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A friendly mention is, if you're really using FireFox or Chrome, they have break many things between releases, it sounds stupid but as a web/ethernet system maintainer I have done countless changes sine the first version pharma consult of my company (and the company I working on is a pharmaceutical company, for personally my income 7500.USD/per month, I assume my 20% of day work are dealing that over and over, not easy money).

For me the best part of open source things are the re-usability of the code and idea, if someone think it's dead, let it go. The're many ppl here and there, and some are helpful, some are miserable, it really depends on how you understand, so...... have fun.

Well.... Superpowers is considered "completed" project and is kinda usable, however the HTML5/Browser environment is ever-changing what works today may generate error tomorrow.....

The real benefit is that it's fully open sourced, so anyone can pick and fork it to fix up a working version if you wish. If Superpowers has a chance to go Steam, will drastically make it alive again, but it really depends on the devs. Currently, they're just too busy to to this.

On my Win7 SP1 x64, didn't encounter the problem yet, I set my firewall exception for the exe though.

2. Basically no one cares, for example, many game maker tool forked from Cocos2D-x, but if I have to do this I may choose a Lua basedone

4.It's really fun to see an old rig stil up and running, I have a atom N2760 which can run Chrome and most superpowers 2D and 3D games. I also have an old desktop with P4 and GF5200 which runs many games well.

Maybe create an issue in GitHub, a simple example will be better.

Did you set your camera?

Since ther're VR for HTML5 under development, and Superpowers are plugin based, if there're someone willing to make a VR plugin, it might happen.

Am I the only one make 2D pixel games with Superpowers??

The current Win32 version of NW.js or Electron is already over 100MB when expanded(or near 50MB compressed).

So I want to find a smaller runtime for personal use, as I didn't compile NW.js myself yet.

Tried many node-webkit runtimes from many existing HTML5 games, the NW runtime from RPG Maker MV(which is publically available) works better, adopted some customization and made sure it works with Superpowers, this is the binary:


The runtime is 25MB zipped, somehow acceptable size, however it seems to be a relatively old version of Chrome inside.

Personally I don't encourage you to use "Unknown Binaries", but this one was personally tested by me and VirusTotal, if you have time you can get Node-Webkit(now NW.js) or Electron and package yourself.

BTW, there may be some compatibility problem that I didn't found during test.

The next step is to build a compact one myself once I figured out how to build NW.js properly.

Godot is Open Sourced, Aseprite is Open Sourced, and some more....

This engine is a gem of making HTML5 games, since I just saw Godot go Steam recently, submit to steam should receive more attention and support.

Just 2 cents, as Superpowers are more user friendly than many available engines on Steam already.