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It looks like and awesome game but I couldn't figure out how to connect to the police address. It seems the IP is so I typed port connect [] [shootandkill] but the terminal kept on saying given address not found.

If you cold help me with that I'll be more then happy to try it out some more, maybr I'm to dumb fot this kind of games.

The graphics are really cool and well made for a retro style game.

The sound fx are cool too.

I don't want to rate it yet because I want to see more before judging it properly.

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I had that issue - remove the [] around the ip and pass

Remove the third brackets, the third brackets [] is used for formatting and showing what should be written.

The proper command would be "port connect shootandkill"

I don't know, it's probably not my cup of tea, I connected to the server removing the brackets and I tried to figure out password for the different users, I tried the birth date of the chief in all the different possibilities and it didn't work.

The game is really well made and I like the concept but it is too hard for me.

Not all PCs have a password necessarily so connect to them directly without a password.

I understand if it's not your cup of tea. We're going to  add proper instructions soon, so maybe tell others to check it out then.