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Unai Estavillo Bonet

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Thank you so much! New updates coming soon!

Em desperto. Obro l'ordinador. Rebo un correu. L'obro. Resulta ser el GOTY 2023 Pànic Satànic by Bv9®. Tanco l'ordinador sabent que no podré fer res tant bonic com Pànic Satànic by Bv9®

So happy to see your notifications again Tacker! Welcome back!!!

Its an M for maricarmen you don't get it

Loaded the project... and... somehow it's working? Idk how or why it happened but I won't complain! Thank you for the help!

Hi! I bought this asset on the store and I don't seem to be able to make it work. I added the effect, tried changing parameters, nothing made the sprite move. Any suggestions?

University happened Mocha :( Working on a lot of cool stuff but I don't find the time to update wizarder!

Glad you liked it, arianwyn!

My mystake! Thank you for pointing it out.

Yeah you can clearly see at the end that both of them survive and its a happily ever after. I now see how this topic might be seen from another perspective and yes, I understand It should have been part of the design by the start, so I'll try to have It in mind on future projects. Thank you for your feedback :)

This was epic. Such a great game!

I considered adding a button to skip the text, but due to the time I had left I wasn't able to. Sorry to hear that the slow text made you feel frustrated.

Oh jeez, you went way farther into the theme that I did. I just wanted to show a story between a human and his dog, no politics involved. Because I wanted the end to be more impactful I took the cop route (quick decision made in a really time strict game jam). You made me reconsider what I understood as a harmless name, so I might rename the game to "Detective dog" after the jam or find something to solve this issue. I can also assure you that canonically the dog lived happily ever after.

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People making 3d games in a 48 hours game jam (including making the assets!) is such a mindblowing thing for me. It feels a lot like an escape room, whith two players guiding each other. Would love to see an ending, because as it is right now it feels a little anticlimatic. Overall, you can see the quality everywhere.

Hi! Sorry to hear that. I really tried to make a game that fits the theme not for mechanics but instead for the story. It is quite literally a joined together, altought I understand you don't feel it this way. Thank you very much for playing!

Good point! Wanted to do a similar system but you know how Game jams work, need to sacrifice stuff to earn other!

As a fellow construct 3 user  as well, I cannot express how cool this game was for me. I can understand how some things were made, but some others just escape my comprehension. The helicap spinning faster when you jump, such a little and great detail. Good job, really proud of what you have accomplished.

A really funny game, like I didn't expect this at all. In less than a minute we where screaming at each other orders.  And with online multyplayer included? Damm. Would recommend.

Looks great, and its really fun (specially the quotes). Good job!

How did you make this in 48hours. My god.

Neat idea. I just wished that there was a grace period or something so that I can play without constantly dying because I moved a little. If improved, could be a great patient game.

Such a fantastic game. This deserves far more ratings

PS: Maybe a tutorial on how to move would have helped a little, altought you can guess them.

This is a clever idea on the whole "joined together" idea. The controls are a bit slow for my taste, but it sure is original. Good job!

The amount of creativity that you can find in every level is outstanding. Would have loved to see a preview of where the blocks would be later. Great game.

If anybody is about to review this game, please stick until the intro ends. I can assure you it's worth the while.

Hi PixelPlant. I'm going to be honest, I don't even know how you got in here! This game was a little competition we did in discord to get featured in the game a while ago.

If you want to play the game right now, we have very early alphas if you are interested. Have a great day, and thanks a lot for the support, it means a lot to us.

What font did you use for the title? It's super cool!

My favorite one so far! Great graphics and fun story! Great job!

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Great graphics and cool concept!

Had  a lot of fun. Wish the energy bar refiled!

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Oh god no.

Really solid entry, loved the ragdolls!

The fact that you made a such looking game in 48h is amazing!

Loved it, good idea, better execution!

Super fun game! Good job!

Such a tricky and fun game! Love how you played with the game jam theme!

Awesome Art!

Such a cool game!