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Thanks for the feedback!

Yeah in hindsight, I definitely should have reduced the number of stats going on. The idea was that you're getting 'attacked' each turn, and you need to block the attacks by playing Peaceful cards, otherwise you'll gain the black cards that harm your health. What I messed up is that of course there's nothing that forces you to play any cards per turn, so you can move around, gaining loads of bad cards, but there's no reason to play any cards such that you'll ever see them! This is definitely something I'd like to fix in a new version of the game.

The spinning guys were hilarious :) How does this fit the theme? I'm not sure if I'm missing something.

Very cool! The presentation is insanely good, and I enjoyed the concept of a visual novel crossed with a simple strategy game. I struggled a bit early on with not really knowing what I'd be up against in the next battle, but once I'd lost my first battle and discovered that I could repeat battles it was less of a problem. I also found that the same configuration of rats/ingredients could win or lose the exact same battle, so in one situation I had to repeat a battle a few times to get a win. This is so impressive for a jam game though!

Nice interpretation of the theme, gets very difficult very quickly!

I liked the trade off between needing radiation to power machines but needing to keep it down to avoid losing too much health, but it was really difficult to have it at anything below 100 due to the green lakes having quite a high area of effect. It felt overall like my actions weren't having much of an impact on how well the game was going. Having said that, I really like the idea and would love to see the balance tweaked a bit!

I too ran out of time to do any balancing in my game haha :) You can definitely see what you were going for, and ultimately the game is still fun to play!

Congrats on getting a 3D game finished in limited time! I thought the main mechanic was pretty innovative and it would be cool to see it developed further.

I really like the idea and it works really well! It did get very difficult to control what was going on at times, but it was enough that I had fun playing.

Absolutely hilarious :D I particularly loved how you could zoom right in to the action and view the chaos from ground level.

The idea behind this has huge potential, and what you did complete as part of the jam works really well and shows how far this idea could go.

Really clever interpretation of the theme, and the music put a smile on my face :)

I think it might have been a little too difficult to get far enough to see what makes the game special based on the other comments. Well implemented, polished and complete game though!

Full marks from me. Bravo.

Makes sense, and that's a good point! You can definitely be proud of what you've ended up with regardless of that, this is probably the most polished/complete game of the jam that I've played.

TIL to eat more apples and go to the gym more often :P It was quite easy to get into a bit of a hole you can never come back from, but after restarting the game I was able to get to the end. Perhaps the fatness could subsidise the energy a bit for hitting the gym? Obviously that's not how it works in real life (unfortunately xD)

The art and music was very cool! I'm afraid I couldn't really figure out what the mutations were doing, but had fun nonetheless.

Really fun! I played for longer than I care to admit, and the thing I enjoyed most was the trade-off between placing more towers vs. ease of getting around the map. The only thing I can really nitpick is that I can't really figure out how it links to side effects.

I'm playing on Mac, so unfortunately I couldn't try the native version although I would have loved to, especially as I was getting some weird effects from trying to use the right click in the browser that made it difficult to complete the last stages. I really dig the story you came up, and the mechanics of using weapons for other purposes was a really cool idea, I wish I'd have thought of it!

Thanks, glad you enjoyed it!

Thanks for playing!

The idea was that negative cards take up space in your hand, so you need to play them in order to draw enough good cards to keep your stats up. I ran out of time to properly playtest and balance, so you can get all the way through without playing any of them. I've had a few ideas about how to improve that after the jam is over though :)

One of my favourite interpretations of the theme so far! I love the concept!

I think that one thing I might change is to combine the list of beneficial effects and negative effects into one list, and ask the player whether a medicine improves or makes a particular effect worse. It wasn't clear for example, what the difference was between 'reduced anxiety', normal, and 'increased anxiety' - as far as I could tell, the rat was always scared of the cat except when the 'reduced anxiety' medicine was given.

I really liked this, a simple idea well executed! Ultimately though, my south wall couldn't stand in the way of the almighty power of Rust ;)

Impressive special FX :)

Very highly polished and fun to play! I enjoyed the effect when I picked up too many chickens :)

I agree with the other commenter that the actual shots fired by the towers seemed less powerful than just placing towers, to the point where the healing phases were actually detrimental as I couldn't place more towers! This was surprisingly fun though, I did stick it out until I managed to get to the end :)

Thank you!

Best implementation of the theme I've seen, with really pretty graphics to boot!

Did very much enjoy this once I could get a few doctors down! Loved the art :)

I like this interpretation of the theme, nice job :)

Definitely appreciated the dark humour!

This is so cool! The visuals and main mechanic are great, really gave me a strong Duskers vibe. Nice job :)

Cool, nicely presented puzzle game! Particularly enjoyed the penultimate level. I wasn't sure about the link with the theme, but it sounds like you had more planned for the puzzle mechanics from the other comments.

Very pretty! I couldn't find a way to keep the toxicity down, not sure if I just needed to experiment more.

Really great idea and smooth execution!

I enjoyed figuring out how the mechanics works, nice job :)

Looks very nice, but I think I had similar issues to other commenters.

I like the idea! I presume each patron has different tolerances to the different ingredients? I found that one of them really loved the triple banana smoothie, but couldn't figure out the others.

Very neat presentation!

Love the idea! Congrats on getting a 3d game built for the jam :)