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whoa! Nice game noa

I brought this on steam, and it was simply amazing, you should buy it right now! 

Hey, my first game is released on, you can play it here -
if you want to do it,  not forcing

The summary of the game: A simple graphic game with a good gameplay, you are a Cube with a soul and you need to kill all the other souls that live in different places, with power-ups and the most powerful thing in this word - THE CURSOR, that can grab things and help you reach the end of the levels! 

I tried to lie at the start lol


thanks dude

I tried to make the theme a good part of the game, I was not caring so much about the graphics at all, I was going for the music, theme and innovation, thanks, and about the loud beat, I wasn't able to do a good jumpscare, the beat was for it, I just did not delete the beat, also sorry for bad english I am brazilian


that you can't say your personal things to everybody

hum... yes, well, it will be the last time i will talk about it so don't worry mods, i'm just trying to help other telling what they shouldn't do in internet, please don't block me, just ask to me to remove it PLEASE! ok thanks

well, everyone, I hope you are having a amazing day! When I finished watching someone streams about this jam, I just got a message from a mod in Brackeys server, sayin' I broke discord ToS (terms of services) and I got kicked, they said I can't join after something that I won't show here. I can't say they aren't right, the server is a official discord server, I need to follow then...

Here is my tips to you: never say anything about your real character, to name, age to personal things, it can break you, like it did to me, I can't talk to everyone I socialized and promote my games or lives playing yours, my only chance is here, I jumped to 16 to 22 in ratings...

And here is another tip: don't talk anything without thinking in public, anything can make change something in future.

Well, if you want to support me just play my game, no need to rate it, just play, it will be really helpful to me...

here is the link:

that is it, thanks for reading

It reminded me of portal one lol

That was a nice game, the particles and lighting made it perfect!
It was way to short and I can understand why, it was made in 2 weeks

sorry for making you dizzy, it was not my intention , and thanks for playing it tho

Thanks for the support dude! I will check yours later, if you want lol

I just got kicked from the server cuz of my age, and obrigado por jogar e por me ver trabalhando nesse jogo <3

try to get a crate

Gamiart Productions and Mzatlin, i gtg soon, so I will play your games in a livestream tomorrow, if you want me to play your games tomorrow too just send here! I will be happy

Man, join the livestream, I'm about to play your game


That game was awesome, I loved the graphics, it looked so happy and calmy, the effects and background were nice too, and the music was amazing! But I had problem with the character speed, it was really slow and the game was starting to get boring, bur after all it was good, try to complete it after the jam ends please, i would love to see the final

Join the stream to see me playing uwU

thanks very much and here is my twitch

Send here your games so I can play them in live!

And if you want to check out my game (prob not) here it is:

I wil ltry to play most games, but I have time to go to sleep so be fast ok?

ok, I will redo post first

no problem man, The most useful comments are from people sayin' what they disliked, so you can earn of mistakes

I will play it in live! I will redo the post and play if it is on it, ok?

what about audio? it was dope

I liked the game a lot, there is almost no (unwanted) glitches I found!
The design remembered me of blackthornprod and it was fun and breaked a lot the 4th wall! 
What you should do is that every update there is a new thing, like spikes and more challenging levels, where I stopped playing just more glitches appeared!
but good game, would play again

I came here for the second time and just saw that I did not comment in your game sayin' what I liked and dislike,

Likes - 
I loved what you did with the theme, making the opposite of what the player wants to, like choosing slow enemies will make they faster
The shooting and dying sound is top notch...
Particles Effect uwU

Dislikes - 
Sorry for those, I'm just trying to help
Where is a a mouse sensitivity option? and why when I spawn the mouse glitches out of the screen
Everything was fast but not the enemies, it sucked in the start

The game was good tho

Thanks very much, but I have a question, did you complete it???

Thanks a lot! <3

i love it

tutorial is harder cuphead tutorial, frick

It reminds me of blackthornprod game style, it is nice,

but please next time a mute music button, Not saying that the music is bad tho,  but it earraped me so bad

It was super dope! I liked that you are literally lying to everyone in this world, BRAVO!

thank you for creating this game
and idk if you played my game but if you did thanks too

I understanded

nice drawings my brother

This will be one of my rarest 5/5, it is so good, the idea, the gameplay, the music and the DESIGN,
I loved the design so much! I remembered when you posted them on discord and I asked myself how someone can do that lol... amazing game and well done job!

I liked the game a lot, it was hard, if you know what i'm sayin', but it had a fun ending and a great music, ik the green guy is lying but in the end there is a reason for the lying and shows up that he is not the game, but I still recommend it because it was sooo frickin good, (but wanted to demonetize me)