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Gianni Vallerini

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The red blood with the red-ish environment makes the game very bad to read, i often find myself dying without knowing why

Really cool idea

I don't think is working for me, im pressing W and S or up and down keys but nothing works, i just die

Very challenging, couldnt pass the third level

I can feel the gravity accumulating when I'm a bat, I would have turned off the gravity in bat mode.

I dont see how the blood is lethal to someone tho, seems like the absence of blood is lethal.

After all an enjoyable game!

Thank you so much for playing and for the feedback :)

Nooooo oof this happens a lot, i gotta fix it ahahahah, spoiler there is no ending, i didnt have the time.

I'm very happy you liked it tho, thanks for playing

I used mainly transform control but i used rigidbody 2 for interactions and gravity

Thank you so much for the feedbacks, and for playing :)

I'll surely think about it today, Thank you for playing!

Thank you for playing!

Uh very good, thanks for playing my game :)

Ahahaah si bella! rarissimo

Ye maybe the dodge on C is a bit annoying, maybe a key on the right hand would have been better

Uh i thought I fixed that, thank you ahahah

Very good ahahahah

Try to use the new skill you just learned :)

Fixed the bug that prevents you to re-fight Dracula

Ye most of the art is made by me and I'm the farthest thing from an artist ahahahha, just tiles are made by an artist

"P" is a garlic mine, the idea was that every boss gives you his or her skill, the 3rd one thows bombs so you get something explosive too

Thanks for telling me about the bug

The normal vampires slash you, but is volontarely easily dodgeable

Thank you so much for playing and I'm very happy you menaged to get to the end :)

Great job! really

I dont understand how I should play

Check out my game if you want :)

Very good! PARKOUR

Let me know if you menaged to defeat Dracula 

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Let me know if you managed to defeat Dracula

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Let me know if you managed to defeat Dracula

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HOW THE HECK did y'all made this in 72 hours, is CRAZY GOOD!

Check out my game if you want :)

Wow great art and the game runs smoothly, I never used power ups to win tho

Check out my game if you want :)

I think there is a bit of a problem with the jump mechanic, often I can't jump and after spamming the jump button  I FLY in the air, love the music and the art tho

Check out my game if you want :)

Crazy good system, I see where u were going, when I understood the CTRL/LMB controls the game turned out so good!

Check out my game if you want :) 

Never expected such a game from a Vampire/Blood related game jam, crazy! ahhahah 

I loved it, expecially the graphics polish

Check out my game if you want :)

I love the sound effects! I was a bit lost trying to figure out what to eat.

Check out my game if you want :)

What a crazy gameplay ahahhah Physics always kills me in development ahahah 

Great Job!

Check out my game if you want :)

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The installation process is a bit slow for a game jam, with Unity the build folder would be much easyer, but good job!

Check out my game if you want :)

Loved the art style and the approach to the limitation

Check out my game if you want :)

Garlic Blood

A good interpretation of memory game

Check out my game if you want :)

Garlic Blood

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I really like the idea! A simple game perfect for a game jam, rekt after the 8th round ahahah

Check out mine if you want :)

Garlic Blood

You are the gods of game-jams, without y'all all game-jams would be a silent ammass of sad games.

I'm looking for one of you gods to help me with the game, a little loopable soundtrack and a couple of effects should do the trick

Obviiously you'll be part of the project, credits, everywhere you want.

On discord you can find me as  Gianni Vallerini#9626 !

Last level 

L'idea delle torrette modulari è molto intrigante, purtroppo ho notato:

- un appesantimento sulle performance che mi faceva scendere gli fps sotto i 10 anche alla prima wave (il mio PC è di fascia medio alta, con un I-7 9960, RTX 2070) questo non mi ha fatto apprezzare la grafica al meglio.

-un problema con la costruzione delle torri: spesso mi piazza le parti di torre una dentro l'altra, e non capisco se i pezzi sulla destra sono "tetti" e se possono andare più di uno alla volta sulla stessa torre. A volte non me li fa mettere proprio, a volte me ne fa mettere più di uno.

-sarebbe stato carino un comparto musicale un po' più coinvolgente.

-la grafica dei livelli e in generale è molto bella, adoro lo stile.

-posso spostare le parti di torre anche durante la wave, non so se è voluta questa cosa (dalla descrizione del gioco non mi sembra), e rende il gioco parecchio semplice.

nel complesso, il lato tecnico dovrebbe essere rivisto, per ottenere un gioco che funziona come uno se lo aspetta (fix dei bug), lato grafico, qualche animazione sarebbe super carina, e il comparto musicale un po' assente.

Ripeto, il concept è super figo!

Luckly we didn't have this problem with all the other testers :)