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Bugoss FightView game page

A single crazy and buggy boss fight!
Submitted by Leonardo Fraga (@LeonardoFFraga1) — 38 minutes, 48 seconds before the deadline
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WOWIE! (Overall)#493.5793.579

Ranked from 57 ratings. Score is adjusted from raw score by the median number of ratings per game in the jam.

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It is a bit confusing but looks very beautiful !

Nice 3 days job !



Wow that was quite hard and took me many tries to even understand what was happening :D Wish there had been some sort of ingame tutorial or hint to let the player know what's what. You're really sort of thrown into the water with this game ^^It was fun to figure out how it works though!

I like how many different effects the bugs have and how they can be combined and I'd kind of like to see some more visual indicators of what those effects are, for example when my hits heal the boss, I didn't notice a visual difference except on the hp bar of the boss.

Love your artstyle, totally stands out from the crowd. I like how the boss flashes in missing material magenta when you hit it :D

It's absolutely amazing that you managed to make this alone in such a short time. There's a lot to it :o


Great game, hard but rly fun to play


I just saw your post in the community tab so I decided to play your game! I am an huge Dark Souls Fan so I love myself a good bossfight. This was really well thought out and none of the bugs felt overpowered. Your art style is extremely cool. *.* I wish I could make art like that. What program do you use? 

Btw I will probably make my attacks like yours from now on. They felt just soooo impactful with the slashes appearing on the boss. Awesome boss fight simulation! :)


You could definitely apply to FromSoftware to design their bosses. I felt the same frustration of Bloodbourne bosses ;D

I eventually managed to defeat him, even if we basically died at the same time so the die and success pages overlapped one over the other and I couldn't read what I achieved.

Art is so good. It's Thomas Brush's style but well executed. Try adding something yours in order to make it more personal!

Good game, nice mechanic!


fun game! the graphics and audio are on point. 


I absolutely love bosses, they are my favorite thing in any game and I enjoyed this one! It was a bit challenging but only due to its random nature, and sometimes I could not avoid something, however besides this it was so much  fun and reminded me of a glitchy version of Hollow Knight! You should definitely do something with this in expanding like making a full on boss rush game! I would LOVE that! Overall really good game!!


Yeah it is super random lol maybe make the boss more telegraphed, and make sure that when a random thing like the skull appearing it is shown a warning to the player before it happening, or else the boss can simply just feel unfair, similar to cuphead bosses.


This game was very intrusting , the visual where on top , the difficulty right , and the game very polished for a jam game , That was a very impressive game


The game where you fight a boss at the beginning is a lot of fun! To be honest, you've made it a bit too random and difficult to understand. I like the visuals!


nice game, i like your visuals alot. very good try. i had fun.

check out my game and tell me what you think about it.


Very unique boss fight mechanic! Well done! That was pretty fun! It was a bit difficult to understand how to defeat the boss and one thing that i may suggest is to create a mechanic where you can dodge so its not always based on luck :) Great game regardless! Congrats!


Good Game :DDD But its a bit confusing at the start :((( other then that its really fun :DDDD

if you would like to test my game:


Great fighting game! I think I only saw one or two other ones and this one is the best. Perhaps I've just played too many games at this point but, I think the controls could have gotten a bit more polish. Also I think some of the visuals make it a little graphically inconsistent (kind of a nitpick but I can see that you know what you're doing). Also it would have been good to have some indicator of what each bug would do.


I'm really glad to see that you like it!!

You're a definitely right, the thing that I wanted to polish the most is the player controls. They're a little unresponsive, Sorry about that.

The bugs I made this way on porpuse, to actually feel like Bug and not Just Power ups (the reason for the quantity as well)

And for the art I wish I totally knew what I was doing, but I actually recent had a huge inprovement in the past months, but for instance, I didn't know How to make the boss, so I Just followed my heart :D

Thanks for playing and for the feedback!


Wow this is awesome!  Very cool style with the high def sprites.  So cool how the boss has so many stages!  I wanna try this 'only boss fight' genre (does it have a name?).  Seems like an awesome way to practice state machines and animations.  One of the best I played so far.  Congrats on submitting such an awesome game!  Pls check out mine if you have time too.


Thank you very much :D

I was going crazy with the boss, just a lot of ideas coming, I'm really happy to know that you liked, that you felt it was enough to make a good fight :D

I don't actually know if there a name for the genre, I know that Cuphead started a only boss fights, don't know if they called as a specific genre.

It's definitely a great way to practice state machines (Although I made a really, really crazy code while doing this... REALLY CRAZY).

"One of the best" :DDDD Thank you so much for playing and taking your time to comment!!

(I already played your game a a couple days ago, I even posted a comment, nice job you too :D)

Submitted (1 edit) (+1)

Nice game. The art werent made during the jam, right? While playing it felt like a long time work game, with added bugs all over the place to suit the theme. Please comment so I know how to rate (: also, feel free to play and rate my game :D


I'm actually pretty happy to hear this :D

It was actually everything made for the JAM.

I previously (months ago) draw and made a brush in Photoshop with the bush and trees used in the game, so I can make the background tree and foreground bush with no time. And the background sky (you can see if you at the top of the level) I also have previously made, but everything else was made within the JAM time. All the rest of the art, including player, boss, animations, particles, sound and programming. That's way the character controls are a little sloppy :D

I'm so happy that you like it, thank you :D


awesome thank you (:


This game is GREAT from every point of view, it has the quality of a finished game. But what I liked most is the art and the level of madness of the gameplay =)


Oh boy, thank you so much :DDDDD

That makes me really, really happy :D

I tried to make the game as complete as I could, and I really appreciated that you played and commented.. The game sure was a little crazy ahah


Oh my god his healthbar :D
Well done, I couldn't beat him yet but I'll try again!
Stay funky,


Thank man, for the comment and for playing, and please, do try again. But that Bugoss :DDDD


Cool game! Could you try my game?


Thank you :D

I actually already did. Posted a comment even :D


Ah ok! Thanks

Deleted post

Thank you so much for the comment and for playing :D

You're the second to say that there's no lag, I think I can rest in peace now :DDDD

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