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Thanks for playing! I don't specifically go for the element of randomness, but I think it's a nice thing to have in a small game to give it a bit more reason to play again. 

I think the final enemy type definitely displayed the potential of this idea! I think one thing you could improve is make it so that hitting an enemy directly took off some health to add a bit more risk when trying to get shot.

Cool idea with a lot of potential - you definitely have to change the way you play when you can only shoot or move at the same time, but it doesn't take long to master. Since you need a slightly different strategy for each enemy (when to run vs. when to stand and shoot), you could get some depth from adding some more enemy types and combining the different types together in waves. 

One of my favourites so far for sure :) The mechanic leads to some interesting emergent strategies, like configurations of blocks that can keep the knight trapped for a while and dropping enemies down a hole in the floor to get them out of the way. I had two main gripes - I think that it was a bit too slow to move blocks around, and I feel like some levels may have benefit from a non-moveable block that would force the player into finding creative solutions to puzzles.

I liked it, but struggled a bit with the game speed - I found it very difficult to dodge the enemies mainly. I think the concept has potential though.

Really nice presentation and gradual introduction of mechanics - I particularly liked the bouncy planets which really added another dimension to the gameplay. While the base idea isn't too original, I think the things you built on top of it made it so.

There's definitely a fun party game idea in this! It's cool that there are a variety of levels, from more skill based ones to ones where it's all about figuring out the puzzle.

There is really a huge amount of potential for this idea, nice work!

The link to the theme does seem a little tenuous, but I did enjoy it a lot - there haven't been enough games of this style submitted to the jam! Very reminiscent of The Beginner's Guide. Spoilers ahead:

I think wrenching control away from the player is really quite frightening (in a good way) in this kind of game, it almost makes you feel like you are narrator's prisoner. I'd really like to see that concept expanded upon - what other kinds of ways could the narrator mess with the player?

It was my intention to have the need to 'reprogram' the parrot as you go to deal with different screens, but I was definitely too harsh in changing this up too often. In the future I want to redesign the levels to make it more likely that you get that satisfying moment when the parrot clears a screen almost all by itself, and to make it impossible for the parrot to go back to previous screens. Thank you so much for playing and leaving your feedback!

Best game of the jam IMO. Fantastic concept and executed very well!

Like another commenter for some reason I kept wanting to press Z to shoot and X to jump, but I got used to it by the end (I'm not even sure why I had that tendency in the first place!).

Very simple idea and execution, but very effective, nice job!

Really nice polished game! Other than the boss fight, I didn't find defeating the enemies to be too challenging - perhaps making some traps stationary and you have to lure enemies into them, or if you had to remain unseen, may have made these stages more interesting. Overall though I enjoyed it!

Really fantastic idea and a lot of fun, but once I'd got a critical mass of cannons and shields going I found it got quite easy, and it felt like the piece placement could have required more strategic thinking than it did. The good news is I don't think you have to change too much to get that - maybe add some more types of tile and make the placement a little more restrictive (less connectors maybe), and you're on to a winner here!

The ramming mechanic was really cool, especially when the second type of enemy showed up. I struggled quite a lot with the green ones, especially in the narrow areas. Overall though I liked it!

I liked the idea, but I found the movement of the player to be a little unpredictable during rotation - it seemed that perhaps the level was rotating around a fixed point rather than around the player perhaps? Using the boxes make it over the obstacles was quite neat, although I didn't feel I had too much control over their movement.

This is a really cool concept! There were a few things that bothered me with the execution, such as the screen scrolling making it difficult to line up my shots with the car and the obstacles could all be cleared off screen before starting. I think it might have been nicer to have hitting the sides slow you down but not send you back to the start of the level, and then have you race against the clock or another driver instead. That way you can complete the level after making a few mistakes, but can come back to get a better time as a reward for not hitting the sides.

I really enjoyed this! It was incredibly silly but fun, especially when you get a few more 'weapons'. Trying to line enemies up to make the most of the car and the asteroid was satisfying. I agree with the previous commenter that some visual feedback on the invisible walls would have been good. 

Awesome idea, it reminded me of playing Mini Metro as a kind of laid back, chilled puzzle. I struggled a bit understanding why I wasn't able to move some buildings and sometimes had a hard time selecting the right square, but a really nice unique entry overall!

I enjoyed this, simple but well executed!

I think I agree with previous comments that removing the mechanic didn't really add anything to the game. Some other similar entries chose to reflect back bullets instead for example, or have some other way to kill enemies besides shooting. Sticking with the evasion idea though, perhaps you could award health/points for near misses or something similar to add something in place of the shooting.

Although the concept has been done a lot in this jam, I really liked the way you set up the corridor level to teach you that you can kill the enemies. I got a satisfying epiphany moment out of that, and realising how ridiculous it was in a game with a gun that I hadn't actually tried shooting the enemies!

Neat idea, but I would have liked to see more levels where you had to change speed throughout the level - I found a lot of levels required a hard brake at the start and then navigation at the same speed for the rest of the level.

I felt like there were a lot of buttons to press at the same time! I think I would have enjoyed it more with controller support (movement on left analog, shield on right).

Pretty fun, although I'm not sure if having all of the towers stacked up instead of spread around introduced too many extra considerations for the player.

Really clever idea to give the player a checklist of actions and then leave it to them to figure out how to use them to reach the goal. Really liked it :)

Very well executed! Only thing I will say is I would have appreciated some checkpoints in the levels as it did get tricky.

It felt good to play :) Would be awesome to have some more variety in enemies and potentially the need for some more accuracy with deflecting the bullets.

Very original! Seems like a lot of potential for some tricky puzzles with these mechanics.

As mentioned before I don't think it ended up being too different from a regular tower defense, but I did enjoy playing :)

Definitely a unique idea with potential, but it seemed a bit odd that when you shoot a block you can't jump high enough to get on top of it. Instead really the only way to go upwards was shoot at something right in front and then clip to the top of the resulting box, which didn't really feel like what I was supposed to be doing. I think making the jump go a bit higher would fix that.

Cool idea, but I found the best strategy just to mash buttons to combine towers as quickly as possible. Also I think one of the interesting things about this could have been trying to balance the need to combine towers versus needing to position the towers carefully, but I think as it was it didn't matter too much where the towers were positioned as long as they were near the front. Having said all that, I did enjoy playing :)

I really wanted to like this as the concept is really great, but the ball bounces so far away from anything it touches that it's difficult to really have any control over what is going on. This is especially frustrating when you have to go back to the first room after dying, which I found I couldn't reliably get through.

Congrats on getting a multiplayer game working in 48 hours :) I'm not sure how much depth it adds to make all actions tied to a typed word, other than slowing the game down. However, this could be interesting if there were powerups that decrease the number of letters you need to type or increase/change the letters for other players.

I really liked this game, but unfortunately I got caught up in the same bug as the previous commenter. The art was fantastic and really evocative, and the gameplay had enough depth to keep me interested. Good job!

The concept is fantastic, but I found it quite frustrating as it wasn't easy to predict how the enemies would react after being distracted. Sometimes they did a 180 turn and starting speeding back towards buddy, and sometimes they would head off in a different direction. In some cases they seemed to zero in even if buddy wasn't in the cone. Despite all that, I did really like the game :)

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It definitely got a bit more interesting part the first few levels where it became a puzzle of trying to plan out a potential path from start to finish, and although the rocks move in an unusual way I didn't find it too unpredictable to not be able to get out of sticky situations.

The concept is simple but it felt good to play. You did a great job I think on making it feel good to swipe the boxes. I think this could be promising with some variety in the levels and potentially some different hazards.

I would say the same as the other commenters - the concept is cool but the fling didn't feel like it was as powerful as the visual feedback suggested it should be. 

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Definitely a unique idea! Would be great to see this expanded upon. Pun not intended.