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Anything might leave you out of control, or give your control back. A post-jam final release to this puzzle-platformer.
Submitted by Generic Games — 31 seconds before the deadline
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How does your game fit the theme?
A single move is set to be out of your control, and other elements of the game can force button presses out of your control.

Did your team create the art for this game during the 48 hour time slot?


We created all art during the game jam

Did your team create the audio for this game during the 48 hour time slot?


We created all audio during the game jam

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I really liked it! A lot of potential for playing with the mechanics in further levels here.

Very fun game with a lot of potential, however it's always easy to tell which control to disable based on the forced-control panels in the level.


The concept of the game is well and solid. But I found the level to be very annoying

As many others have said, this is a really good core idea. I like the idea of having to play though a run multiple times to find out which controls are and aren't needed. There is plenty of room to create some dynamic puzzles with this system.

I think that the arrow jump pad can be a little frustrating to use, could use some tweaking.

Overall good idea that just needs some polish to become great!


The core idea of the game is pretty interesting. However, it needs a lot of post-jam polish, as it's very promising and can be a good core feature.


Thanks for playing! Agreed, this game absolutely needs polish in so many places - but I'm glad you like the concept still.


A super neat idea that could be really cool with some more polish.  You have a really good start by letting the player look at the level and plan his next steps, and then zooming in to let them play!

Really well done and super original!

Submitted (1 edit) (+1)

Nice mechanics, the fact you let the player choose which control to disable is cool, completing the puzzle feels satisfying. Cute piano theme too :P Nice game

Edit: it definitely lacks a respawn with same control settings option though


Thanks Patate! I'm happy you found the puzzle element satisfying too. Will try to fix those later parts of the game and polish that up!

And the music, haha, I ran out of time to make something proper, so my poor piano improvisation just had to do :P


Loving the visuals and music! Idea itself is also very  cool, but gameplay is a bit rough around the edges - some parts require several tries because the triggers are pushing you out of the way.


Good concept, maybe the tutorial doesn't make a great job at understanding the basics, but the game is pretty fun!


So after playing this I can check the idea originality of the idea is its keypoint, a single mechanic that, if had a better level design could lead to a great puzzle game. 

Also, as the player needs to build a clear strategy before playing the game it is needed that the controls responsiveness and player detection points at level are more polished , I found myself in getting to plan and choose the control to deactivate correctly but failing at completing the level because a trigger would push me in any direction just by 1 milimeter.

I didn't like the idea that after getting the key the game would take me back to the planification stage, it first lead me to think that I did something wrong or I had to start again with the same objective, after checking it wasn't like that, it made me feel that I just completed a half of the puzzle (Player to Key) when my feeling is that the whole puzzle should be a complete cycle (Player to key and then Player to Checkpoint).

Finally there should be a part for controls in game description, as it took me a while to figure out that A - S corresponded to left and right movement.

However my overall sensation was good, really interesting gameplay concept for a Jam.


Thank you so much for the in-depth feedback :)

The physics are definitely rough - jumps especially mess with the responsiveness here. I feel like the panels that force a key down (control panels :P) are the worst part of the game, when they're pointing left/right; since they override most of your horizontal movement, which doesn't feel great. So, very fair feedback. It's also kinda an uncomfortable mix of thinking and action, something to be worked on for sure.

The key design - the game used to continue after collecting it, but the wonderful people testing often got stuck at that point (it's actually the intended route to go back to "planification" there and switch controls). I should just explicitly state that keys don't reset, rather than forcing the player back - as you said, it is rather jarring.

I do regret not listing out the controls, but I'll make sure to add all the possible keys in the description (as well as make a tutorial, after the jam). Thanks again for your thoughts, glad you found it an interesting experience! - Kevin


 Very trial and error-ish but very nice overrall. Could use a little a more polish though. Nice job :)


A tricky little game! Not going to lie, I sucked at it, but that's just me being bad at games that require me to use my two timeshare brain cells (one control gone when not in range, and ice floor? you ask too much of me :P). The art is a neat little style, and the background music is very nice! Overall a good game, nice job! :D