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nvm it works

it wont load on newgrounds, it would freeze at 99% and when i reload it just starts freezing around 75% (im on chromebook)

best russian driving simulator

its a pretty cool addition

i feel like those assets could be good in a sea of thieves style of a game

help i got squished by a bunch of pink thingies

i didnt hack and i got time of 2.253295 seconds

62.27974 seconds

"2 minutes 15 seconds before deadline"


no. keep the game the way it was before.

"31 seconds before deadline"

im having trouble with controls

golden cube

no i mean into the void

hmm.....the only way i can interpret it is a character breaking steel walls that block the entryway to the next level. sort of a platforming thing Community » General » Game Jams · Created a new topic Made a game jam

Link is

oh ok thx


in the moving platforms segment i clipped out of the map

clip out of the map somehow

controls? i cant move the character

it says you submitted the game


the way i do it is clip a few boxes to the out of bounds segment go to the out of bounds segment then clip through the left wall of that segment

i think for you to do it without "glitches" optimally you need to get dev is impressed message really fast

you put the box to the right of the button then head to the left where the wall is and youll go through

i know how to keep getting the dev is impressed message consistently. its pretty easy.

i got 1:34.24 without skips

i hate the new quickchat feature

VSYNC OFF, for the Wowie Jam 2.0, is a pretty fun game in my opinion. Its basically a game where you use crates to go through walls and stuff. Its also really simple. I recommend you try it out.

i beat mission hotel

i somehow clipped through a block