, it's quite unexpected. Good luck in future jams!!

Since others said ill try to not repeat myself, i want to, if possible, give some feedback on what i think it's bad.

As others said, the gameplay is boring and the player doesn't have much agency on what happens, although with that Twist , i guess it's intentional, but it would have been good if the minigame for the plot was a little more engaging and also had some relation with the twist.

Talking about the twist * Spoilers*:

I think if instead of a pc with a game deciding your life (which is my interpretation of the story), it was maybe some kind of "evil corporation" forcing you to get results or something, something like playing a casino-like  game and your "boss" or "kidnapper" threatened to kill you if you got the "wrong dice".

Also i think it's strange that you are just playing a pc game about collecting dices but a lady says if you don't get a good dices she kills you.

But overall the idea it's pretty interesting, also, the sprites and their "effects" (rotation, sprite zoom in-out, etc...) are pretty good and well done, though the sprites themselves could get improved, hope you work a little bit that area, cause u have potential! Overall hope you can make better makes in the future with this feedback! GL bro :)

hey thanks bro! I really apreaccite this. The game was supposed to be a Rogue-Like about sacrifices and curses, but i coudln't do a random generation for the time of the jam, so only the "basic gameplay" of the game was done. Im happy you atleast had fun and liked it!

I plan on continue the game until it's playable, so check it out one of these days if you want to see the "finished" version, though i don't know when ill be able to...

Cool little game. i think the idea of the dices could have been expanded on a little bit more, the models are good for a jam, and the dices physics are really well done. All in all it's very good!

Thing is.. as i said i have almost no time left, im litereally finishing the game right now, that's why it doesn't show up, once im done ill give you a link :)

well some people don't bother rating and instead just comment what they liked

So for certain reasons i can only make my game nowm, when the voting has only 1 dia left, should i still do a game?

The chaotic gameplay and the cube conection idea was very cool!

My only problem would be that the camera tends to expand a lot even if the cube conection isn't that big.

The movements and the jumps feel very smooth!

and the coin mechanics it's very interesting and well executed!

the only problem for me was that i came to a point where i couldnt advance and if i died i started over again from the start, which was quite frustrating.

overall very good game!

This game was a lot of fun, the sprites and the idea very well done!

And in general i really liked it! :)

The chaotic gameplay it's well executed, and also the "joined together" idea of the vehicles.

The game and the idea its very good, altough personally i feel like the jumps are quite slow or strange, especially on the third level where they are inverted, but aside from the difficulty the game it's good.