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The answer for the 2 first question is the same, I would love to see a "Outer Bounds" full game release, I loved that game, seems to be inspired by CELESTE, and it's great!

And I've learned precious lessons, but I think that the one that will stick with me it's that I CAN finish a game, and it feels awesome!!

I think that JAMs give us "practice" in finishing projects, witch we can hopefully take this practice and bring to our own personal "commercial" projects. Even though I didn't got a top spot I'm really proud of myself, I didn't think I would or could make it, and now "I'M FILLED WITH DETERMINATION!"

I loved everything from the JAM, specially giving and receiving feedbacks.

I don't know if it's possible, but I think we could have a "feedback option". Something like "Light/Motivational" and "Heavy/Hard Critic". 

I may by wrong, but there's probably people that are just starting in JAM, people that want to see what they can do in short amount of time, and this is what they want other to see as well. In this case I think a more of "Light/Motivational" feedback would be great. This person wasn't actually fight for the top spot, but wanted to join the community in this great experience, and also gather experience and maybe motivation! (that can be short at times with us, indie devs)
In the other hand, there may be people with almost every reason to join the JAM as those quoted above, but they are also testing their Game Design skills, their technical skill, in witch case, they would appreciate more a "hard/critic" feedback that would not specially appreciate what they've done in short amount of time, but also point out things that could help they improve even further.

Well, if you're reading and have a opinion about my suggestion I would love to hear :D

Once again, thank you Jonas, I totally loved this jam and it was something that I needed!!

Wow, nice!

I wish I had more time and energy, I've played 57 so dar, and downloaded around 65~

A few games didn't worked here.

Although I tried to give attention to every game, complete then if possible


Give it a try at my Bugoss Fight, and let me know what you think :D

That's what I though, I have now 56 rates and I so happy about it. I was aiming for the best case cenario would be 50 rates, and I though I would get around 30.

Be happy :D

I'm really happy :D

This was my second game JAM, and the first I actually completed, and I loved, I had so much fun, and was actually needing this to get me moving.

I loved all the feedback I received, all the games played and the interaction with you guys. This jam was great!

I played as much games as I could (57) dedicating some time to every one of them, trying to finish them all, I just now slowed down playing because I'm really tired and can play and rate properly, but I'll try to play a few more tomorrow. (I wish I could've played them all)

Thank you Jonas for setting this up, it was great!

And I'm already looking forward for Ludun Dare 46 in a few months, hope I'll see some of you guys there!

Long Live Game Devs! \o/

Too bad I didn't make your list, but there's a lot of great game there. I loved Teaching Bird, White Rectangle, and I think that "Outer Bounds" should be there, one of my favorites!

I made a collection "Best of WOWIE JAM 2", but I didn't post it. It's in my profile though

Nicely done, love the visual effects and the gameplay of the game. Those written lines do add a lot to it.


I love the animation, it's not as simple as it seems, and doing in only 3 days, nice job!

Great job, I love the controls, and little dialog and the dinamic of the game!

Nicely done :D

You just made my "best of WOWIE JAM 2" list!

Awesome, just incredible! 

The art style is amazing, the shovel animation, just like a full commercial game!

The music is perfect for the game, suite it nicely, and the sounds effects are simple and perfect for what it is.

The game is fun, very interesting and do feel like a complete game.

Congratulation, I love it. The only problem is that it's too short :D

I gotta say, the simple sound effect made a lot of difference, it feels good to kill those little monster ahhaha

And when I found I could jump kill them, oh boy, did they sufer!

Nice job!

It was fun to see myself in the menu ahahah

I like the way we could move things with the hammer. I was a little lost though :D

Congratulations man

I'm really glad to see that you like it!!

You're a definitely right, the thing that I wanted to polish the most is the player controls. They're a little unresponsive, Sorry about that.

The bugs I made this way on porpuse, to actually feel like Bug and not Just Power ups (the reason for the quantity as well)

And for the art I wish I totally knew what I was doing, but I actually recent had a huge inprovement in the past months, but for instance, I didn't know How to make the boss, so I Just followed my heart :D

Thanks for playing and for the feedback!

Man, I totally loved the art style, great job!

The played could move a little faster. As we don't know right away where to look, being that slow was driving me crazy :D

I really wish the was audio, if you intent to make another or bigger version, please add audio to it, it's already have a great atmosphere, with audio would make it great!

Great job :D

I got stuck in the wall :D

Nice job, an interesting idea for the game, and I loved the tutorial (I wish I could fast forward though), it's a simple tutorial bug quite impressive for the JAM time. In my game, I don't even tell the play to attack.

Nice job!! 

Thank you very much :D

I was going crazy with the boss, just a lot of ideas coming, I'm really happy to know that you liked, that you felt it was enough to make a good fight :D

I don't actually know if there a name for the genre, I know that Cuphead started a only boss fights, don't know if they called as a specific genre.

It's definitely a great way to practice state machines (Although I made a really, really crazy code while doing this... REALLY CRAZY).

"One of the best" :DDDD Thank you so much for playing and taking your time to comment!!

(I already played your game a a couple days ago, I even posted a comment, nice job you too :D)

I'm actually pretty happy to hear this :D

It was actually everything made for the JAM.

I previously (months ago) draw and made a brush in Photoshop with the bush and trees used in the game, so I can make the background tree and foreground bush with no time. And the background sky (you can see if you at the top of the level) I also have previously made, but everything else was made within the JAM time. All the rest of the art, including player, boss, animations, particles, sound and programming. That's way the character controls are a little sloppy :D

I'm so happy that you like it, thank you :D

Oh boy, thank you so much :DDDDD

That makes me really, really happy :D

I tried to make the game as complete as I could, and I really appreciated that you played and commented.. The game sure was a little crazy ahah

Thank man, for the comment and for playing, and please, do try again. But that Bugoss :DDDD

Thank you :D

I actually already did. Posted a comment even :D

Thank you so much for the comment and for playing :D

You're the second to say that there's no lag, I think I can rest in peace now :DDDD

Thanks for the feedback, I'm really glad to know that everything is ok. I was afraid people may dislike because of the lag (I had some testing, don't know why)

The game has a less laggy downloadable version in the ITCH.IO page.

Well, after seeing most of the opinions here, I made a BROWSER VERSION of Bugoss Fight ( )

It's a bit laggy, I really wish people would play fullscreen with no lag, but people may also like it in the browser. At least some will at least try it at the browser :D

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Hi there, I just uploaded a browser version for Bugoss Fight, please check it out. It's a bit laggy in the browser but you may like it :DDD

I understand that a lot of people don't play download games =/

So I made a BROWSER  build for Bugoss Fight

Although, that download version is better with less lag, but if you wanna play it but don't want to download, you now can :D

The download options are still available in the ITCH.IO page

Oh boy those keys are hard to catch hahah

The checkpoint placing is a great idea, really make the whole difference in the game

Nice job \o/

That was a hard game lol

I could barely control the player ahahah

But was interesting, after a few tries I started to get the hang of it,

I would make the start of the game easy, let the play think he's good, that help him keep motivated to finish

Good job :D

I was a little lost, didn't quite know what to do, and died drinking a potion... That sounds like an intentional bug to me ahahhaha

Nice job.

That's an amazing move!

Tomorrow I'll search for the least rated and look for those amazing gems

Very interesting idea, I like it.

I was a little lost at first, didn't actually know what to do, and I decide to read lol

Clever idea, nice job :D

Oh boy, I'm so happy that it worked :DDD

And as I said in the game, it's not everyone that can beat the Bugoss Boss ahahaha 

Nice job!!

Thank you, as I said before, it's really awesome to see people enjoying my game, thanks for playing it :D

Unity + C#

I just love Unity, and C# comes with it. 

And I've been using Unity since 2015.

I tried one \o/
I zipped the game folder with 7zip, see if now works


I'm so glad that you thing that. And it was actually pretty hard, and sometimes unfair rsrs 

You know bugs, can't trust them!

Thank you so much, I really appreciate every feedback, compliment and second playing my game :D

Nice job, it's actually pretty fun to play!

I would add something to make it more difficult and change the grabbing sound to something less aggressive to add a better feel when you grab, because it so good to keep pushing up with that :D

I once started to fall and grabbed a really high ball, that add a lot of speed :D

Again, nice job :D

Thanks for trying anywayt, this all that I ask :D

I'll sure try your game!

Nooo, this is so sad too hear. I don't what may have happened =/


You probably enjoy the same difficult as I do! I was a full pleasure to make, and even better to say comments like this :D

I think the difficult is somewhat right for our taste, after all I gathered feedback for only one friend and only once, so this game is based totally on my taste (without thinking much because of the time), so I understand that is too much for some, but it really is, but boy I appreciate your thoughts on this :DDD

 Thank you for playing until the end and for taking for time for the feedback.