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Glad you enjoyed it :) 

The Fastest rogue-lite ever created!
The dungeon is alive, pissed that you keep killing all his friends, so he vows to make your life miserable by any means necessary.
Inspired by Wind Waker's aesthetics and Nuclear Throne's gamfeel, Wally and the fantastic predators is a fast paced rogue-lite where you use timed hits to destroy enemies, be rewarded with game play changing upgrades.

The only rogue-lite that allows player 2 to control all enemies, bosses and the dungeon itself.

Getting over with a strong design approach to simple to pick up controls yet difficult to master.

Great game!

Is there a way to get an English version. I really like the game

One of the best things about this game, is how much small details Joel is able to put into everything. Great job even for a prototype!

Thank you very much Racoon_JS for the 7 dollars and your support we're going to make sure we deliver and present the best game ever for you.

Thanks we're glad you liked it DrMonkeystein

Your welcome I'm glad we were able to help relieve some great moments of nostalgia! Thank you very much for taking the time to share we really appreciate you!

Just like you dwalker! Did you even know that you are good, one could even say the BEST!

it will be ready and super interesting! Thank you very much for taking the time out of your day to comment on Duck Jam srnights we appreciate you! 

Thank you very much for taking the time to play our game Leckakay! I totally see that Pokemon explorers of time reference I guess it must have been an inspiration without me realizing it! Thanks for the criticism this has been the best comment related to feedback. The precise jumping mechanic on the duck cave was part of the design so that the payoff for that large jump at the end felt satisfying when pulled off correctly. I added some clouds if you already were having a hard time already. (This has been reworked in a recent update so that you only play the cave mini game once) .

The duck simulator game, I'm definitely going to change the offer bread in your mouth to something along the lines of "vomit bread on her" to make it more clearer that is the wrong option. I'm not sure about the having to much text problem , we could have smaller phrases to compensate, we'll look into it.

Thanks for the feedback it really helps more than you can imagine we really appreciate it! 

Hi we're continuing to refine and remake duck jam and wanted to know if there was a particular game that you would like to see parodied or featured in DUCK JAM?

If you haven't played it it's just a collection of Wario Ware micro games with ducks.

Right now some of the game parodies that are on queue:

Ace attorney. (find the contradiction)
Sonic the hedgehog (for this I thought perform a spin dash to get past the loop)
Role play as a goomba (get stomped on by duck-mario) 

I really loved your reaction when you played the duck dating simulator for the first time and you cracked up man. That's the number one reason why I make games! Thank you Cyber wolf for playing our game and really enjoying it!

Thank you very much Dtumstick! I wouldn't be anything without my wonderful team Zen00 Thimz and PixelDough we all made this possible to create the best possible duck Jam experience for you!

Thank you MasterSquiddie, your bf has been awesome to work with! Definitely expect our little game to soar beyond everyone's hopes and dreams!

haha thank you very much JazDaRedbone, one of our main focus was making sure we got the most amount of humour with the least amount. Allowing us to work really fast and move really fast.

Thank you very much roy_g for talking the time tor write about our game in your article. We're honored that you would choose us as a subject for your review. 

Hi Mutant Gamer thank you very much for taking the time to play our game. Also that intro screen is really cool looking did you design it yourself? Its really freaking cool to the point where we may design a game in that art style!

no problem, by the way tell us what you liked about the game and what you wish it could have done better, maybe something specific from a mini game that you liked and something from a game that you think could use some work work.

Our group comes from the first heart jam, and after it was finished we thought it fit the themes of meta and April fool jam since it is trying to be over the top with humor and is a game about games. 

Honestly the main motivation for me was getting more feedback from people helping us to improve our little game to keep it getting better.

thank you very much, glad you had a blast playing ! 

Try it out let us know what you think!

Hope all of ya'll had fun and a great time! Take Jams as a learning experience and keep publishing bigger and better work! The best work that the world will see! 

Thanks for the Jam I'm glad I got part to compete among ya!

please do

Hi I'm BOON  I played your game and I must say it was quite trippy I really enjoyed what I experience I'm not sure what I experienced but I enjoyed it. I'm sure there was story there and it felt like it was told well. I really enjoyed the music, sound effects and the screenshake. I really like the screenshake and how clean your game was 

THIS IS THE BEST GAME OF THE JAM RIGHT HERE!!! It's literally pokemon with an top down perspective no annoying cut scene rpg battles just like I envisioned as a kid!, YOU HAVE TO Build on this concept I'm serious this is a great idea I would love to see expanded upon, having food for your rat/pokemon was a great addition and definitely a good way to be proactive as a trainer. 

Loved the concept of a turn based battle game, man I wish there where more card options next time, just to allow to defeat different enemy positions. I do think maybe something you could add would be few rare cards that do an insane amount of burst and issue them out sparingly , so when the player gets that one card that could wipe an entire fleet he is able to use time it at the best  possible time.

AAWWWWW totally man I already have one in production, you're definitely going to be the first one I reach in terms of play testing just for that wholesome comment!

Thank you so much for playing our game I'm glad our absurdist and over the top humor left a lasting impression on  you! Thank you for your video and we are in your debt to create more and better content for you and your viewers if you choose to play out games again. 

I played it I really enjoyed it, Would definitely recommend changing the pause button, it was too loud and I had to take off my headphones whenever it went in. On its own merit I really like the knight's character I feel like through his art style and body poses and humor he was fleshed out. Mysterious skeleton feels like he would have a larger impact in the whole quest as a whole but since this is a demo and I couldn't see his entire arc play out it's very hard to know what his role will be besides what I suspect is going to be for some 4th wall breaks. (I feel like you could be more subtle with the skeleton in that regard if that is your intention, then again I don't know exactly what his role will play out so I could be in the wrong here). 
For what it's worth it definitely scratches that undertale itch which is what I was hoping for. 

JayskakiBean thank you so much for playing our game! I am glad that you where able to enjoy yourself and have a blast in doing so! Really that's why I design games and nothing makes me feel better than being able to brighten up you and your viewers day! Thank you for reading and we will continue to produce quality content for you!

THANK YOU! So much Sebastian for being one of the very first people to check out our game and give us a shot and writing an article about us before we got popular. It gave us the motivation and feedback needed to push into making more and more updates!

:D No problem, thank you very much for playing our game Fongrr,  we really  will start implementing a higher resolution option

Thank you very much for playing our Game Pecanyoutube! I'm glad we were able to make your day wholesome and awesome! 

Thanks for the play through Raithias! We totally focused on making sure it was as fun as possible!

Thank you Kamiyue I'm glad you had a phenomenal time playing our little game! 

Thanks we're all fans of old games so we thought it'd be fun to remix them

Thank you very much Itooh! Glad you had a fun time!

Gamemaker Studios 2 it's a pretty good engine.

Thank you very much! We are all able to work together very fast and love and have a party creating games, which I think is reflected on the end product as well!