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Fixed the blank screen issue you encountered and uploaded a new build - it was a bug I introduced accidentally when I added auto checkpoint loading in the last update. Your name is now in the credits! Take care  - b 

Thanks so much for checking out my game. This is an early development build but I will definitely address those bugs you found for the next update and add your name to the credits too. Cheers - b 

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Did you drag the bed out of the way first? To drag the bed press Interact when up against it.  That way you should be able to push the wardrobe to the left or right of the room. You cannot drag the wardrobe only push it; by walking up against one side of it the main character will automatically begin to push. Let me know how you get on? If it's a bug we'll fix it - b

Thanks for the let's play! Look forward to seeing more too. Planning to make a full 4 hr + game if I can bring the game to full production : )

Thanks for the feedback. Yes, the lightning can kill unless you avoid it and you can still get struck by it when interacting with items etc until you  figure out a way to get rid of it. I will consider changing this though - this is an early demo so I will be improving the gameplay as much as possible if we move to full production. 

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Wow! Thank you for playing and the great feedback. I will add a clause to disallow saves whilst being eaten by a squirrel, allow the green cushion to be used as a barricade, and slow down the medication timer. I'm always looking to  simplify the controls - so any suggestions are more than welcome : )

This is an early build - but the final product will have lot's more polish and refinements. 

Ps I'll throw your name in the credits for the next update too : )

Happy gaming - b