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Gianni Vallerini

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Thank you so much for the feedback, yes the game needs some polish on the feedback parte for sure!

Thanks so much  for the comment man! We are aware of that boss timer bug ahahah it's pretty strange ye, we were thinking about making  the game mobile so ye an auto fire and upgrades will be cool implementations.

Thank you so much for the deep feedback. Yes, We think the game needs a lot of commands and visive feedbacks too.

Thanks for the feedback!

Thank you so much for the feedback! We agree completely in the in-game feedbacks problem and we are planning on continue to work in the project to release It on mobile!

Thank you so much!

uh ok, i missed it :P

I think this is the best i've played so far, i don't look much at stories in games, but maaaan this game is great! I love how the gameplay makes the story go on, and THE MUSIC! ohhhhh so good!

Well i didn't expect this from a Text only game... But it's pretty cool.

Very good gameplay, because it's a turn game maybe you need to polish a bit some things, like the fact that you "lose" a turn when you pick up the key, it's pretty strange. But after all a very good game

Cool idea, pretty complex the input system but i liked it!

Man i really love the effect given by the words spelling the things they are, it really makes you imagine every object the way you want it to be! Unforunatly i got stuck at the knight not knowing what to do but i really appreciate the effort put into the game!

A nice way to narrate a story, very good!

I think this is the best tutorial i've ever seen! It's GREAT!

I really like the idea of the game, unfortunatly it misses some words like Vest or Pain, but i think it's superb, surely in my top 3

Very cool art, pretty understandable, unluckly using Alt didn't let me use anything. The toy (arrow throw) is very good!

I found it scarily complicated, i love Strategy games but with the fact that is text only based I think it becomes very hard to play. The amount of functionalities tho, is pretty great!

A bit "slow" with controls, but it works! And i think it respect completely the theme!

Very cool development! Seems pretty polished!

Very cool idea, maybe i'm not getting the "dungeon" part of the theme but i really liked it! Loved the voice over

I loved the story and your capability of creating a game so good with so simple tools! Great job!

Thank you so much for the feedback man! 

Yes you are completely right on these feedbacks, maybe we didn't focus enough on the polishing and testing, AS ALWAYS! ahahah

Play with WASD and Space bar!

Thank you so much! We are really happy!

Thanks for the feedback man! We appreciate that!

Unluckly we cant for now

Thank you so much man and... 

 Winston was a great warrior :)

Thank you so much man, we really apprecciate the effort you put in making the video!

Very very cool, i love the art and the animations

Such Great art!

I'm loving the style!

Very cool style!

Loving the art!

The dankness Is huge! I love It!

So intresting, I really like it

Very nice mechanic!

Thank you so much for the review!

I went inside, waiting for something to happen tho :/


Wow this is so trippy, i love it!