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They came from space and make us... CUBES!!!View game page

Secret lab in ###### cube matter broke out, and change most of the people in to the cubes. Now, you have to escape.
Submitted by SecretBasment — 1 day, 10 hours before the deadline
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They came from space and make us... CUBES!!!'s page


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Hello, let's talk about your game. So.. the game is unplayable. I don't know what sort of mouse sensitivity you're used to, but you have to make micro adjustments to actually aim and what is up with this speed, it's too fast to actually take in what's happening. The gravity also seems to be none existent, once I jump it takes me around 4-5 seconds to land. The options button in the start menu doesn't seem to work, so I can't even adjust anything. There also doesn't seem to be a pause screen in game, so I can, you know, get to the start menu without closing the whole game. The start menu transitions are cool, but I feel like you put a lot more effort into that than the actual game. There also doesn't seem to be a way to gain ammo, but I can't really say because of the whole unplayable thing. Also, what sort of enemies just straight up one hit you? Did you do any testing? Sorry for being harsh, I can't give you any advice because, like I said, I literally can't play the game. Once that is fixed hit me up and I'll give it another go. Have a chill day.


Welp, i dont have much time to do the whole game, and it's my first 3d game in general. abount the sensitivity, i use slow sensitivity at my mouse, so it's looked good on my computer. I dosent think abount it, someone could have quicker mouse. There is no pause button, so if you want to exit to menu, you have to die. Anyway, thank's for Playing!!!

Deleted 1 year ago

The flying enemies are the rockets. It's look's like i forgot to ment them at how-to-play section. 

I dont now, whats hapenig with that "as soon as an enemy touches me i die". That is a bug, when enemy toych you, he is supposed to die.



Nice mechanics, try to polish the game from bugs and keep developing it man, looking forward to see more :)


I really liked the floaty movement mechanics. Could be a lot of fun if evolved into a parkour game! Shooting the cubes felt really satisfying too. Were you going for them blowing up into a thousand tiny cubes on death? 


I wish to, but unity project broke out, and i can not do anything with it. Now i'm trying to do something else. Also quick based movment, cube shooter. :)


cool concept!


Thank You :)


Nice game! Although currently too many bugs. More polish and this game can be even better than karlson! :D . Maybe new weapons? Idk, good job anyway :D


I'm trying to. And abount that screenshot, that level propably want be done in time, becose i'm trying to make some speedrun level's. Thank's for playing! :)

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Your game is very similar to mine, I enjoyed your game a lot, keep up the great work!


Yep. I played you're game too! Preety fun!


nice, this is so fun 😂 mind checking out my entry too? 👀✨


Thanks forr playing!!! Ok i gonna check your game too!