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Orientation not properly setting; local rotations are global

A topic by MsDoe created Mar 21, 2016 Views: 310 Replies: 4
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Hello! Sorry to come back here with another question, but I have an issue.

I'm using the function actor.setOrientation(Sup.Math.Quaternion); in my constructor to set an origin angle for my actor, from which I was hoping I could locally rotate the actor (the actor is a spinning wheel). Later in the code, I call actor.rotateLocal(offset Sup.Math.Quaternion), but it does not rotate locally. Instead, it rotates globally.

I know that the orientation is working properly because the wheel does in fact rotate to where it is supposed to be; however, rotations are still global and not in reference to this orientation angle. Am I missing something?

Hopeful bump on this! Haven't had any luck at all.

One last hopeful bump on this! Nothing is working as far as local, well, anything goes. Haven't found anything that would make it work, either.

I've not tried it but you could try the Euler angles option to see if it works there. or maybe setorientationlocal rather than rotatelocal?

Maybe create an issue in GitHub, a simple example will be better.