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Use screen tearing to go through walls to solve puzzles! For Wowie Jam 2.0
Submitted by DevLope (@lope_dev) — 12 hours, 53 minutes before the deadline
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WOWIE! (Overall)#124.0004.000

Ranked from 45 ratings. Score is adjusted from raw score by the median number of ratings per game in the jam.

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very nice, i would love to see more games like this


Games  glitchy  1̸̼̟̤͓͚̱̀0̸͕͔̻̍̂/̵̨̡͚̥̜̻̲̦͎͕̙̫͕̬̐̋͌́͐̕͜1̷̟̪̻̖̬͔̳͓͉̗̗͒͆͒̑̒̏ͅ0̶̢̝̬̪̮̹̥͕̳̥̞̟̼͋̀̍̐́̃͛̈̚ͅ


Neat game! I included it in my Wowie Jam 2.0 compilation video series, if you’d like to take a look. :)


Pretty neat, but I got stuck in the part with the purple and black stiped box.

you put the box to the right of the button then head to the left where the wall is and youll go through


Very amazing game, the visuals is sometimes too glitchy for my eyes but it looks overall great !

It was a fun experiment and very interesting mechanics !


you did an amazing job


Amazing job! You mixed chaos with puzzle really well, even with in the most glitched part, I still wanted to continue, there are a lot of games in this jam that are so glitched that you don't even want to play, but this is the opposite, there are a lot of glitches and you still want to continue

I really wanted a big version of this, I can't describe how I felt during the gameplay.

The sounds and the music fitted greatly well in the game, and even tho the controls felt weird at first, I got used to it really fast, and also this is a great example that you don't need the best graphics in the world to make a good atmosphere or experience.

I would play it again, I just have to say that it's 10/10! 


Fantastic title, love it! The puzzles were all super creative and the base mechanic itself makes use of the topic in a very interesting way. It was always fun to play through from the beginning to the end. The touch of the added distortion to the music depending on how many crates are on screen was a really nice touch of audio feedback. Love it!

I always prefer if w or the up arrow is jump in addition to space because it feels more natural to me but since this wasn't very action-focused, it was ok.

There was only one point where I got stuck for a while: the place where there are lots of blue buttons and one red button and the crates move a wall to the right. What was confusing to me is that in the previous puzzle, the red button always deleted the old crate and since that crate was purple, I thought the rule was purple crate = only get one. So I didn't even try to press the red button multiple times here for a couple of minutes.


Thank you for your kind words, and very useful feedback!


Nicely done, love the visual effects and the gameplay of the game. Those written lines do add a lot to it.



Very good idea! Perfectly fits the topic! I don't think that long time of falling is needed. Is it one scene? If yes, you can experiment with scene transitions and if not - cinemachine. The game gives a lot of fun though!


This is amazing! It's the type of idea I wish I had thought of at the time. Excellent use of intentional bugs theme.


This game is really really good, a great mechanic executed flawlessly. The story is also pretty good. Dynamic music is amazing. Overall 100% worth playing!


This game is AMAZING.

1. One of the rare games of the jam that has dynamic music.

(Shameless plug) Mine has dynamic music too, go check it out.

But I will not lie, yours is far superior and way simpler/obvious.

2. Huge visual appeal.

3. A simple but really effective game mechanic.

Everything works together so well!


Very interesting and fun game. Really enjoyed playing.


Pretty fun, definitely an interesting mechanic for those who will try to solve every puzzle! If you can figure out a way to make the look mechanic not be so sudden and still make sense thematically, that'd be epic.


Great... Another world ruined by my actions...

Nice game... Good story... Good looking graphics... Modular music... There's nothing missing from this game??

But in all honesty, I would have never thought of using screen tearing tearing as a mechanic for a game...


This is so good! I really like the phasing through walls use of the mechanic, and the fact that looking up and down can also be used to abuse the screen tear a bit. I loved this ^^


10/10 Amazing story and use of the glitch mechanic! Well done! I loved it!


10/10 would play again

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