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Mesma coisa comigo kkk

Awesome entry! The graphics are perfect for this game and it was just beautiful, the sounds really matched the game well, congrats, and here is some feedback:

- The enemies are sometimes annoying to kill, they take a lot of shot and can sometimes just rush at you all at the same time and you get a lot of damage

- Some less shots to destroy the meteors would be nice

- I think I completed the game with a easier way, I destroyed all enemies but one, so only one was attacking me and another wave of enemies never spawned.. this made the game easier but more boring.

- Having to get the astronaut and after that having to go back all the way is really boring, adding permanent upgrades would be nice, also the boost isn't that much of a boost, maybe 50-70 meters per boost would be better

But anyway, I loved it a lot, great game!

Thank you very much for your feedback and for playing, also of course I can test out your game!

Really nice use of the theme, creative concept, and amazing art, I didn't get used to the controls of the game (but that's just me being an horrible player) also the difficulty was too hard for me as I said.

Really liked the collectables/upgrades, but I would change so it would only start (the upgrade) when you shoot, since sometimes you get it but there aren't any enemies to use it on.

But overall I really enjoyed your game.

Hey, wow, thank you for playing my game on video, didn't expect anyone would do that! I see you got confused with the store, you had to buy the key before the health potion, so you could open the chest and get the Box Potion, but anyway, thank you a lot for doing this ;D

Awesome! I really enjoyed it, the art is really cute and perfect for a game jam, here is some feedback!

- The boss should be harder, I easily destroyed him with the bow's super, that is also way to overpowered, I didn't even really use the sword.

- More upgrades would be nice, also more things on the shop

But overall it was really nice, congrats!

Good concept, but needs to get way more polished, the sounds killed it for me, it's way to loud, had to mute my web to play it, but it has a nice concept that with some more work can be great, but yeah, cool little game.

Cute short game, I don't really have much to say but I really enjoyed it, some more levels would be nice!

Great game, I didn't saw any major glitch or anything like that, well polished, the graphics are cute and perfect, you don't have to make the best art of the world for a game jam, a simple and cute one is enough, the concept is amazing, I really loved it and the music just gives a amazingly good atmosphere.

But I would like to talk about the level 4, idk about anyone else, but I almost gave up from playing on it, wasted to much time there and for me it was really hard, but I eventually passed from it, also the controls didn't really work for me but happily I could change them, so it was a smart add.

Overall I really enjoyed it and congrats on your entry, good luck!

Thank you for playing, and yes, I will check your game, just give me some time :)

Thank you very much for playing and for your feedback! And of course I will take a look at your game, right now!

Thanks for playing geppy! I also really enjoyed your game, about the music im not an expert on the area, so it would be really bad and didn't have time, sorry for that, and I agree it feels a little floaty, thanks for the feedback!

Thank you! I totally agree with the music, but im not very good at it, and yes, I will check your game of couse!

Great game, even tho it has really hard levels, it has a really good concept, but it needs a bit polish, the path that shows to aim where you will get your ball is glitchy sometimes and I would make the ball rotate for a spicy add.. but overall it's a good game! Great job!

I think I spent more time on this game then I expected, here is some feedback on the game!

-  I really like the color scheme for this game and all the art made for it, really cute and simple, the way I like

- The variety of the enemies makes you want to play more

- Effects and music are just perfect.. amazing job you guys did on it

- The difficult of the game is really hard, which is time-consuming and it's not very good for people that want to play lots of games on the jam.

- I really didn't like how spikes work, someone that wants to have fun and for some reason gets distracted can easily get to restart all the level because of the spikes... I would recommend spikes that go up and down every 2 or 3 seconds, which would make the player have more fun, at least on my opinion!

- For some reason I didn't saw anything saying how you can use your boomerang, happily I tested pressing Z and it worked, but I just realised on level 3 that I could use X to throw it, maybe I just skipped something.

But it's one of my favorites on the jam for sure, great job.

Fun short game, really cool sprites/animations, here is some feedback:

- The blue enemy shots are way to fast I take damage every time I see one.

- The player's bullet should be faster, they have almost the same speed as the player

- Some better feedback when you hit the boss would be nice, just realised I had to shoot the end of the boss when it was almost dead.

But overall I really enjoyed playing it, congrats!

Thanks for playing! About the music I'm not an expert in the area and I don't really had someone to help me with it, and didn't want to make anyone's ears bleed to what I can do, but thanks again!

hey spirits, thanks for your feedback, and for playing also! Also agree that the camera feels too slow, wanted to make a smooth one but now it feels slow, and about the lasers I'm mad at myself for not making you not see the top, but thanks again!

Thanks for playing and wow, great job at geting to the double jump, and yeah I agree with you it needed some polish, sorry for the problem with the crates, I had to make it so people could not cheat and use the crates to go to the next level without the second powerup, but if you have major problems with the crates again, there are some on the shop, which is time consuming but its an alternative way to get back on track

Thanks for playing! Cool that you got the first chest, and sorry for the middle section, even I think it was hard, and I didn't think you read the game description, if you could replay it after reading it would be nice, but thanks for playing and good luck on the jam friend!

Thanks for the feedback, I'm actually just starting to get into jams,  after a long time without going to any engine, so I knew some parts would get pretty hard to pass through, sorry for that, but next time I will use your feedback, thanks for playing, and sorry for the loud sounds, I just realised that now. :)

Just to be clear, I didn't play the full game because it lagged to much for me, sorry!

But from what I see it has great graphics and I liked how you could grab swords from the ground to use a powerful attack on the enemies, but here is some feedback

- You can die way too quickly, try giving the player some invencible seconds after getting hit, or else it will be almost impossible to kill a bunch of enemies together

- Really laggy stuff, at least for me, even tho I don't have that bad of a PC

- It's really hard to understand what the guy at the start is saying, the text is not big and you can press enter a lot of times and dont even know you skipped

Just polish it and it will be fine and playable, if you make another polished version after the jam ends, contact me and I will take a closer look, for now its almost impossible to play, thanks.

Amazing game, the game I most had time playing on this jam, Didn't see any glitch and everything was perfect, love all the animations/sprites you made for this game, also really cute ghost, even tho the coins you collected are useless, I will disconsider it since the game is amazing.

Firstly, I would like to say how I was ready to take a review for your game when I died and then I realised I was in another area lol, but now I completed everything and I can talk about it

I really like what you did with all the particles, mainly, the red area background, it was amazing

I also got a lot of glitches that I would like to report - 
- You can kill enemies even if they are not on your screen, and cause the screen to shake without seeing you kill any enemie

- The "really dead screen" was cut on half for me, saying only "you'r definitely dead th-, I think it was supposed to show you're definitely dead this time, but idk

- On that same dead screen my 3430 score entered inside the score text, and it was almost impossible to see my score, I will take a picture of what it looks like to you

Also I didnt see anything related to collectables, if you can say it for me I will chance my vote about it, but great game and thanks for reading.

I really enjoyed playing your game, great experience, and the pixel arts you did for this game in 7 days are amazing, great job, but something I didn't like was the way you grabbed the pillow, just walking through it, I made me rage sometimes because i tried to jump on it and not grab it again, but overall it was a great and nice game! 

wow that was really cool 👍

First of all, thanks a lot for playing! I'm glad you enjoyed it, also about the door, you had to wait 15 seconds, and I know that it's a lot, next time I will try an alternative to that! Thanks again

Amazing job! You mixed chaos with puzzle really well, even with in the most glitched part, I still wanted to continue, there are a lot of games in this jam that are so glitched that you don't even want to play, but this is the opposite, there are a lot of glitches and you still want to continue

I really wanted a big version of this, I can't describe how I felt during the gameplay.

The sounds and the music fitted greatly well in the game, and even tho the controls felt weird at first, I got used to it really fast, and also this is a great example that you don't need the best graphics in the world to make a good atmosphere or experience.

I would play it again, I just have to say that it's 10/10! 

Sorry a lot for the late rating! I forgot about it! Well but anyways, here is my feedback: It's a great game overall, it reminds me of old valve games, the graphics are great for a game jam and it's fun to mess around with boxes and other things (I always loved to mess around with collisions and ragdolls) but I think you can make the mug part a bit easier, I wasted a lot of time on it, also I waited some minutes to the game to start, which almost made me give up, happily I didn't :D. Overall really solid!

Overall pretty great game, even tho there should be player's animation to make the world feel more alive, it is already an amazingly great game, I like it a lot!

When I saw the thumbnail I was thought that the game would be pretty good, but it surprised me a lot, it's perfect, I love the design and the music, amazing job with them! It was overall pretty fun and creative! I would play it again a lot of times! ;D

I was stuck on the "Mostly Mad Productions" Screen, if there is a way to fix this tell me and I will play it so I can rate :D

I loved the game, even tho sometimes it's really hard, I had fun with it, The graphics were absolutely one of the best in this jam! 

It's a amazing game with a great concept, it's very simple and I love the colors, maybe adding a bit of gloom or blur and particles would make the game better, but for me I loved the game, amazing job!

It's a great game overall, even tho the graphics are just simple, the game is really solid, the only thing I would add is a gameplay-tutorial, the normal tutorial is really easy to forget, but I like it a lot, amazing work :D

It's really good I enjoyed it and it remembered me of Dani's game named "balls"

I didn't like the controls they feel really weird but it's a great game :D

Thanks a lot hehe, About the save points I didn't have time to complete it in time , so I have to delete em, and I'm glad you liked the slow mo feature!

Thanks! :D

Thanks a lot! As I said with a lot of other people that commented on my game, fun was my goal since the start! And yeah if I have time I will be glad testing your game :D