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Yes haha, its done in a similar way to how event[0] does it. Which means its more flexible than being entirely hardcoded, but not by much ;p

Thanks so much, you guys are too kind! I've add a big bold line in the description now pointing out there's a sprint button ;p

Wow, this is lovely! It looks amazing, and once you figure out what's going on it's so much fun to put everything together. I adore it :D

Thanks so much, I'm super glad you played it all the way through!
You've reminded me that I need to mention there's a sprint button in my game desc haha. I don't know if you stumbled across it by any chance, or if you just had to walk it all? LShift makes you a bit hastier :p

This is actually a super interesting game! Pretty addictive too. There are a few weird bugs, but nothing (as far as I can see) that's game breaking, so I can't complain, great work!

Thanks, I'm glad you enjoyed the art!

To lose limbs you have to discover the secret word in each area, and then use that to reveal the altars, which is where you can.. y'know, cut your arm off or whatever ;p

Thanks! I wanted the puzzles to not overwhelm you, so people could focus more on the shoot em up part :p

I had  a lot of fun with the patterns, thank you!

Thank you! If you died to the boss I wanna apologise, because I think it's actually bugged right now unfortunately :p

There's actually a pair in one of the puzzles on the boss that doesn't work! But, from just playing my game again think the boss fight is bugged for some reason xD

Yeah, I agree that the puzzle definitely needs more work since right now you can just spam the tiles and you'll probably eventually get lucky, I think you're probably right that adding anther condition could work. I won't be adding another colour since that'd break the colour scheme ;p  

Thanks for the kind words and feedback :)

Thanks so much! 

This is one of my favourites I've played so far! Definitely has a bunch of potential and the art is great too :D

Ahh I really like this, could definitely make for some interesting puzzles! My only complaint would be that the game is short, but you get a free pass there because it's a game jam ;p

This is adorable! Great job :)

I really like this concept! And, the game looks fantastic too :D

You use the bullets the enemies fire to hurt the enemies. If a bullet is close enough to you when you warp, the bullet will move with you.

You beat the level by destroying all of the enemies.

Hope this helps :)

This is so good! I thought at first it was just a cool way to set keybindings, but when you asked me to do it again aaannnd I couldn't used wasd again the realisation that this is gonna get hard quick hit me lmao

This looks and sounds really nice! And it's quite addicting, so that's a plus too :p

This is really hard, but I can imagine getting on a good streak with this would feel super rewarding! The art and sounds are really nice too, great job!

I also had the screen size issue, but I found just zooming out the chrome window fixed that for me, so :p

I love the sound of the stones rattling together for some reason. It's a super nice game with a cool atmosphere.

This is a fun game! Simple, but looks and sounds really nice too :P

Yeah I had kinda noticed that. Although, the scores you can get if you pull off say a 5 or 6 combo is so so much higher than just the three.

But thanks for the feedback! Still needs a bit of balancing here and there :p

This is a fun little game! Enjoyed the style, and also watching my guy bounce along after I failed haha.

Love the style!

Is also really good to play, congrats on finishing your first game, too!

This is lots of fun to play! I had to play a few times because I knew I could do better than that.

I'm stopping at ~2300pts because I need to get round to reviewing some more games!

Only piece of critique, the jump felt a bit float at time, but the stellar graphics made up for that :p

This is really well made! The style is clean , and the controls are nice and responsive too.

Lots of fun to play, but felt a bit slow with enemy spawn rates etc. But maybe that just me :pp

I absolutely loved it, tho!!

Thank you!

I did at the beginning, but I thought I'd keep it simple for my 2nd Jam :p

This is so good! I really like the phasing through walls use of the mechanic, and the fact that looking up and down can also be used to abuse the screen tear a bit. I loved this ^^

See I considered that (and maybe I'll implement it in a 'bugged' gamemode at some point) but I kinda wanted the bug in this game to feel like an actual bug. So like, something stupid that the dev could've actually let slip through. And if it were a real bug, a cap on your bullets would never have been an issue :p

If it helps though, I did massive reduce the increase in bullets you get. Currently your #bullets is 10 -3*health, it used to be something along the lines of e^(-health). Which would've had you at firing more bullets than there are particles in the universe.

Making them into an arc at some point would probably be a good shout ;D

Thanks so much for the feedback though!

Fun! Big fan of puzzles like this, nice job!

I like the concept! It's a bit difficult, but sometimes that's the fun!

Fun game! The mechanic is interesting, seems to have quite a bit of potential for a cool puzzle platformer :p

Holy hell, this is amazing! And hard mode is astoundingly brutal too, great job!

Wow, this is very clean! It's super rewarding to chain the "jumps" together, and the style is lovely too. Very celete-y ^^

Fun to play through! I see the first golden leaf but getting there? Beyond me :p

The way I implemented jumping uhm, has a lot to be desired. I had to do botch it because it was being inconsistent, so I'm guessing the difference came from there.

If there's one thing I've learnt from this, it's that I need to change how I do jumping, thanks for flagging it to me!

Short but sweet! Was a fun play, nice job ^^

Cool concept, simple yet effective! I do feel the controls are bit clunky, but maybe I need to spend more time getting used to it :p

Fun game! Hectic on the standard speed but that just adds to the feel :p