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Nice, thanks!

Which are rating categories? (I mean audio, game design, theme...etc)

Guilty! But mind that it was a weekend game jam submission, and total development time was only 15 hrs ;)

Hello PirhanaLab! I featured your game in my video, so this is the link if you wanna check it out.


Hello Leonardo! I featured your game in my video. If you wanna check it out, this is the link.

Congratulations and keep it up! Bye!

Hello dinsaphir!

I featured your game in this video as one of the best I tried. So please check it out of you want...and thanks for spreading the story of the first bug ever! ;)

Hello black flag! I featured your game in my video! You can check this out here if you want.


Alright guys thanks for sharing! I won't be able to play any other game so, congratulations for submitting, good luck with ranking and see you the next jam! Bye!

Rated ;)

Original for sure! Well done for a first game jam! Keep it up!

Already rated! One of the first games I played, visuals were awesome, interesting mechanic, it took me a while to understand what to do with popups. Sure a solid submission. Well done!

I got stuck in the level where the door is at the top. But I must say this is a really cool game jam submission. I'll feature this game in a video in my channel. 

Anyway, what's the key of that level?

Well done for a first game jam! Keep it up!

Thank you so much!

It was my first trail of my life! I had some troubles fixing that bug but after all it gave a sense of thrusting you back to the starting point. So I ended up trying to add more levels instead of fixing this. Thanks for playing!

Thank you! Love that many people caught how I intended to design this game's levels

Thank you for your king words! I'll try yours right now!

The white circle was a placeholder at first but then it kinda worked well with the cover and couldn't figure out what kind of character would fit the game. Thanks for playing!

Thank you! I'm on it right now...

That's a great compliment to me...thank you so much!

Thank you so much  for catching the sense of each level!

Try mine, if you didn't. Short puzzle game.


Yeah, the reason why I'm asking only for browser games is just to encourgage people to release their games this way because it's more simple to play and no need to download anything. But since you got problems, no need to be so strict ;)

Good ending for me here! Nice story, music was excellent!

Well, the risk is that someone will drop before even started. But on the other hand, this slow start gives a kind of burst when the game actually begins. It made a really good job with this game. Congratulations

No problem, played it anyway! :)

This mechanic is so powerful! Visuals are nice. Maybe it's too difficult in some levels (level 2 is hard without a tutorial). Mechanic is definitely the strongest thing of this game! Well done...

Already rated!

Rated! Congratulations! One of the best tried so far...I'll feature your game in my channel in a best wowie games video! Well done...

One of the best in my opinion. I started like "oh no another boring game" but then it turned out to  be so fun to play. Music gave the right rythm. Controls were fast enough (maybe too fast during jump). "WOWIE" sound effect was great, I wish I had the same idea because it would fit perfectly in my game. And finally, speedrun gave the needed challenge to this game.



You could definitely apply to FromSoftware to design their bosses. I felt the same frustration of Bloodbourne bosses ;D

I eventually managed to defeat him, even if we basically died at the same time so the die and success pages overlapped one over the other and I couldn't read what I achieved.

Art is so good. It's Thomas Brush's style but well executed. Try adding something yours in order to make it more personal!

Good game, nice mechanic!


Rocket launch was very satisfying and the game has a good feeling. I would add a score or at least a challenge. Moreover putting your self in the bottom right corner is enough to make it through the entire game. Anyway, it was fun to play so well done!


Fun to play but I found out that clicking mouse button without moving at all was enough  for winning. Overall a easy short fun game to play. Well done


Interesting mechanic, coins were well balanced.  I don't know how I defeated the boss, I basically jumped towards him head down and that turned out to be a good idea. Loved the animations. Well done!

Hehehehe....icing on the cake! ;)