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Thanks Lorxus! This was sort of an experiment to see if people liked it, to my suprise it did exceed people's expectations! I do have plans on adding more to it after I am finished with my current project of Wally. Then I'll be working full steam ahead on Purple Dungeon so that it is the best possible version of itself we can make. Thank you very much for the feedback I really appreciate it :D

Here is a discord in case you'd like to keep in contact.

Congrats to all these amazing games we all saw here!

thanks for playing ! Glad you had fun 

Honestly, thank you for putting  this jam it was a lot of fun to participate in it!

does it work in windowed mode?

I deeply apologize. I should have made a better tutorial. 

Try holding into a card and dragging up just a little bit until you see the spotlight on an enemy.

Wow this was the most in depth comment regarding our game yet, I really appreciate giving such as in depth explanation! The fact that you where able to get 90 minutes of playtime is such a joy as a game designer! I will definitely continue work on this project considering the reception!

Couple of things! 

Ui related issues

1. I agree I think when we see hearts we assume that it's going to have health /vitality. Like pokemon having a better way to make it easier to understand that it's a TURN would be a better addition, an hourglass/stopwatch etcl.

2. This seems like a really big issue that will be addressed PRONTO. There are many times where you misintend to connect a card. I'll find something that can do a better job for this problem.

3. I didn't even consider the buy button. I did test it out with my coworkers and they had the same response as you , that they wanted to press the BUY button. I think this is a great change!

4. Yeah currently the lack of the fog of war system sucks. You really have to look for the patterns and they are too subtle and easy to miss.

5.Sprites size was unfortunately a result of me needing to make the resolution bigger, it was terrible that it messed up the gorgeous sprite work as a result.

balance issue wise, I do sorta lowkey want to make sure you reach that point of ridiculousness when it comes to having a ridicolous amount of shield. The only con is that it should be really hard to achieve. I think right now it might be too easy. That might change by adding more cards into the pool and making it harder to find the perfect armor build cards. Or increasing damage on certain enemies.

Performance wise I do apologize, I really wanted to appeal to our Opera overlords, so I figured we should add as many gorgeous GPU effects as possible to really make our game stand out from other Gamemaker Games throught the use of shaders. As you can imagine, there are parts where we didn't really focus as much on optimization as we did on making the most beautiful and extravagant as possible to get people's attention, and I fully knew that some people would not get the best experience possible. This will be addressed in future updates, of course.

I strive hard in making sure our game is as fun as possible and moving the genre forward with roguelike deck builders. I'm really happy that it's receiving so much positive reception! 

It is my goal to make the best game possible, so being able to identify these nitpicks will help out future people down the line.

Thank you very much haha, Honestly I could have labeled it as BOSS when you hovered over t hat large enemy! I'll be sure to include that in the future!

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Thank you it was my goal for you to be able to reach the bosses and then we could put your builds to the test!

Character sprites are unfortunately small at the moment ever since I decided to change the resolution from 320 x180 to 960 x 540. This was done to have more space for the cards, more enemies to add to the screen, more room to add status effects. The small screen space was too limiting and ended up restricting a lot of game design things I wanted to do. 

Unfortunatly it made the character art tiny like ANTS! AAAARGH! I'll have to figure out a way to fix that in the future when I'm not so focused on the game design right now!

But yeah my big goal here was that I wanted to ensure that the legibility of all the UI elements and legibility of the cards were crystal clear.  Thank you for bearing with this hiccup! For now I just wanted to make sure that it was fun to play and to finish!

Honestly this is a game I'd love to continue working on so if you want updates here is a way to get them.

Thank you. Honestly it is apparent that I wanted to make a slay the spire game and try out ideas to see if I could push the genre forward.  The map exploration was a big one in my book to see if it would make the game loop stronger. Which I think so far it did! 

The other idea was the inclusion of token cards, which functioned similar to POWER cards in slay the spire with the exception of making their effects stronger than slay the spire, easier to stack, but they would have a turn limit.

The coco run I wanted to test out builds where landing critical hits was the main emphasis or trying to crit as little as possible (with the temporary attack buff that removes damage stacks after you crit). 

Honestly I'm glad how well received the game is so far. I really want to add more to it, add more floors for you to explore, so that would be one of my main goals for the future.

Glad you had fun have a wonderful day :D

Expertly polished and executed. I did play the jam only version. Wish I could get farther but could only progress for a few minutes before dying repeatedly.

Game looks gorgeous, ui icons are on point, the wall slime is something I've seen repeatedly in the past though I love the inclusion of adding light sources to them.

Great job

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haha no I'm in bed right now and screenshotted this old  pic on my phone right now since I'm too tired to turn on my PC atm and get the original XD.

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fun fact originally the resolution was much smaller 320x180 but it was extended to 950x540

Even though it made the pixel art harder to see it was a decision I think was in the best interest if the game.

Having such a small screen limited how many enemies we could display on the screen or how many status effects we could have at one point.

It was also hard to display cards alongside the game since cards had to be small enough to be in the small screen space.

Overall I made the screen larger to make it easier to display more info but then I noticed that it was harder for the small pixel art to look good. 

But you are totally right, atm the large screen space definetly isnt working in the favor of the gorgeous pixel art! We will find ways to make it work better in the future for sure!

It definetly was one of those decisions where it limited too much design space for the cost of aesthetics.

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For anyone that is interested in learning about design. 

Here are some things that I do in the background to help me with the design. Let me know if it helps you too!

Really nailed creating an ambience that makes me curious as to find out more about the world.

every map also contains a  golden chest that can only he opened with a golden key. Inside it contains a really strong passive abilities.

yeah there Re different shops right now. It sounds like the generator es ssnt too kind.

A card shop.  A place to buy your cards  

A card removal shop

A token shop (here you can permanently buff a certain type of token for the rest of your run)

Rest areas (restore hp or upgrade a card for the rest of your run)

Its unfortunate you didnt see any if you give it another chance I'm sure you'll get some.

;___; sorry about that, I suppose keeping it windowed would help it for now

haha yeah the boss is currently the end of the game currently, Thanks for giving it a shot!

thank you

Really nice execution, I really love how responsive controls feels while still feeling just a tiny bit restrictive to emphasize on the speed. Really nice use of the Jam

Really nice execution, I really love how responsive controls feels while still feeling just a tiny bit restrictive to emphasize on the speed. Really nice use of the Jam

Conquer the Dark Side of the Moon, one card battle at a time.

A Card Based Roguelike with an Outrun flair. Explore and dungeon crawl a vast overworld discovering the secrets the moon holds.

Summon Tokens that can provide powerful passive buffs for you in battle, their effects are extremely strong, but that power comes at a cost for they only live for a certain number of turns before they expire.

Great puzzle game, would love to see it expanded with a story. The limiting light source does give it a claustrophobic feel to it in the beggining. That's a great starting point and down the line you can upgrade your seeing radius and it'd be a nice way to see progress on your player.

Solid blocks and switches look very similar to each other, one puzzle I was stuck until I realized that one switch wasn't a solid block.

It's a solid loop, I think adding bits of story in between puzzles and you'll have a solid game in your hands.

this makes me feel really happy! Seeing your strategy come together and seeing it be executed so well. Thank you yeah I'm doing some things under the hood to get bgg n it out the door faster but it's not optimized. Stay in touch if youd like I'd love to continue working on this and keep you up to date with what's going on. I'll post updated to it in the in game mailing list .

I made it easier for this jam so people could reach the boss. I might have overdone it haha. If you want stay in touch with the mailing list and I'll make sure the next update challenges you .

Expected nothing less than the Shader God himself. Great execution Xor!

congrats my dude, keep up the good work!

thank you very much I'm glad you enjoyed it!

dang I'll have to look into that , thanks you for the feedback!

thanks you very much!

Thank you we really tried to make a professional game.

fantastic comment thanks for playing, glad you had fun  and I hope you had a great day 10/10

thanks getting overburden plus an obstructive ui plus keeping your gf happy and listening to what she has to say is so overwhelmingly that we felt that would be a perfect contender for out of control

This game makes me feel scared

Superb game feel and juice, great work!

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gonna have to make a post jam featuring the gf throwing a HELLA SICK PARTY!

great execution, really feels like the lack of control compliments the genre quite well!

Hi PDX! Yeah I've been working on Wally
I was thinking of making a postmortem on our GMTK entree.

Press Space right now.

Been working in Wally in the meantime, which you can check out here.

I know what you mean, sometimes one gets so good playing the same few levels so much that they become their worst enemy. Definitely would recommend at least shortening the death time.

It was definitely hard ngl but I managed to go through it the second level. Once I saw the third level's ending I immediately closed the game down immediately.

It took me roughly 5 minutes to beat the second level. I struggled and fought the controls but heck I'll try my best to see what's in store.

My biggest gripes is that dying forces you to wait 6 seconds. 6 unskippableseconds! It's like a huge amount of time to wait in between runs and considering I was died over 30 times most of the time spent was waiting rather than playing.

I understand it was made in a short 48 hour time frame window but the simple act of moving around your ball is hard but not very satisfying for the reason that physics system does not work in the way you anticipate it to.

The reason I closed the game is because in the second level It is very easy to  overshoot your ball. Due to the boolean nature of the vacuum cleaner. (Your either sucking at max speed or you're not) But overshooting is penalized, if your ball goes offscreen you die. You wait 6 seconds and start over. The designer of the levels put these goal posts next to the offscreen edge meaning that even the smallest margin of error will result in failure.

Due to the ball's having quite a bit of bounce If you manage to somehow to pull the bar high into the air and really sickly land it into the goal post the ball will end up bouncing but sometimes it would react to the slopes around it and sometimes it would not. And due to the sloped edges of map the ball would end bouncing up in unpredictable ways, the golf ball is worst contender.

So the logical and only way to win is get the ball on the edge of the water press your mouse once or twice so it doesn't overshoot into the goal post, and prevent the ball from bouncing as much as possible.

My biggest gripe is that these systems make the game harder to play, having bouncy balls in the game is a great idea if it's going to make the game funner such as basketball.  Only here I'm deliberately fighting to not have the ball bounce at all or I might end up losing.