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Awesome game! I can play it all the day!

Do you have a plan to develop an Android Mind Cards?

Thank you.

I'll keep developing it and add more interesting features.

The number is the total of the levels of monsters in adjacent tiles.

This version is created during the Game Jam and may not be updated.

I suggest that you play MonSweeper which keeps developing and has more features.

The player will get +10 HP and +5 MAX HP after level up now.

Thanks for your bug report.
I'll fix it as soon as possible.

I am sorry that you have bad game experience.
This game is created to join Game Jam.
I have no much free time, so most contents of it are just finished in hurry.
Therefore, I do not have time to improve the game performance.
I'll keep update the game and implement much interesting ideas.

Thank you.
I have a plan to develop a new version of MonSweeper for Android now, and I'll improve them.