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That's a great idea, my overall UX only works if you created the game and know how it works lol

Yeah I think I need to bump up the health to at least 100hp. My own record was >300 but I made the thing so I know what to do. That said, I think uploading a fix might not be fair during the game jam so I'm leaving it as it is.

Thanks for the review! If I ever come back to this, I'd improve the balance, add some levels and spruce up the graphics a bit. I think rendering the turret range and cooldown, and rendering the upgrade timer would improve things a lot :)

Yeah the difficulty curve is a bit wonky. I've gotten 330 locally, that 400 built-in highscore is just speculation on my side lol.

The best way to get a higher score is to UPGRADE AS MUCH AS POSSIBLE, especially the blue turret. Each upgrade increases your range and decreases your cooldown a lil bit. Once you reach a certain point, a single turret can kill an enemy on its own.

Another tip: if your turret isn't shooting or upgrading, you're wasting precious time.

Thanks :)

This one is my favorite so far! I really like the simple but polished graphics, the screen transitions and the music. Did you compose the music for this jam?

10/10 on the music!

I got 550 by just holding the left arrow and tapping mouse click like crazy :D

19 ratings, please help argh!

Please check out our game!

Hey, I rated and played your game! Check out ours if you can:

Great graphics! That 5th level was kind of infuriating, though!

Please rate our game:

We need just 1 more rating:

In the mean time, I'ma check out any browser-playable games in this thread.

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I really liked running between my turrets trying to avoid all the baddies! 

The art style was nice, but I'd add a couple of frames for the turret rotations.

Edit: I forgot, please rate our game: :D

Hey, wanna play & rate our game?

Check out our game, we're very close to 20 ratings! Runs on Windows:


I liked the RPG elements and the sprites. All the walking got a bit boring at times, though.

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Cool, rated

Great audio! It would be nice it if there was a way to  make the dialogs scroll faster instead of skipping them, though.

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18 out of 20, we're so close!

Already rated OP's game.

Hey, thanks for the feedback! We actually wanted to display the current key config, but ran out of time because we started on Wednesday. Such is life...


Try out our game:

I really liked the atmosphere, very retro and cool.

Check out our game, it's a bit simpler but still fun:

I made it halfway through the game before realizing I could shoot with the mouse, LOL! WTF was that about Alice in the end?

Please rate our game:

Wanna try our goofy game?  It's fun but also kind of maddening :D

Played, rated, posted a comment! 

Check out our game, we're at 12 ratings:

Nice pixel art! Why no sound sound, though?

Nice pixel art! Why no sound sound, though?

Great art and voice acting!

I really liked the puzzles, kind of like that old game Sokoban but with a twist! The sound gets a little repetitive, though - I'd improve on that.

Please check out our game:

Played and rated, one of my favorite games so far!

Check out mine if you have time:

Check out our game if you're on Windows:

Nice computer voice! I also liked the lighting.

Your NPCs had some problems with pathfinding, getting stuck in corners and stuff... maybe you should take a look at that.

Please play & rate our game. It's got a similar theme but is also very different:

I'm one of the two guys that made WASD Corp:

Play it, rate it, gimme a link to your game and I'll try it out!

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Hey, check out our game, it's gonna be pretty funny to stream:

Rated your game and posted a comment, here's ours:

I really loved the premise, but the story was a bit too predictable. The overall aesthetic was really nice, kinda reminded me of Papers Please.

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BTW play our game if you wanna take a break from clicking:
Doesn't show up in my comments for some reason, probably because my partner submitted it :/