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That's very kind of you to say, thank you, buddy!

I may not be able to rate the game, but:

Can't rate the game 'cause I didn't manage to submit, but my apologies to your great artist for my piss-poor rendition of that mask:

My plans........................ FOILED!

(1 edit)

Finally, SOMEONE who agrees with my horrible gameplay, pacing, UI, customisability,and sound design decisions! And yeah, consumer, you clearly need to upgrade your hardware - don't you know this game will only run properly on a computer loaded out with a GTX Titan Z and an Intel Xeon E7-8894 V4 processor? Pffft, way to go, it's not even that expensive to get kitted out with those... real game developers have at least two PCs like those in their home. I can't wait to show you the next hip downgrade I've got planned. You'll be, of course, the last to know (because who cares about their players?) about the new and improved microtransaction in this horrendous mess. Online only mode is going to get even worse, and I'm going to love every moment of my players' suffering. >:D

I said a lot of mean stuff in character that I already feel bad about before even clicking "Post", so breaking character for a moment, I laughed really hard at your comment - it totally brightened up my night! Thanks for checking out this disaster of a creation, bud. I appreciate your time, and I hope your ears are okay!

u must hav hackd the game, mateo ver, this is not


Sorry to hear you love it. :( Thank you for playing, though! If there's anything I can do to make it worse, I'm open to suggestions!

Thank you ve



I really enjoy playing this game! The art is so cute and magical. I love the concept of


and trying to


! Option to play wi


makes it really accessible too.

You must tell me the secrets of your wondrous voice synthesising skills. The voice is peak comedy

Most of you know what I did for the GMTK jam, so y'all know exactly what I plan to do, don't you?

Post your game/abomination here once it's done, and I'll try to make the best fan art I can of it.

There's few enough of us here that I'm more than happy to do it for each game posted.

I'd totally get behind an online leader board! :D And I totally understand being busy, buddy, but I'm glad you've got that list! More than happy to share, your game brings me joy to play! Keep up the good work! :D

That's very sweet of you to say, I'm glad you like it, buddy! No problem! :D

Update: I wasn't kidding - I find this game really fun and relaxing to play!

heavily look forward to seeing an expanded sandwich making experience, I'll be keeping my eye out for sure! And of course I'd remember the game about making the best dang sandwich possible in one click - on my first post-jam playthrough, I survived nine minutes before I realised it was 1am and I should probably stop. ;D And thank you so much, I hope to keep providing games that are a real fun time! :D

Hey, Wei Jiun! I know I played this ages ago, but considering I'm coming back to download and play it again post-jam, I just wanted to let you know I really do love the style and aesthetic of this game. You said in an earlier comment that you ran out of time to add more combos and end game goals, but were it not for the fact I had more art to draw, I would've gladly kept playing your game for far longer than I'd openly admit. Love the sound effects (still think there should be sad trumpet sounds when you try to make an all bread sandwich! :P), love the music, love the art, love the gameplay, love the sandwiches!

Keep up the good work, buddy; you have a unique sense of humour, and I'd love to see more of it! :D

+ I like the concept! A spaceship controlled by Morse code is nice.

+ The art is real nice! I like the style of it, and the colour choice is good in my eyes.

+ Pretty decent build-up/increase of difficulty over time! Each previous step prepared me for the next one, and placing a new colour of enemy outside where it could hurt me so I could see it shoot was a nice touch.

- The controls didn't always seem to respond to what I was trying to do. For instance, it would feel like I was double tapping quickly enough for shoot, only for the ship to zoom forward instead.

- The lack of sound effects, as I mentioned on Discord, means actions don't have as much impact as they could do.

- When the controls did respond, I unfortunately struggled a fair bit with navigating around the area, especially when it came to trying to stop myself from overshooting my target, and lining up to shoot breakable walls.

Overall, a good effort, especially for a first jam game! Well done, keep learning, and keep making games!

I'm not done trying to do good things for the community, so I want to start this topic. I'm know other people have done it already, but I want to have a space where we can throw our favourite games!

I made a collection of games I found interesting, and the (weird, bad-fan-art-guy-style) justification as to why they're there! Check it out here!:

We could do with a lot more positivity in the community right now, so if I HAD to pick only one (see what I did there?) favourite of the games I played, it'd have to be 1Boss1Battle1Button, by Bryce Bucher and Ayden Machajewski! I loved the music, I loved the gameplay, I loved the art style, I loved the integration of musical cues, I loved the boss' personality, I loved the player character personality... essentially, I'm actually not usually a big fan of boss fights or boss levels, but a game with more bosses designed like that? I'd play the hell out of that game. I could learn how to design boss fights better from that game, and I love a game that can teach me things.

So? What's your favourite? I want to hear it, and I still want to play it! Or, if you have a collection of several favourites, share that here too! Let's keep the game jam love going!

You're incredibly sweet, Barret. It's been wonderful jamming with you! I hope your future game dev endeavours (like with the to-be hit game Calorie Defenders ;^)) go really well for you, you deserve it, buddy.

Sorry for the post-results response, but thank you very much! I'm glad to hear you enjoyed the game, and it's real nice of you to say you'll maybe play it again!

Sorry for the post-results response, but thank you for playing! And I took a quick look at that older project, and it is pretty dang similar! Nice work, though! I'm glad you enjoyed the game!

Sorry for the post-results response, but thank you so much! I'm glad you enjoyed playing the game! The difficulty increasing was actually intentional, I'm glad you noticed! Not to ruin the illusion for ya, but it isn't that advanced I'm afraid! I would love to figure out how to do adaptive difficulty, though! Apologies that there wasn't much more to play, I would've added an endless mode if there had been time!

Hey, sorry I was so late getting around to your game!

This is a pretty cool concept to me! It has potential, in my eyes! I figured out the mechanic relatively quickly, after a bout of confusion, but I agree with other comments that there should be more explicit instruction. Movement was also a bit stiff at times, like how the turning animation had to fully play out before you gained momentum again. However, it's a good effort!

Sorry for the late reply, but totally!

Good luck to everybody, and I hope that no matter what the results tell, you're damn proud of yourself for what you've accomplished.

Thanks for all the joy, my good pals. It's been a wild ride.

Gonna cry, thanks for giving FOTE most satisfying to play!

A happy little bouncy square!:

I've mostly avoided commenting on games I did bad fan art for so people would know my opinion of the game didn't affect the art, but this topic is a good place to pick out specific aspects of games I liked, sooo...

*cracks knuckles*

Award For 'Funniest Sound Design'

Goes to Terry Flight, by KDHarrington! I doubled over laughing and wheezing at the sound effects in this game, and I'm not usually a "laughing out loud" kind of person. It was just really unexpected and it added value to the funny visuals as well.

Award For 'Best Crab Racing'

Goes to One Big Desert, by baz! Need I say much more? There was CRAB RACING, and the crabs raced you real good!

Award For 'Most Likely To Make You Contemplate How We're Killing The Planet'

Goes to Precipice, by Nesfero! Piercing question after piercing question. If you answer honestly, instead of what will help you win, it makes you want to think twice about some of the more questionable decisions you make.

Award For 'Most Likely To Make You Feel Like You're In A Scottish High School Graphic Communication Class'

Goes to One Dimension, by Lazertax! This may sound oddly specific, but this game reminds me of learning about orthographic views and how to draw them. I seriously loved it, because my brain goes bonkers for order.

Award For 'Most Stressful Test Of My Multitasking Capabilities'

Goes to Plug, by Flip Table Games! I was incredibly stressed listening to that alarm blaring in my ears, as I am a very bad multitasker. Trying to keep everything running smoothly was a challenge for me, but I like these kinds of challenges.

Award For 'Most Likely To Make You Yearn For Rebellion'

Goes to Only One Way, by AkabaStudio! This entire game is based around the idea of doing as you're told because, as the title suggests, there's only one way to do it. But... well, rebellion is very ingrained within the fabric of this game, shall we say.

Award For 'Best Game To Feel Like A Hacker While Not Doing Any Real Life Crime-ing'

Goes to One Critical Minute, by BWDev! Sometimes, I curse that I'm not a faster typist, and playing this game is one of the "some". However, it did some nice hacking stuff that I liked, and I enjoyed making progress every time I needed to start over. Reminded me of learning to program a fair bit.

Possibly more to come, but taking a break!

No need to worry, my friend!:

Hey, it's no problem, my bud! I did indeed notice the bandannas! And you're free to use it as the cover if you wish, that's no problem!

Pretty dang cool design! I always like a game that gives me a yeet button, and this one is no exception to that rule. But seriously, this is a pretty well made game. Gotta love the feeling of juggling more than you can handle. Nice aesthetic, and the existence of the spring boots made me feel more like I actually need to remember to go back for things when I'd usually just dawdle along until I hit a wall. Nice work and a fun game!

P͛̈́̂ͧ҉r̯̣̝̃ͮͫ͑̿̿̏͞e̸̮͍̺̼͕̯͚̾̽ͪ̽t̹̖͈̱̟t̘͚͍̏ͮ̈͋͂̃y̛̐ ̞̜͕͕͍͕̜̊̓̒ͥ̊c̸͓͈͓̞̗̣ͮ̑̓͑ờ͍o͖̫̣̯̬̱̔ͮ̑ͥ̅̉ͫ͜l̬̻͌͌ ͕̟͚͆̄̔ͩ͒ḡ̝͉̪͈͚͓̝ͪͤä̩̙̮̩̀̉ͦ͌m̋ͯ̓e̮̼̟̭̱͓ͦ͒,̘̺ͪ̃̓͠ ̋ͭ̈́͐ͥ͏̗d͔̲̞̍͂͐̌ͤͦo̟ͯ̅ͧͪ͠n͍͖̺̱̠̈ͥͨ̋ͬ̓̚'̩̤̗̹ͭ̀t̯̑͂ͪ̐̆̀ ̵̩̬̺̹͂̀̃̾͑̎̂k͖̺̯͓͚͋ͮ̓̂ͨ͐ͅͅn͔͚̼͔̐̓̏ͣ̈́͘ͅo̷͈̰̖͖͚̖wͧ ̝̞̩̣͓̠͖̋ͩ̽͘h̛͖̰͖̭͊ͅo̴͍͖w̡̫̝̙ͤ̾̈́ͧͧ̚ ̹̱̥͓͑̓m͌͋͆ͩ̇ý̜͍̟̯̂̐ ̲͖̬͎͉̏ͅͅc͎̫̥̠͇̋͋o͎̰̺̰̽̾͌͊͠m̑̎́pͧ̈́̈́͏u͖͇̠̺t̸͕͉̩͉̼̣̼̿e͖̬͍̞̞̊ͦ̂̑̇r̟͇͕̖̫̝̲̓ͩͫ̾̅ͩ ̵̣͙̘ͨͮ̇ͬͤ̽ĩ̗͓́s̑̽ͩ̇͆͢ ̧͂̈̿̇ͦ͌ͧf̧̝͓̬͛ͦͦ̌ͬ̀ͥa̗͔͓̜̝̓͘ŗͦį̭͙͙ͮn̤̖̘͛ͬ̽̆ͨͪ̚͜ͅg͈̘̣̼͉̦͞ ̟̹̭̥͌̓͂͒̈t̷̘̯͎̦̺ͪ̒ͨͦͮ̂̚ḫ̨̫̠͓̯͐́ͨo̮͔̗͌ͩ̐u̸̬̙̹̱̦̖̪̾͌ͨͤg͓͖̻̫̗̐̓͂̿̾͛h̝̫̫̤ͯͪ͗.̌͛̈͞:̤͙͍͇͚͗ͧ̕ͅ

i will die alone:

I like to imagine this is all part of some elaborate scheme...:

I am... so, so sorry about this: