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The game I was most excited to sideload onto my Playdate when it arrived, and I was not disappointed. This is a staggering achievement! Can't wait for the next chapters ☺️

Really lovely little game! Thoroughly enjoyed it 😊

I had more fun watching the numbers go up than I care to admit :) Very enjoyable!

Think there's definitely the seed of a nice puzzle game here. Loved the visuals!

Pretty awesome given the constraints! I enjoyed it enough to play a few times. Highest score I could get was 61.

Unfortunately I left it to the last minute to actually try and build wasm, and found it didn't work. Will get a wasm version up after the jam.

Thanks for giving it a go - I'll check out the problem with the font. Were you able to get it running otherwise?

This is so dark xD The happy music just makes it even more so somehow! Hilarious concept :)

I think I had some kind of issue where I'd teleport across the map after getting a certain way through the level, and then I couldn't move after that. Still, I enjoyed the concept and particular playing Twister with my fingers on the keyboard trying to control the slime!

I really love the aesthetic of this, reminds me of old Amiga games! I like the concept a lot too - I think you managed to create some interesting puzzles with only the ability to move right. Was sad that it ended so soon!

The whole concept of your weapon having a mind of it's own is really great. I think though in a lot of situations, at least towards the beginning, I found the shield bash to be more reliable for attacking since I didn't have the risk of turning the sword against me! Great aesthetic as well.

This is fantastic, really cute little logic puzzle that did get me a bit confused how to solve it at first but after a few tries I got it! Unlike a lot of jam games that often would be improved with some tweaking or some extra features, I think this one is genuinely perfect as it is :)

Ha, no matter what I do I annoy the narrator :) Nice humour haha

I really liked it! A lot of potential for playing with the mechanics in further levels here.

This game looks absolutely incredible, but I wasn't super sold on the gameplay. I think the theme could have played in to the mechanics of the game more rather than just the storyline.

Made me smile :) Great use of the theme!

That's a fair point actually, I don't think there's anything in game to give you an idea of how fast the train goes other than just looking out of the window. You're right that often there's just another segment of track out of the window, perhaps I can rejig the map a bit so that that is much less common. Thanks for playing and thanks for the feedback!

This is a fantastic idea and it's executed really well. The only thing was that I struggled to get past level 13 as I didn't realise that you could combine different inputs to get entirely new effects that weren't just additive like the jumping until I read the comments. I think adding a level towards the beginning that really forces you to find that out would be the only thing I'd add. Really amazing that you were able to complete all this in 48 hours!

Is this Conway's Game of Life as a platformer? I love the idea, I couldn't figure out how to arrange blocks as to make them "alive" in the end though. I was trying to copy the pattern that occasionally spawns in the background to try and create something a bit like a 'glider' but wasn't able to in the end. I'm interested though if this sort of thing is possible in the game?

Oooo the vertical movement is super interesting! Nice!

Thanks for playing! I agree it takes too long to look out the window and hence it's far too difficult to find yourself on the map. This is probably my #1 thing to fix if I get around to tweaking this game. Ha thinking about SONAR, this could be even more chaotic as a multiplayer game where each player has a different piece of information and have to communicate with each other by the phone as well as the driver!

John Bercow simulator with voice input, just the concept has me in stitches :P

Oh I didn't actually realise that the neutron slows down when it goes through the cloud, I was mainly focusing on the effect on the reactor temperature (since this was what ended my game in most instances). Perhaps I misunderstood how the temperature works, is it tied to the velocity of the active neutron?

Nice job in less than 24 hours! I quite liked that the movement required a few buttons to execute on, although it did mean that I inevitably didn't end up using it that often, opting instead to just spray bullets around.

I don't really see how this one fits the theme unfortunately. The pixel art is great though!

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I adore the theme! I almost wish you'd taken it even further, having the play area be a windows desktop with icons and windows moving about. Even without the theme, I think that mechanically the game is very novel as well.

I think I'd echo other comments and say that the idea is fantastic, but I think things moved too quickly for me to really get a handle on what was actually going on.

It's a good start - the concept is good, I like the idea that your own actions can have unwanted side effects that can lead to things getting out of control. I liked that you could approach it strategically as well - i.e. fire bullets in parallel and hide away in an alcove. I think with a bit more polish and some more features this could be good.

Going to be controversial here and say I think that the controls are absolutely fine. I think they are just different from the norm, which isn't necessarily bad, just different. After playing for 10 minutes it was pretty natural, the only thing I found difficult sometimes was collecting the coolant as the speed was a little too fast to line up with it correctly.

I mentioned in another comment that the way the coolant works prevented me from completing the game for a while, as I had assumed that any neutron (rather than just my own) passing through the clouds would reduce the temperature. Once I noticed this, I was able to get to the end.

With those two points out of the way; I think this is my favourite game of the jam that I've played so far! I love how it puts you right in the middle of the simulation and allows you to influence it from the inside as well as the outside. I also think it's brilliant how all the particles are simulated and that lowering control rods into the reactor doesn't just adjust some weighting in the background, you can actually see the rods lower into the chamber and see that more particles bash into it. Awesome job!

Hey, just weighing in to say I had this same issue, but I found that the heat gauge only goes down if the specific neutron you are controlling goes through it. I had made the assumption that any neutron in the simulation that went through the coolant cloud would decrease the temperature, so maybe you made the same assumption as me.

Firstly, this game is beautiful! I didn't quite understand the swipe-to-break-chain mechanic mentioned in the description, unless I just didn't come across it. It seemed like I just needed to swipe over the enemies to defeat them.

Kind of like a 3D autorunner like Temple Run but with a bit more control over the direction you go, I feel like there's a lot of potential with this idea :)

There's something really interesting in this idea - after stopping, I read the comments and then decided to try again to see if I could do better. I hadn't figured the first time that maybe there was a way to keep going longer without the garden getting as out-of-control, so I tried thinking more carefully about where I was moving and what order I was picking things in. Although I still don't think I have this completely figured out, this is a very interesting puzzle and I haven't seen a lot of entries that approached the theme in this way.

Ah that would be an awesome theme to take this forward actually! Yeah it's definitely a bit too hard as it is and a few elements are needlessly obscure so I totally agree there, but I'm really glad you enjoyed it despite that.

The core mechanic of this felt really good - definitely could do with some refining in other areas but I had fun playing!

Really slick presentation and I really liked the idea of being able to switch the modifiers while the cars were going. I feel like there's a lot of places you could go with this base idea.

Hilarious concept! I think I hit a bug on one level where one of the children wouldn't get in bed even after running right through the square, but otherwise very polished and stylish game!

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Hilariously frustrating, I loved it :) I'm amazed you don't have more reviews!

There's the start of something incredibly interesting here... is there any more to the game past the point of "surrendering"? I noticed I was prompted to do something that obviously I couldn't do at the time.

Simple idea with great execution, nice :) I feel like you could have capitalised even more on the humour, perhaps with more time!