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The legend of the cheese craftmanshipView game page

What is moon? Who are we; people? Do aliens know how cheese is made? Find out all of that and even more in this game!
Submitted by MightyPancake — 2 hours, 22 minutes before the deadline
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The legend of the cheese craftmanship's page


CriteriaRankScore*Raw Score
Jam Theme#333.6433.643
Gameplay (Fun Factor)#462.9292.929
Crafting Mechanics#931.9291.929

Ranked from 28 ratings. Score is adjusted from raw score by the median number of ratings per game in the jam.

Which theme was used for the game, and in what way?
Alien and expire. Alien as the protagonist and expire in the storyline.

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love it! really creative story wise, and the music is awesome

also, nice easter egg on the moon :D


You found it!!! Nice, well done.

Thanks for positive feedback, I'm glad you've enjoyed the game ;)


This is a fun little platformer with some side scrolling flying, all for a quest to craft cheese! I managed to get all the way to Chapter 5 (haven't beaten it yet), and have been enjoying the retro art style. The music certainly was catchy, and the sounds fit the aesthetic you were going for.

But I have a few issues, since this game got me to rage quit on the last chapter (the fact that there wasn't a in game way to quit didn't help me). Mainly my anger was towards wanting to complete it, but the level felt at odds with me. Mostly the RNG of the falling barrels, in that the falling barrels ARE RNG based. I felt that there were too few openings to get across ledges, which the shortness of the time stopper doesn't help with trying to time the few times a good spacing in the barrels worked. I'd also like to note my anger probably arose from Chapter 4 with Chapter 5 being my breaking point. Chapter 4 felt unfair mostly since everything damaged me (trees, birds, ground, gun fire), it makes sense for these to damage me but having times that I would get trapped by birds overhead and an upcoming tree ment I would lose health anyways. I did beat the farmer once before my victory, but the tree killed me (XP).

So I have a few thoughts on favoring the player while keeping a seemingless fascaude of RNG being applied. For Chapter 4 a simple fix would be to keep birds (and fuel since I had fuel spawned in trees before) generated just high enough the tree line so the player could "thread the needle" when caught between them. The tree line meaning whatever tree you have on screen would set the boundary for how low the birds can spawn. It's still pretty difficult, but during my play through once I decided to go at it calmly and wait for the opportunities it became possible. I do really like that you added that the trees become more frequent the longer the level is, just to give the player the availability to speed up the fight.

I'd also like to quickly mention that the hitboxes could be improved. I've heard that (depending on the game, but it seems to apply to this game's style) damaging hitboxes should be slightly smaller than they appear, while useful hitboxes should be slightly bigger than they appear. The hitboxes on Chapter 2 feel larger than they are (which is probably because they are a square, I'd assume). You could make a small fix to that by making the boxes half their current size. Or if they are a square, rotate them so they are a diamond (:P).

I now give my suggestions for Chapter 5, quite a few in fact. These are more "choose one to see how nicely it works" suggestions, though a combination would also work.

1) Since this is a vertical level, adjust the camera so the player is closer to the bottom so they can read the barrels that are coming up. This gives the player information that helps them make these difficult decisions of timing and jumping. I recommend this adjustment the most as it would be simple and makes the player feel like the game is a bit more fair.

2) If the player is on a certain side of the map, have the barrels occasionally spawn in a semi-random pattern that favors the player. As in the barrels could spawn in a pattern that looks like "steps" to the next ledge. Most commonly the barrels spawn one after the other which sometimes makes "walls" that prevent the player from passing if they didn't time it right.

3) Mentioning the "walls" of barrels, another suggestion would be to space them out a little more. In Chapter 2 the left side after the timer block (that also disappears if the player is to close to the right of it) requires a jump with a block right above it. Attempting this jump a few times made it clear to me that it would be difficult (not impossible, but not viable if I want to prevent falling) to jump from those gaps. The "walls" of barrels would have these kinds of gaps. Consistently executing a jump feels better than executing a tricky one every so often.

4) It is interesting that the platforms are from side to side, but more platforms could help. Heck, it would also make the boss fight a little more interesting if rocks were sometimes thrown in besides barrels, since you have the rocks programmed to break and not injure the player.

5) I did see what the space pirate looks like, but I fell before reaching them (I got as far as underneath them). I'm not sure how many hits they take (hopefully 1) but I think it would make for a more interesting fight if it was a 3-hit progression. Have the pirate on the second ledge and as the player hits them, they progress to the next higher ledge until defeated.

6) This doesn't feel too much like a boss fight to be honest, so a rework to convey that the space  pirate is attacking your ship would make Chapter 5 end on a better note. Perhaps have the barrels being an attack phase and you need to use the time stopper to squeeze between a tight fit. You could also incorporate the laser again, this time having it sideways and using the time stopper to pass it. The fight could be a simple attack phase and vulnerable phase.

7) Since is could be difficult for some players (like me) to reach them all the way up there, you could add an option that triggers for when the player dies X times, provide a prompt to make the level easier. Some folks (like me) do not have enough time to play and beat games, despite our desire to do so. This allows all kinds of folks to complete the game, even though your intent would be for the more difficult (intended) way to fight the boss. To give players a level of accomplishment, you could add a "certificate of competion" to those who take the intended difficulty.

Thank you for your time and effort, this is a neat game but it could be revised a little. Still pretty impressive for making it under 10 days. Astronomical work!


Thanks for your review! It's definitely one of the longest one here ;)

Happy to hear that overall your experience was positive. Now, into the bad things. Your points are very good and I do understand them. I planned to polish this game after the jam ends. Here are some things I wanted to change:

1. Barrel pattern in chapter 5

2. Duck spawning higher up in chapter 4

3. Change the hitbox of player to be much smaller

These are the things I already had in my head. However, based on your opinion I'll try to add:

1. Camera height in chapter 5 would be a little bit bigger

2. An easy mode, but that's just *maybe*

Things I CAN'T add/make:

1. Additional platforms in chapter 5, barrels would simply explode on them, making the lower stages no way to climb

2. Rotate hitboxes; this is literally impossible in the soft I used to make this game

I'd also like to mention that there is a small bosdfight, because you've failed first part of the boss. After you hit him, you both jump onto the ground and have an epic (well, maybe not that epic) fight.

I'd also like to mention that this game has a built in timer for speedruning and an easter egg!

Anyway, thanks a lot for kind words! If you have anything else you'd like to add, do not hesitate and just mention it here.

I'm so happy to hear you've enjoyed the game so far. Thank you!


I enjoyed the graphics and music and it had a good story, couldn't get past chapter 3 so didn't see the crafting mechanics (that is not 0/5 it is no rate in that category). Somehow I couldn't exit the game!!


The whole game is crafting the cheese :P that's it

Thanks for playing. Yeah, I just use alt+f4 to exit things, so I kind of forget people actually use exit option. My bad :/


I forgot about alt+f4 I was pressing f11 instead for some stupid reason. My bad.




The music was great :D! And the pixel graphics were pretty too :), although they made the text a bit harder to read.

I found the UFO very slippery and hard to control. Most of the time I found myself flying on the bottom of the screen, which probably isn't the intended experience :D. Both UFO and grounded had huge and unforgiving hitboxes, making the game feel a little unfair.

But other than that, it's a nice game :). Beating the levels felt rewarding :D. Good job!


Thanks for honest feedback! You're not the only one who complained about the font and it's understandable, my bad.

Glad to hear you enjoyed the game anyway!


Pretty darn fun, if perhaps a bit challenging at times, over was a fun play.

Nicely done, :3


Thanks for taking your time and playing the game! I'm happy to hear it wasn't an easy one to finish ;)


Man, this is way harder than it looks.

Very ambitious to have so many different game types in the one game but they do build on each other nicely.

I found the hitboxes to be a bit stingy, that is there were times I felt I shouldn't have been hit but was.

But man the music was really good! Gave a lot of gravitas to the feeling of the game. Great job!


Thanks a lot! I'm super happy you enjoyed it ;)
Have you finished it? :P


I didn't finish it I'm afraid. I got frustrated in the section where you're chasing after the farmer.


Oh, ok :P

Well, maybe some day!


Amazing work with this one. It is a really fun game and has a lot of charm.

Gameplay wise, I loved the physics-based movement. Seems more than appropiate for a game that takes place in space. Graphics have a lot of charm to them, and the audio part of the game is amazing for a 10 day time constraint. I guess my only "complaint" (and probably just me nitpicking) is the font, since it can get really hard to read at some points.

Other than that, an amazing job. 


Thanks a lot for playing!!!

Quick notes though, music was made by my friend, John Gray (link to his channel on the game page).

I'm working on a bigger font right now, since you're not the only one who complained about it.

Thanks for taking your time and discovering the mysteries of cheese craftsmanship!


Well that was the dark souls of space games complete with stamina bar. God damn that's challenging, nice job! Music really stands out and has a spacey epic vibe. well done.


Thanks a lot! 


I liked the game! The only one thing I have to say  as feedback is the text, sometimes is it hard to read with this font. And another thing is the "J" key, when I was in menu I was trying to press 'Enter' or 'Space' to continue, but it was "J" key, which was weird for me. Apart from these two things, I think the game fits perfectly the jamcraft :)


Thanks a lot! I definitely agree on your complaints; I'm working on a new, bigger font and about the J key, some people also told me it's not that great. For my defense I can only say that on splash screen there is a text that blinks in and out that states to press the J to start.

Thanks for playing!


I like the charm this game has. the music, the graphics, and the story

but I noticed some of the flaws in your game that make me so frustrated

first,  The hitbox :

right now, I think this is the hitbox(or collision box) for this game

This makes sense for the sprites but this makes actual gameplay seems unfair.

for example, this count as collided

most games have smaller hitboxes then they appear to make it more fairer to players :

next, the movement

As the mastergammler said, the controls are too 'floaty'.

it's pretty awesome to see some physics stuff like a momentum, acceleration things like that but I think it doesn't fit too well in this game and wished it was toned it down a bit.

And beating the boss( the final chapter ) felt like it was just luck than my skill and the first part reminded me of the Getting over it.

still,  I really like the awesome music, cute and simple graphics and the story and like how each chapter has it's own gameplay mechanics, it's really cool that you made it in 10 days.  it took me about 45 minutes to  beat this game on my first playthrough,  just with some more polish this could be a very fun game!

Nice job!

minor thing, you can just skip chapter 1 by just going straight from the bottom of the screen.


Thanks a lot... That's an in depth comment for sure. Wow, I'll try to improve these things, thanks a lo


P.S. You're almost right on the hitboxes ;)


Also, I will polish the game once the jam ends. Once again, thanks for such an advanced feedback and time you spent in the game


A nice little game which makes very good use of the jam themes. I just have a few notes: You have a nice story, but the text is very hard to read, i would recommend using a higher resolution so you can actually enjoy what is written and are not stuck trying to understand hieroglyphics. In Chapter 2: The moving plattform doesn’t spawn very ofter, which is very frustating if you fall of and then also have to wait 10 minutes for the next one to spawn. In Chapter 3: There is the similar thing with the falling plattform, just that i have to wait out one extra round because the ‘stop time function’ is reloding, i would probably sync that up In Chapter 4 (which i didn’t finish): I already didn’t like the floaty controls in the spacecraft and then it would also shoot backwards which is totally unexpected and uneccessary. I would just let it shoot forward every time (unless i missed a boss battle where you would need it :O)

Developer (1 edit)

I'm aware of the font issues :/
 In chapter 2 platfrom despawns and spawns when it touches the wall.

I will release a patch that changes controls in ufo a little bit, so you may wanna check it. Chapter 5 is completely nuts and I highly encourage you to play.
With that being said, thanks for the time you took to play it!


Wow, this game was hard but fun too. The art compliments the theme well. Good job :)


Awwww, thanks a lot! Keep in mind that the splash screen wasn't dobe by me!
Thanks a lot for playing and have a great day.


Great ambiance, I was a lot challenged by the Chapter 1 but I made it !

Love2D seems to be a great alternative to other big game machines, well chosen !


Thanks for playing and your kind words ;) I've played your game too and it sends shivers down the spine


Pretty neat. I got stuck somewhere in Chapter 2. Also cool to see someone using Love2D


Thanks! You just have to gather 3 pages which are hidden on the map


Great game! I loved that there was a new gameplay mechanic at each level, it kept things fresh! My favorite was chapter 3 (it was hard). I think the time-stop puzzles were very clever. Good job!


Thanks a lot! I am so happy you enjoyed playing it ;


Great Game! I really liked the stoy :D Chapter 4 is my favourite :)


Thank you. That's weird, most people say it's rather a difficult one :P

Have You finished the whole game?


chapter 5 is alomst made me break my keyboard :) but it was fun 


Thanks! It was supposed to be the hardest one :P Thank you for playing


Nice graphics! The music is really cool as well. I couldn't get passed the first chapter though, I'll need a few more tries.


Thanks! I promise that if you do, you'll be rewarded with a really simple and relaxing chapter 2 :P


Fun and charming!  The font is pretty hard to read on a large monitor but everything is very smooth and I love how much variety there is for a game jam game.


Thanks a lot! Yeah, I'm working on a better, larger font right now ;)


Great job! It took me a minute in  the first level to figure out what to do but I had fun.


Thanks! Have you finished the game?


I have not had a chance to play the whole thing.


Oh :/ try it out if you have some time then ;) anyways, big thanks


lots of varied gameplay


Thanks for trying it! Hope you'll finish it one day ;)

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