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Silver, a font for games

A free* pixel font for Latin, Chinese, Korean, Japanese, Cherokee, Runic, Cyrillic, and other character sets. · By Poppy Works

Missing Glyphs - Hangul/Kanji/Chinese Characters Sticky

A topic by Poppy Works created May 20, 2019 Views: 8,390 Replies: 85
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This thread is for reporting which Kanji or Chinese character you are missing for your project. Simply paste which glyph is missing, and we'll work to get it into the font as soon as possible. 

Simplified Chinese support is not at 100%, but Kanji and Traditional Chinese should be completed.

Thank you for your help!


Thank you for your working!
There are some missing glyphs in Traditional Chinese. 鑲晚咪噗呢妳你吧啦跑腳拼朵喔她哪檔啊您愣嗎爸幫垮貓俏嗨啟哎嗯厲查仿噁咦糕夠份呃懂訕嘿產喂.

Oh wow! I didn't realize all of these were missing! Thank you for your feedback. I will work to add these and will let you know when they are available~!

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We seem to be missing: 你嗎您丟你晚爸幫你


(updated 6/6/19 with a few more)

Thank you! We will add these ASAP!

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Hello! This is a note to ourselves about which glyphs are missing, we'll add the following glyphs very soon.

Korean :



I've found these missing from traditional chinese:



Thank you for the report! I will add them to the list~!

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There are some missing glyphs in Traditional Chinese. 撿絕雞鏽贗鏢鏟髒鐮擋砸籲喻捆鄉咖眾凳矬佬餵囉
And please change the comma and period.

Hello! Thank you for your report about missing glyphs~! I will add them to the list

The comma and the period you are using there are compatible with Japanese language texts. is there a separate glyph that is used in Chinese?


Yes, thank you very much!

Do you know the Unicode ID for the Glyph for the Period and the Comma that you are using?

The ones you have in your screenshot are:

  • U+002C ( , )
  • U+3002  ( 。)

These two Glyphs cannot change. Please share the IDs of the ones you wish to use~!

Thank you

  • Fullwidth Comma(,)FF0C
  • Ideographic Full Stop(。)3002
  • Ideographic Comma(、)3001
  • (㋿)32FF

Please just change the widths.

Ahh! Ok, yes, I'll do this! :D 

We've collected and combined all of the known missing CJK Gyphs:


UTF-16 code points:

4E13 4E1B 4E1C 4E1D 4E1F 4E24 4E3A 4E48 4E49 4E4C 4E50 4E70 4EA7 4EC5 4EEA 4EEC 4EFD 4EFF 4F18 4F19 4F20 4F24 4F60 4F6C 4FCF 503C 5173 5174 517D 519B 51BB 51CF 51F3 51FB 5219 521B 522B 52A8 52CB 5355 535F 5361 538B 53B2 53D1 53D8 53E0 53E6 5413 5417 5421 542F 5443 5458 5462 5496 54A6 54AA 54CE 54EA 554A 555F 5582 5594 55B7 55BB 55E8 563F 5641 5657 56C9 56E2 56F4 56FE 5706 5723 573A 5757 57AE 57DA 5899 58F3 58F6 5904 5907 590D 591F 5920 5934 5956 59B3 5B62 5BF9 5BFC 5C18 5C1D 5E01 5E15 5E26 5E27 5E2E 5F00 5F02 5F20 5F39 6000 603B 6076 60CA 6123 6124 61C2 620F 6218 6254 6269 626D 6270 62A2 62A4 62E5 62E9 6321 6325 6346 635F 6361 6362 63B7 64AC 64BF 64CB 654C 65F6 663E 6682 6735 6740 6781 67AA 6807 6837 6A94 6BD5 6CF5 6CFD 6D46 6D4B 6DA9 6E10 6E14 6EDA 6EE1 7075 70E4 70E7 70ED 7231 730E 73AF 73B0 7522 7535 76D4 76D8 773E 7784 77EC 780D 7838 78B0 79BB 79CD 7ADE 7B3C 7B7E 7B80 7C72 7C7B 7CD5 7D27 7D55 7EA0 7EA2 7EA7 7EBF 7EC3 7EC6 7EC8 7ECF 7ED3 7ED9 7EDD 7EE7 7EED 7EF3 7EF5 7EF7 7EFF 7F13 7F16 7F20 7F29 80BF 80C1 80DC 80F6 810F 8173 819B 81C3 82CF 8346 8363 836F 83B7 83C7 841D 8428 84DD 85D3 8611 8680 86CA 8717 877E 8788 89C1 89C6 8A15 8BA1 8BA9 8BAD 8BB0 8BBE 8BC6 8BC9 8BCA 8BD5 8BE5 8BED 8BF1 8BF4 8BF7 8C0B 8C22 8C93 8D17 8D28 8D2D 8D39 8D5B 8D5D 8D76 8DC3 8E66 8F6C 8F6E 8F74 8F7B 8F7D 8F83 8F85 8F91 8F93 8FB9 8FBE 8FC7 8FD0 8FD8 8FD9 8FDB 8FDC 8FDE 9009 9057 9109 91CA 9274 93DF 93E2 93FD 942E 9472 9488 9489 94A5 94B1 94BB 94C1 94C3 94C6 94D0 94F2 94F3 94FE 9501 9505 9508 950B 9519 9524 952E 9550 9556 955C 9563 956D 9570 957F 95E8 95EA 95ED 95F4 9631 9648 9669 9690 96BE 96DE 96FE 9879 987B 9886 9897 989D 98CE 98DE 9935 9975 997C 9A6C 9AB7 9AC5 9AD2 9C7C 9E1F 9E21 9E25 9E26 9E2D 9E45 9E49 9E66

The missing frequently used Traditional Chinese Font:


Probably more, just verify from a random text.

Thank you! We will try to add these to our big CJK update!

There are so many characters...

Hello everyone! Please check the latest update~!

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The following chinese characters seems to be missing: 
 阴 奶 吞 柜 躺 逛 您 

I tested with the latest version of the font.


I'll add them :) 


Hello Poppy Works!
Really love this font,
I  used the latest version(2019-11-23) on Twitch chat,
here is what I found.

The missing frequently used Traditional Chinese Font:



The missing frequently used Simplified Chinese Font:



Thank you!

Thank you!!

I will add this task to my list!


Since this thread is about missing glyphs, may  I ask how can one contribute by creating missing glyphs? By creating and sending you a ttf containing only the missing glyphs? The GNU FreeFont project uses scripts to convert images containing the font characters to a ttf file, which makes sense for non bitmap fonts emulating pixels since it is easier to draw a character in a drawing program than to draw a pixelized character using lines in a traditional font authoring program.

I have already used online pixelized font creation sites such as bitfontmaker2

which lets you import and export font data as a json file and also let you import ttfs, but supports only latin characters. I also have used Fontstruct

which seems to let you drawn any character for any unicode block and also let you easily "fork" someone elses font and copy paste characters from one font to another, but does not let you import ttfs and there is no keyboard shortcut for copy pasting wich makes copying characters a tedious process

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Missing Traditional Chinese characters:

Hex: 6C27 Char [氧], Hex: 5E6B Char [幫], Hex: 4F54 Char [佔], Hex: 641E Char [搞], Hex: 55CE Char [嗎],
Hex: 6C89 Char [沉], Hex: 6C2B Char [氫], Hex: 8D95 Char [趕], Hex: 78B3 Char [碳], Hex: 7238 Char [爸],
Hex: 60A8 Char [您], Hex: 54B1 Char [咱], Hex: 92C1 Char [鋁], Hex: 6316 Char [挖], Hex: 6C61 Char [污],
Hex: 5976 Char [奶], Hex: 7239 Char [爹], Hex: 684C Char [桌], Hex: 6C2E Char [氮], Hex: 5565 Char [啥],
Hex: 62CB Char [拋], Hex: 9709 Char [霉], Hex: 9B0D Char [鬍], Hex: 5077 Char [偷], Hex: 6345 Char [捅],
Hex: 588A Char [墊], Hex: 7E73 Char [繳], Hex: 95C6 Char [闆], Hex: 8EBA Char [躺]

Thank you!!

Thank you for your report. I will add these to my list!

Hello Poppy Works, thanks for the update. There are some missing glyphs in Traditional Chinese.

傢(50A2)      盹(76F9)      哼(54FC)      吵(5435)
妒(5992)      桌(684C)      揍(63CD)      舔(8214)
喵(55B5)      爸(7238)      幫(5E6B)      闆(95C6)
嗥(55E5)      搞(641E)      喲(55B2)      垃(5783)
圾(573E)      拋(62CB)      銬(92AC)      鐳(9433)
恿(607F)      奶(5976)      吞(541E)      躺(8EBA)    逛(901B)

And, you can copy #6669 onto #665A.

Thanks a lot~

I'll add these today, and consider your suggestion for #6669 // #665A.

Be on the lookout for the new devlog :) 


Hello Poppy Works, thanks for the update. I've downloaded the latest version.

偷(#5077)     爹(7239)    垃(5783)      圾(573E)

舔(8214)      挖(6316)    嗎(55CE)      啥(5565)
喵(55B5)      喲(55B2)    闆(95C6)      拋(62CB)
躺(8EBA)      堃(5803)    妏(598F)      魠(9B60)
埕(57D5)      晾(667E)    挹(6339)      玢(73A2)
蒴(84B4)      璐(7490)    緹(7DF9)      樘(6A18)
麳(9EB3)      簌(7C0C)    誒(8A92)      襬(896C)
懟(61DF)      姵(59F5)     絔(7D54)      馡(99A1)
涂(6D82)      芊(828A)     綝(7D9D)      鉑(9251)
鉸(9278)      鉻(927B)     鋅(92C5)      鎂(9382)
鍥(9365)      鎳(93B3)     陴(9674)      靛(975B)
靶(9776)      顓(9853)     餿(993F)      龔(9F94)

Thank you, we will address this in the next update!


Hello Poppy Works, thanks for your awesome font!

There is one missing glyph in Traditional Chinese:


Thank you, we will address this in the next update!

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Simplified Chinese is missing:


Thank you, we will address this in the next update!

Hi I purchased you Silver Typeface for our extended demo Mayhem in Single Valley: Confessions. All working well except we are missing the glyphs below. There may be more but this is what was missing for our demo. Am I missing an update or something? Could you let me know if these are in fact not covered by the Silver Typeface? Hope you can help - kind of urgent - Brian

35804     8BDC     诜     (character block CJK Ideograph)
24405     5F55     录     (character block CJK Ideograph)
20070     4E66     书     (character block CJK Ideograph)
20005     4E25     严     (character block CJK Ideograph)
31914     7CAA     粪     (character block CJK Ideograph)
24527     5FCF     忏     (character block CJK Ideograph)
26434     6742     杂     (character block CJK Ideograph)
24212     5E94     应     (character block CJK Ideograph)
31283     7A33     稳     (character block CJK Ideograph)
35273     89C9     觉     (character block CJK Ideograph)
20064     4E60     习     (character block CJK Ideograph)
26500     6784     构     (character block CJK Ideograph)
38215     9547     镇     (character block CJK Ideograph)
27721     6C49     汉     (character block CJK Ideograph)
38395     95FB     闻     (character block CJK Ideograph)
37051     90BB     邻     (character block CJK Ideograph)
31729     7BF1     篱     (character block CJK Ideograph)
22920     5988     妈     (character block CJK Ideograph)
21150     529E     办     (character block CJK Ideograph)
35841     8C01     谁     (character block CJK Ideograph)
32440     7EB8     纸     (character block CJK Ideograph)
21584     5450     呐     (character block CJK Ideograph)
38386     95F2     闲     (character block CJK Ideograph)
36175     8D4F     赏     (character block CJK Ideograph)
38382     95EE     问     (character block CJK Ideograph)
25195     626B     扫     (character block CJK Ideograph)
36148     8D34     贴     (character block CJK Ideograph)
28798     707E     灾     (character block CJK Ideograph)
20020     4E34     临     (character block CJK Ideograph)
21860     5564     啤     (character block CJK Ideograph)
27905     6D01     洁     (character block CJK Ideograph)
35805     8BDD     话     (character block CJK Ideograph)
39038     987E     顾     (character block CJK Ideograph)
23485     5BBD     宽     (character block CJK Ideograph)
23156     5A74     婴     (character block CJK Ideograph)
30447     76EF     盯     (character block CJK Ideograph)
24072     5E08     师     (character block CJK Ideograph)
22403     5783     垃     (character block CJK Ideograph)
22334     573E     圾     (character block CJK Ideograph)
35044     88E4     裤     (character block CJK Ideograph)
25143     6237     户     (character block CJK Ideograph)
20002     4E22     丢     (character block CJK Ideograph)
39029     9875     页     (character block CJK Ideograph)
38078     94BE     钾     (character block CJK Ideograph)
23454     5B9E     实     (character block CJK Ideograph)
24211     5E93     库     (character block CJK Ideograph)
21840     5550     啐     (character block CJK Ideograph)
38177     9521     锡     (character block CJK Ideograph)
35268     89C4     规     (character block CJK Ideograph)
20254     4F1E     伞     (character block CJK Ideograph)
21171     52B3     劳     (character block CJK Ideograph)
21183     52BF     势     (character block CJK Ideograph)
20247     4F17     众     (character block CJK Ideograph)
21058     5242     剂     (character block CJK Ideograph)
34769     87D1     蟑     (character block CJK Ideograph)
36882     9012     递     (character block CJK Ideograph)
34989     88AD     袭     (character block CJK Ideograph)
33011     80F3     胳     (character block CJK Ideograph)
21382     5386     历     (character block CJK Ideograph)
20848     5170     兰     (character block CJK Ideograph)
30604     778C     瞌     (character block CJK Ideograph)
22418     5792     垒     (character block CJK Ideograph)
23572     5C14     尔     (character block CJK Ideograph)
22253     56ED     园     (character block CJK Ideograph)
25670     6446     摆     (character block CJK Ideograph)
36154     8D3A     贺     (character block CJK Ideograph)
32422     7EA6     约     (character block CJK Ideograph)
32500     7EF4     维     (character block CJK Ideograph)
39564     9A8C     验     (character block CJK Ideograph)

Thank you for your report. We will add these to our list! 


We've had to move to another typeface - as missing glyphs for translations are unacceptable for players. Thanks - Brian

As stated on twitter, immediate support is only given for licencors. The budget of your title likely exceeds the amount needed for a Free License. Please see the License section of the main page.

Thank you.


A great font!
But Missing Glyphs of Chinese Characters is too serious...
Simplified Chinese is missing: 




Maybe you can refer to the character set of this project.

Looking forward to your update!


This is coming in the next update~!


just  噹,it is not,please

added :)

and we updated the font for you :) 

These are missing in Simplified Chinese:

钮 摇 萤 务 呕 妈 馋 觉 傻 肠 积 攒

And this one I'm not sure about:



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I found two simplified chinese character missing :

剑 吗   

and one traditional chinese character missing :

Thank you.

Confirmed added

HI,find these characters missing in simplified chinese.


I know it is a lot, but that will be great if get updated.

::coughs up blood::

thank for you your notes, we'll see what we can do for you

Hi, I would like to see how to contribute to the font. How can I join? You can also PM me if needed.Tq

Another missing one: 츕  


Thanks for the update. There are some missing glyphs in Traditional Chinese. 嗎垃圾舔挖啥喵喲爹



Thank you very much!

Hi! I'm missing these 9 characters!

僱 , 喲, 嗎, 嘻, 噩, 塌, 攔, 踢, 謊

This font is awesome!

Thank you!!!


moved this topic to General

and is missing

Thank you! These will be included in the next update

阀 missing

Thank you! This will be included in the next update

We found the following missing common characters:



Thank you! These will be included in the next update

We appear to be missing the following characters:

Thank you for your report!

Please give us the hex codes in text :)


Hello Poppy Works, I believe the following glyph is missing.


Thank you! This will be added in the next update, so please make sure you follow our devlogs~!

That's good to hear. Thanks!


Hello! the following glyph is missing in Traditional Chinese:


Thank you very much. We will add this in the next update.


Here are a list of missing common Chinese characters based on 2021/02/09 version of Silver font:

Simplified Chinese (based on 2 different version lists of 3500 most commonly used characters):

亏亿卫习乡丰厅历冈贝仓匀凤忆订户办劝书扑扒厉龙轧业帅叼甩饥兰汇宁讨议讯辽巩圾扫扬亚协页夹轨划迈贞师屿岁岂刚丢迁伟乒乓华伪众爷伞杂负庆刘问闯汤讲论农讽访孙阵阴妇妈观纤约纪驰违抚坛坝贡坟苍严劳杨丽歼坚盯吴县园旷吨邮呜岗帐财秃佣皂彻邻肠龟删岛饭饮亩库疗应闲闷灶灿沟忧穷灾证评词层迟际陆劲驱纯纱纳纲驳纵纸纹纺驴纽责规拢拣势垃拦拨柜构丧卧枣卖厕奋垄轰顷斩齿虏肾贤畅鸣罗帜岭凯贩钓秆侦侧侨贫肤胀饰饱饲庙剂废净闸郑炕泻泼审帘实诗诚衬话询详肃录陕驾艰组驶驻驼绍贯挎挠赵拴垫挣挤挖挪茧荡栋砖耍牵临览竖眨哑趴贵虾蚁蚂虽骂哗响罚贱贴钞钩俩贷顺俭剑狮贸饶饺疮疤亲闻阀阁养炼烂洁浇浊济浑浓恼举觉宪袄诵垦陡娇贺垒绑绒绕骄绘络骆绞艳顽盏捞盐捎莲桥础顾轿毙虑监晓晌晕罢贼贿钳铅牺积笔债倾倘舰舱爹颂胳脑皱饿桨资阅烦烛递涝涨烫宽宾诸读袜课谁调谅谈谊恳剧娱预绢绣验职聋袭辆睁眯悬崭铜银偿衔鸽脖脸馅凑惭惕惯窑谎祸婶颈绩绪骑维绸趋搁搂搅联棵辈辉赏蜓赔铸铺销锄锐筛储惩腊馋阔羡粪溉窜窝裤谣谦缎骗缘摄塌摆摇摊鹊榆赖龄睬嗓锡锣锦筹傻腾酱滤滥滨滩谨缝摔榨酿蜡蝇赚锹锻稳箩鲜馒谱骡趟聪樱飘瞒踢镇颜颠辩缴瞧辫赢骤鹰嚷仑讥邓夯卢叽尔冯吕吆伦凫妆汛讳讹讼诀驮驯纫玛韧抡坞拟芜苇杈轩卤吱呕呐呛囤岖囱狈鸠彤刨庐闰兑沥沦汹沧沪诅诈坠纬玫坷坯拄拧矾歧昙咙账贬贮侥侣刽觅肮狞庞疟泞怔衩诡屉叁绅驹绊绎贰玷垛茬荚荞荠荤荧荔栈栅柠砚盅哆哟钙钝钠钦钧钮毡氢胧狰峦飒闺闽籽娄烁洼诫诬诲逊陨骇埂捂挚捣聂荸莹莺桦桅桩贾砾唠蚜鸯唁唧赂赃钾氨秫赁耸舀颁胰脐脓鸵鸳馁斋涡涣涤涧悯窍诺诽谆骏琐掐掂掸掺萤萧酝酗厢硕匾颅眶啃蛀唬啰啤啥啸逻婴赊铛铝铡铣铭矫秸秽笤偎衅敛阎阐焊焕鸿涮惦惋谍谐裆谒谓谚颇绰综绽缀琼揽搀韩棱椭颊雳翘凿喳鹃赋赎赐锉锌氯牍腌猬惫痪溃溅谤缅缆缔缕骚搪榄碘碉频嗦跷跺蜕嗡锚锥锨锭锰颓筷腻鹏颖雏馍馏痹誊窥谬媳缚缤赘蔫蔼碟碴碱辕辖嘁嘀镀舔箫舆漩谭缨撵蕴磕憋嘹镊篓膘鲤鲫瘪瘫澜谴鹤憨缭噩橱磺辙踱螃篡篙篱鲸瘾瘸糙濒缰檩磷瞪蹋嚎赡臊鳄嚣鳍癞攒孽鳖蹭蹬癣鬓鳞躏蘸镶瓤瞅嘻兹镑鲍滇巅尴赣缉槛跤馈睐拎浏啪鲨潇绚丫尧贻荫辗瞩拽 (Total: 865)

Traditional Chinese (based on chart of 4808 commonly used characters):

丫乒乓乩仃伕仳佣俞倌倀倘偺偌偎傖傻傯僱儈儐兕兗划刨剁剎剜剷匾卹厝叼叵吆吒吱呸咚唁唧啪啃啕啤唬喳喲喱嗓嗦嗎嗡嘀嘍嘟嘈嘮嘻嘹嘰噙噩噥噱噯嚎嚐嚅嚨嚷囌囪囤圳圬圯圾垃坷埂埤塌塭墀壢壩夤妞妤姍妯姒姘姣娓娣娌婊婷媳媲嫘嫵嬝嬴嬤嬸孓孽孿屜崁崆巔帘幛弈弒彆彞彤彥徬怔怵惋惦悻惕愜慼懵戕戢扒拄抿抨拚拎挖拽拴捎捂挪捱掄掙摒搪搽摔摑撐擰攆擻攏攔攙旎旖昀晌暨桅棵榆榨榷榫榭樁槳櫥櫝歧毽氐氖氟氨氦氯氳汙洱涮湔溉滇溼漳漩漯漪灤灶炕烊焊燙燜燄燴爹牖牠牯犄犛猓猙獷玀玨玫玷琊琍璩璦甩甭甽疤痱瘓瘸癥癱皂盎盯眨眶睏睞睪睬睜睽瞇瞌瞟瞪瞧矓矽砝砷砭硃碘碉碟磕磷磺祆穌窠竽筷篙篛篡篾籮粵糙紉紼絀綑綁綞縑縈繅缽罄罈羋羿翱耍聱肫胰胭胳脖臏臬舀舔舢舨荔荸莒菸蒞蓓蘸蛀蚵蚱蜓蜇蜢螃螞蟑蟈蠔裊褚諉謊豉豔賅賒賬贛趟趴跎跺踫踢踱踹蹋蹬蹺躉躂軔轔迆遴邐鄱鄹酗醃醣醞鈣鈉鈸鈽鈾銻銼錳鍰鎊鎢鏜鏍鐲鑣閡閩闋闈闐陡韁韌颳颺颼飧飪餛饜饞騖骯鬃魷鯽鯧鰱鱔鱖鱷鵪鷥鹼麂鼙鼴齜 (Total: 401)

The lists can be referred on under `china/standard/xiandai_changyong.txt` and `yiwu_jiaoyu.txt` for Simplified Chinese, and `taiwan/standard/edu_standard_1.txt` for Traditional Chinese.

Thank you very much! We will check this and issue an update. It will be a lot of work, so I thank you ahead of time for your patience. I do this in my spare time. 



You're welcome. Hopefully with these characters most of the basic characters required in Chinese (including most of above issues) can be covered before you moving on to bigger coverage.



Hello, would you be able to add Thai soon!! There's not many characters like Japanese and Chinese, I don't think it would be too difficult. I've been thinking about using this font for my game Nuumonsters which has plans to come on Switch soon but I REALLY want Thai !!!!

Thank you!

Your game looks really cute. We will issue an update to our devlog when Thai becomes available.

Are you using Silver for any other of your languages? Thanks :)

Our game Sir Lovelot uses Silver for all languages (14 in total), on PC & consoles.

Hey! Yeah, if Thai is added I would be using your font for all languages my game (and your font) supports (except English). I'm aiming to have English, Spanish, Thai, Korean, and Japanese in my game.

Hello, I believe the following glyph is missing from Korean.


(1 edit)

Some Simplified Chinese words


Howdy, Poppy Works!
This Simplified Chinese character seems to be missing:


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Thank you for your working!
There are some missing glyphs in Traditional Chinese.  


BTW, I will use the font in my game - Goblin's Workshop, just let you know~ :)




궑 궒 궓 궔 궕 궖 궗 궘 궙 궚 궛 궞 궟궠 궡 궢 궣 궥 궦 궧 궨 궩 궪 궫 궬 궭 궮 궯 궰 궱 궲 궳 궴 궵 궶 궸 궹 궺 궻 궼 궽 궾 궿귂 귃 귅 귆 귇 귉 귊 귋 귌 귍 귎 귏 귒 귔 귕 귖 귗 귘 귙 귚 귛 귝 귞 귟 귡 귢 귣 귥 귦 귧 귨 귩 귪 귫 귬 귭 귮 귯귰 귱 귲 귳 귴 귵 귶 귷 귺 귻 귽 귾 긂 긃 긄 긅 긆 긇 긊 긌 긎 긏 긐 긑 긒 긓 긕 긖 긗 긘 긙 긚 긛 긜 긝 긞 긟 긠 긡 긢 긣 긤 긥 긦 긧 긨 긩 긪 긫 긬 긭 긮 긯긲 긳 긵 긶 긹 긻 긼 긽 긾 긿 깂 깄 깇 깈 깉 깋 깏 깑 깒 깓 깕 깗 깘 깙 깚 깛 깞 깢 깣 깤 깦 깧 깪 깫 깭 깮 깯 꾒 꾓 꾔 꾖 꾗 꾘 꾙 꾚 꾛 꾝 꾞 꾟꾠 꾡 꾢 꾣 꾤 꾥 꾦 꾧 꾨 꾩 꾪 꾫 꾬 꾭 꾮 꾯 꾰 꾱 꾲 꾳 꾴 꾵 꾶 꾷 꾺 꾻 꾽 꾾 꾿 꿁 꿂 꿃 꿄 꿅 꿆 꿊 꿌 꿏 꿐 꿑 꿒 꿓 꿕 꿖 꿗 꿘 꿙 꿚 꿛 꿝 꿞 꿟 꿠 꿡 꿢 꿣 꿤 꿥 꿦 꿧 꿪 꿫 꿬 꿭 꿮 꿯 꿲 꿳 꿵 꿶 꿷 꿹 꿺 꿻 꿼 꿽 꿾 꿿 뀂 뀃 뀅 뀆 뀇 뀈 뀉 뀊 뀋 뀍 뀎 뀏 뀑 뀒 뀓 뀕 뀖 뀗 뀘 뀙 뀚 뀛 뀞 뀟 뀠 뀡 뀢 뀣 뀤 뀥 뀦 뀧 뀩 뀪 뀫 뀬 뀭 뀮 뀯 뀰 뀱 뀲 뀳 뀴 뀵 뀶 뀷 뀸 뀹 뀺 뀻 뀼 뀽 뀾 뀿 끀 끁 끂 끃 끆 끇 끉 끋 끍 끏 끐 끑 끒 끖 끘 끚 끛 끜 끞 끟 끠 끡 끢 끣 끤 끥 끦 끧 끨 끩 끪 끫 끬 끭 끮 끯 끰 끱 끲 끳 끴 끵 끶 끷 끸 끹 끺 끻 끾 끿 낁 낂 낃 낅 낆 낇 낈 낉 낊 낋 낎 낐 낒 낓 낔 낕 낖 낗 낛 낝 낞 낣 낤 낥 낦 낧 낪 낰 낲 낶 낷 낹 낺 낻 낽 낾 낿 냀 냁 냂 냃 냆 냊 냋 냌 냍 냎 냏 냒 냓 냕 냖 냗 냙 냚 냛 냜 냝 냞 냟 냡 냢 냣 냤냦 냧 냨 냩 냪 냫 냬 냭 냮 냯 냰 냱 냲 냳 냴 냵 냶 냷 냸 냹 냺 냻 냼 냽 냾 냿 넀 넁 넂 넃 넄 넅 넆 넇 넊 넍 넎 넏 넑 넔 넕 넖 넗 넚 넞 넟넠 넡 넢 넦 넧 넩 넪 넫 넭 넮 넯 넰 넱 넲 넳 넶 넺 넻 넼 넽 넾 넿 녂 녃 녅 녆 녇 녉 녊 녋 녌 녍 녎 녏 녒 녓 녖 녗 녙 녚 녛 녝 녞 녟 녡 녢 녣 녤 녥 녦 녧 녨 녩 녪 녫 녬 녭 녮 녯 녰 녱 녲 녳 녴 녵 녶 녷 녺 녻 녽 녾 녿 놁 놃 놄 놅 놆 놇 놊 놌 놎 놏 놐 놑 놕 놖 놗 놙 놚 놛 놝 놞 놟 놠 놡 놢 놣 놤 놥 놦 놧 놩 놪 놫 놬 놭 놮 놯 놰 놱 놲 놳 놴 놵 놶 놷 놸 놹 놺 놻 놼 놽 놾 놿 뇀 뇁 뇂 뇃 뇄 뇅 뇆 뇇 뇈 뇉 뇊 뇋 뇍 뇎 뇏 뇑 뇒 뇓 뇕 뇖 뇗 뇘 뇙 뇚 뇛 뇞뇠 뇡 뇢 뇣 뇤 뇥 뇦 뇧 뇪 뇫 뇭 뇮 뇯 뇱 뇲 뇳 뇴 뇵 뇶 뇷 뇸 뇺 뇼 뇾 뇿 긂 긃 긄 긅 긆 긇 긊 긌 긎 긏 긐 긑 긒 긓 긕 긖 긗 긘 긙 긚 긛 긜 긝 긞 긟긠 긡 긢 긣 긤 긥 긦 긧 긨 긩 긪 긫 긬 긭 긮 긯 긲 긳 긵 긶 긹 긻 긼 긽 긾 긿 깂 깄 깇 깈 깉 깋 깏 깑 깒 깓 깕 깗 깘 깙 깚 깛 깞 깢 깣 깤 깦 깧 깪 깫 깭 깮 깯 깱 깲 깳 깴 깵 깶 깷 깺 깾 깿 꺀 꺁 꺂 꺃 꺆 꺇 꺈 꺉 꺊 꺋 꺍 꺎 꺏 꺐 꺑 꺒 꺓 꺔 꺕 꺖 꺗 꺘 꺙 꺚 꺛 꺜 꺝 꺞 꺟 꺠 꺡 꺢 꺣 꺤 꺥 꺦 꺧 꺨 꺩 꺪 꺫 꺬 꺭 꺮 꺯 꺰 꺱 꺲 꺳 꺴 꺵 꺶 꺷 꺸 꺹 꺺 꺻 꺿 껁 껂 껃 껅 껆 껇 껈 껉 껊 껋 껎 껒 껓 껔 껕 껖 껗 껚 껛 껝 껞 껟 껠 껡 껢 껣 껤 껥 껦 껧 껩 껪 껬 껮 껯 껰 껱 껲 껳 껵 껶 껷 껹 껺 껻 껽 껾 껿 꼀 꼁 꼂 꼃 꼄 꼅 꼆 꼉 꼊 꼋 꼌 꼎 꼏 꼑 꼒 꼓 꼔 꼕 꼖 꼗 꼘 꼙 꼚 꼛 꼜 꼝 꼞 꼟 꼠 꼡 꼢 꼣 꼤 꼥 꼦 꼧 꼨 꼩 꼪 꼫 꼮 꼯 꼱 꼳 꼵 꼶 꼷 꼸 꼹 꼺 꼻 꼾 꽀 꽄 꽅 꽆 꽇 꽊 꽋 꽌 꽍 꽎 꽏 꽑 꽒 꽓 꽔 꽕 꽖 꽗 꽘 꽙 꽚 꽛 꽞 꽟 꽠 꽡 꽢 꽣 꽦 꽧 꽨 꽩 꽪 꽫 꽬 꽭 꽮 꽯 꽰 꽱 꽲 꽳 꽴 꽵 꽶 꽷 꽸 꽺 꽻 꽼 꽽 꽾 꽿 꾁 꾂 꾃 꾅 꾆 꾇 꾉 꾊 꾋 꾌 꾍 꾎 꾏 꾒 꾓 꾔 꾖 꾗 꾘 꾙 꾚 꾛 꾝 꾞 꾟 꾠 꾡 꾢 꾣 꾤 꾥 꾦 꾧 꾨 꾩 꾪 꾫 꾬 꾭 꾮 꾯 꾰 꾱 꾲 꾳 꾴 꾵 꾶 꾷 꾺 꾻 꾽 꾾 꾿 꿁 꿂 꿃 꿄 꿅 꿆 꿊 꿌 꿏 꿐 꿑 꿒 꿓 꿕 꿖 꿗 꿘 꿙 꿚 꿛 꿝 꿞 꿟 꿠 꿡 꿢 꿣 꿤 꿥 꿦 꿧 꿪 꿫 꿬 꿭 꿮 꿯 꿲 꿳 꿵 꿶 꿷 꿹 꿺 꿻 꿼 꿽 꿾 꿿 뀂 뀃 뀅 뀆 뀇 뀈 뀉 뀊 뀋 뀍 뀎 뀏 뀑 뀒 뀓 뀕 뀖 뀗 뀘 뀙 뀚 뀛 뀞 뀟 뀠 뀡 뀢 뀣 뀤 뀥 뀦 뀧 뀩 뀪 뀫 뀬 뀭 뀮 뀯 뀰 뀱 뀲 뀳 뀴 뀵 뀶 뀷 뀸 뀹 뀺 뀻 뀼 뀽 뀾 뀿 끀 끁 끂 끃 끆 끇 끉 끋 끍 끏 끐 끑 끒 끖 끘 끚 끛 끜 끞 끟 끠 끡 끢 끣 끤 끥 끦 끧 끨 끩 끪 끫 끬 끭 끮 끯 끰 끱 끲 끳 끴 끵 끶 끷넀 넁 넂 넃 넄 넅 넆 넇 넊 넍 넎 넏 넑 넔 넕 넖 넗 넚 넞 넟 넠 넡 넢 넦 넧 넩 넪 넫 넭 넮 넯 넰 넱 넲 넳 넶 넺 넻 넼 넽 넾 넿 녂 녃 녅 녆 녇 녉 녊 녋 녌 녍 녎 녏 녒 녓 녖 녗 녙 녚 녛 녝 녞 녟 녡 녢 녣 녤 녥 녦 녧 녨 녩 녪 녫 녬 녭 녮 녯 녰 녱 녲 녳 녴 녵 녶 녷 녺 녻 녽 녾 녿 놁 놃 놄 놅 놆 놇 놊 놌 놎 놏 놐 놑 놕 놖 놗 놙 놚 놛 놝 놞 놟 놠 놡 놢 놣 놤 놥 놦 놧 놩 놪 놫 놬 놭 놮 놯 놰 놱 놲 놳 놴 놵 놶 놷 놸 놹 놺 놻 놼 놽 놾 놿 뇀 뇁 뇂 뇃 뇄 뇅 뇆 뇇 뇈 뇉 뇊 뇋 뇍 뇎 뇏 뇑 뇒 뇓 뇕 뇖 뇗 뇘 뇙 뇚 뇛 뇞 뇠 뇡 뇢 뇣 뇤 뇥 뇦 뇧 뇪 뇫 뇭 뇮 뇯 뇱 뇲 뇳 뇴 뇵 뇶 뇷 뇸 뇺 뇼 뇾 뇿 눀 눁 눂 눃 눆 눇 눉 눊 눍 눎 눏 눐 눑 눒 눓 눖 눘 눚 눛 눜 눝 눞 눟 눡 눢 눣 눤 눥 눦 눧 눨 눩 눪 눫 눬 눭 눮 눯 눰 눱 눲 눳 눵 눶 눷눸 눹 눺 눻 눽 눾 눿 

뉀 뉁 뉂 뉃 뉄 뉅 뉆 뉇 뉈 뉉 뉊 뉋 뉌 뉍 뉎 뉏 뉐 뉑 뉒 뉓 뉔 뉕 뉖 뉗 뉙 뉚 뉛 뉝 뉞 뉟 뉡 뉢 뉣 뉤 뉥 뉦 뉧 뉪 뉫 뉬 뉭 뉮 뉯 

륣 륤 륥 륦 륧 륪 륬 륮 먂 먃 먄 먅 먆 먇 먉 먊 먋 먌 먍 먎 먏 먐 먑 먒 먓 먔 먖 먗 먘 먙 먚 먛 먜 먝 먞 먟 먠 먡 먢 먣 먤 먥 먦 먧 먨 먩 먪 먫 먬 먭 먮 먯 먰 먱 먲 먳 먴 먵 먶 먷 먺 먻 먽 먾 먿 멁 멃 멄 멅 멆 멇 멊 멌 멏 멐 멑 멒멖 멗 멙 멚 멛 멝 멞 멟 멠 멡 멢 멣 멦 멪 멫 멬 멭 멮 멯 멲 멳 멵 멶 멷 멹 멺 멻 멼 멽 멾 멿 몀 몁 몂 몆 몈 몉 몊 몋 몍 몎 몏 몐 몑 몒 몓 몔 몕 몖 몗 몘 몙 몚 몛 몜 몝 몞 몟 몠 몡 몢 몣 몤 몥 몦 몧 몪 몭 몮 몯 몱 몳 몴 몵 몶 몷 몺 몼 몾 몿 

some missing character
ヷ ヸ ヹ ヺ 棵瞌裍咗咁嘅搵啱乸嘈噃嗌詏畀屄閪㞓哋抦噃𨳍杘唓嘈埞啲掂𨳒瞓曱㗎撳𥄫噉𨳊㞗嚿嗰喺卌嘢𢫏佢嘞嚟冧𨶙𡳞哩叻靚拎攞乜冇屙嘥𧨾喎嗻𨋢侷堏臢廄鬽瘳橕笩仓庩佴鬖躭鵢鵹众侳惢橤繠乬臩燛厽叅燚檚焱朤彞晿碞掱

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Looking to pick up a license and sent an e-mail request : ) Below are some missing characters too.

Hex     Char

78F1     磱

5BBD     宽

9C8D     鲍    

900A     逊

552C     唬

6323     挣

5395     厕

62E6     拦

6E83     溃

5431     吱

8231    舱

9600     阀

778C     瞌

5792     垒

51EF     凯

62FD     拽    

65F7     旷

6868     桨

9E35     鸵

94BE     钾

5550     啐

9521     锡

5FCF     忏

4E61    乡

Some missing chars