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I've found these missing from traditional chinese:



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We seem to be missing: 你嗎您丟你晚爸幫你


(updated 6/6/19 with a few more)

Thanks Leaf! That's awsome :D

Hey folks!

I'm not at GDC, I'm 10,000 miles away in sunny Taipei, working on bugs and feedback for Jack Move, my cyberpunk JRPG! I released the demo for Jack Move just over a week ago now and I've had so much great feedback from the itch community, it's been fantastic!

Jack Move is a cyberpunk themed Japanese style RPG. Jack Move is set in a “VHS-era” cyberpunk city filled with high-tech and low-life. Grab the demo here:

I'm not making the trip due to time and money, plus I just moved to Taiwan and only just got my residents card, which means I'm only allowed one trip out of the country in the next six months and I've had my sights on Bit Summit for years, so I'm hype to finally be able to attend in June!

Whilst I may not be at GDC, there is a cool Asian showcase put together by some friends, showing off loads of cool games from Malaysia, South Korea, Taiwan, Japan, Indonesia, China, and the Philippines! You can check out more details here:

Hey folks!

I'm excited to announce that the demo for Jack Move demo is now available!  🆒

A little about the game...

Jack Move is a cyberpunk themed Japanese style RPG. Jack Move is set in a “VHS-era” cyberpunk city filled with high-tech and low-life. Inspired by the novels of William Gibson, 80’s computer interfaces and films such as Strange Days, Akira & Bladerunner. The game features beautiful modern pixel art, a unique turn based battle system and an 8 to 10 hour campaign. Players take on the role of Noa, a vigilante hacker who is thrust into a world of murder, kidnapping and dark research after her father goes missing.

The demo shows off a nice slice of the game, covering most of the major features. It starts with a brief introduction cutscene and then lets you loose in a small dungeon. There is about 15-30 minutes of gameplay depending on how you play it!

🐞 If you hit a bug or issue it would be great if you could submit it here 📸 Any screenshots or video would be super helpful to help debug and fix stuff 👍

📽 Please feel free to stream and post about the game!

💬 If you'd like to chat about the game and give me direct feedback then I'd love it if you came and joined the So Romantic Discord Server 👍

🎉 THANKS and hope you enjoy it! I can't wait to hear what you all think! 🎉