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Congratulations for your game :) it totally diserves victory !

I tested it again with your instructions, it was way better !

It is a little counter-intuitive to play with Enter and also to Click with the mouse button, I did not understand this. I found some recipes myself and was happy to serve ice to aliens.

Great submission !

The style is great, the problem is that I first saw only one craft bench, so for me it was the only one in the game. I think the styles are enough different, maybe just pop the name of the object when you are close to interact or something like this

Nice submission, I made quite some time to understand that there are different kind of craft-bench with different recipes. The overall experiment is very great and we see the work behind with the different planets, replayability.

Great job !

Thank you for the super feedback! 

The idea to blind the baby or to generally interact with him at the window is a great idea but no here it was simple you have two ends... Indeed, you can be trolled in a third way if you make some stupid craft combinations. 

For the free end, there was a little cinematic ready for the end but I was not able to implement it at time, it will be for the polished version after the end of the gamejam ratings same for fixing the bug you faced. 

I tried either the v0.32 and the v0.1 and was not able to interact with anything else than the ingredients. It's sure I miss something, could you explain ?

Great game, I had 73 kills and had fun controlling my little ship.

I must admit not master to make ships shock to craft themselves together, it happens but I cannot control it well. Well done, great submission !

Thank you for your feedback :)

Indeed you need two elements, one to break the door and one to escape from the baby. The thruster is Cola+Mentos ? If yes you need the spaceship to put the thruster on it (try to interact with all the elements in the scene, you will see a blue halo when you can interact)

Very nice job, you said when I found the Sax "if you're still here" .... indeed I am

Great submission

The game is complete and the gameplay was fluid and the overall experiment was fun!

Great submission.

I also was a bit lost first but it seems fun, great submission !

Thank you for the feedback, we tried to build this ambiance which is clearly creepy ahahah

Thank you for your feedback =D

It was a nice 3D experiment, thanks for the submission !

I had fun with extractor generating stack of sand to infinity or making a big convey, it was fun. It is a great sandbox mode and of course it needs to be polished but for your first 3D game, it is a good job !

I liked a lot the light/shadow and the warfog, the weapon craft was interesting and the overall ambiance was great !

A great submission, keep going !

It is very satisfying when you have 10+ clones and you are shooting with the very great sound spatialisation !

It was first a little not-clear what to do especially the fact I was not blocked by "walls" on which I could climb.

Good improvement would be to be able to down a little the camera angle with the mouse and to clarify a little more the goals.

Anyway it is a great submission !

It was a fun classical arena experience and worked great. An improvement would be to be able to walk in a certain direction and shoot in another one (I may have miss the way to do this)

Anyway, great submission !

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First to be clear, the 400Mo are normal here (Download it !)

Clearly a very great submission which seems huge in terms of work, well done !

The story, ambiance, voices and overall design are very great. I only regret a little the lack of variety on the gameplay itself which is Sell->Buy/Upgrade only. However with the story plus the interesting skill-tree, it still a good experiment.


If the question is "did I cook the cut meat into the fire ?" the answer is totally no xD I did not understand the purpose of the fire.

Great mechanics one one-cell movement which was interesting. I had a problem one time, I was a little displaced from the grid and was not able to take ladders anymore.

Anyway, it was a great submission :)

Great ambiance, I was a lot challenged by the Chapter 1 but I made it !

Love2D seems to be a great alternative to other big game machines, well chosen !

Very great ambiance thanks to the audio, it was a great experiment although it takes me quite some times to understand how to interact with everything

Great submission !

Sh*t, you are the second one to tell about the "2nd game bug", it is probably the state machine which was not reset properly. Indeed we needed to polish the game and solve bugs entirely but lacking of time and for sportmanship, we will do it just after gamejam :)

The overall graphics, design, audio are very great. Unfortunately, I had problems to understand how to combine elements properly. 

Once it was ok, I made dishes for the incoming aliens !

Ahahaha I had a good time fighting alien-ramen-bowl.

The mouse-sensitivy was too low on me, it did not help but it was a great experiment.

It was simple but effective, a great plus would have been to be able to combine also shapes together and the difficulty should increase over time.

Great submission :)

It was very funny to play, even if we do not know exactly what to do first !

Great submission :)

Woooow, the mind-blow when I was only playing at a Alchemy-like game and I understood I can grab everything I craft to the world !

It is very interesting. To polish this, I think we may need to be guided a little more to be able to know if we are doing things in the good/wrong way. In an other hand, the sandbox is also very interesting but once you understand mechanics greatly.

Great submission :)

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Very interesting to be able to choose our Machine and process the primal resources to achieve a larger goal. As other mentioned, some hints or a crafting book would help a lot - which is indeed in the page (did not see).

Very great submission, I made a big purple alien stucked between walls made with 25 small ones, it was funny !

Great submission :)

It is a fun way to control and to move objects especially the meat to the butcher avoiding the bombs to explode, nice submission.

Nice submission :)

I was a little confused by playing this even if I looked at the instructions before. Indeed, I forgot that I could press TAB to open the inventory and see the "year bar" growing and ingredients for craft so did not understand directly.

Keep going !

I love pastas and this was a great theme ahaha with pastas Trees !

It is quite difficult sometimes as you are too much harassed by ennemies but I had fun, keep going !

Aaaaaah yaaaaaah !

It is a very great idea that diserves more time to be polished, I had a fun spamming the same combo and become a monster. At leat, the curse is now over !

Ahaha the creepy aspect with the little kid was one of the key of this game. Indeed, we intended first to down the batteries two times faster when the kid is near your (Craft zone - Cockpit)

Thank you for your comment !

It is typically the kind of games I like :) (I am a big fan of Tactical games and Card games). I made it to the end and the difficulty was quite balanced maybe a little too easy but I may not be the best to tell.

This is clearly a great concept and you need only few things to add to polish it, clearly the grid should be seen before playing a card from your hand OR you could cancel one card. A randomization of the craft may be interesting (7-10 moves) which allow you to make risky abilities (1-12 melee damage).

Very great submission !

Thank you :) Indeed we have been pressed by the time and were not able to add more feedbacks (for the craft, for the first/second door, and for the end). We will polish it post-gamejam to be fair with everybody else.

Merci beaucoup pour le commentaire ;)

The magnetic catch of the cube plus the physic motor and the level design make it a great submission :)