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So, after much searching, it turns out the culprit was having Xbox configuration support "on" in Steam settings. If one turns it off, all works fine. :-)

Thanks for your swift answer. Got the invaders game too. :-)

I tried with an Xbox One controller, and several different 8bitdo controllers, to no avail.

First I thought I might have connected the controller after loading up the game, so exited, connected, reloaded the game but can only use the keyboard. It's perfectly playable that way, but perhaps not as comfortable as with the controller.

Got this through Steam, and it's great, but how does one get it to work with a controller instead of keyboard? Tried everything...

Another missing one: 츕  

These are missing in Simplified Chinese:

钮 摇 萤 务 呕 妈 馋 觉 傻 肠 积 攒

And this one I'm not sure about:


That's a list of the supported unicode blocks = unusable with Unity, hence my question, which still remains unanswered. 

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Is there a text document somewhere containing all existing and supported characters to date?

Unity's Text Mesh Pro imports such a file to generate the font atlas containing the supported characters.

Incredibly good and clever game!

Thoroughly enjoyed this. The upgrades keep me coming back for more. Excellent game.

Same here. To be able to be used in anything other than hobby-projects, fonts should to be able to support French, German, Spanish and Italian accents.

Many thanks for sharing. Well worth the effort, it is definitely more user-friendly than the default Unity folder structure. Best wishes for your game.

Awesome game! Great fun.
Also, how did you get a Unity project into an exe file? 

Totally, which is why 120 levels are planned in the full game. Time simply ran out in the gamejam to make more.

Lovely game! Very creative and fun.

Many thanks. The controls are still very rough, and worse than that, the roll/dash causes the game to crash in some instances.
But not enough time before the deadline. :-)

Great game, and it totally fits the darkness theme.  The ghosts are also a nice addition, otherwise the game would go on forever. Can last around 3 minutes in normal mode. :-)

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Many thanks Red Reign. The graveyard track is pure genius.  It has been playing in looped mode all day. And it's probably the best reason to try out the game. :-)
Thanks for your amazing work under such tight deadlines.

If the game leaves the prototype stage there will be lots more work. ;-)

  • Adjust the values of sliders with the keyboard

I also keep clicking on the numeric amount on the slider, hoping to numerically input a value. The sliders a great for quick prototyping and experimenting, but keyboard value input would be valuable.

  • Control the frame rate

Great if this comes back soon. I manually delete 9/10 frames later on  (in Photoshop) before cropping  & resizing and manually creating the final tileset (also in Photoshop), which brings me to the next point.

  • Tile size & tilemap size and layout feature request

Besides FPS, my most important feature request for me is still the possibility define tile size and tilemap size (and number of rows vs. columns).

As a starting point I modified one of the example scenes. That might be the reason then, since they must have been generated with earlier versions.

When saving and reloading, it is important that the following settings are remembered (which is not the case in the latest version):
- emitter position (otherwise it is not possible to re-render at the same position, so it won't fit in the game anymore)
- the last used palette and dithering settings
- excluded colours

Actually found a provisional workaround for this. Export to GIF instead of PNG tilemap. Then crop the GIF in the tool of your choice, to fox ex. 16 x 16, then manually copy each GIF frame to a new PNG tilemap (for ex. 64 x 64).  Of course, depending on the animation length this can be nuts, but for small bursts and short animations it is laborious but it works fine.

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Then please consider this a request, as I will not be using this tool until it is implemented (even though I just paid for it).

How do I have some control over the tile size of the exported tilesheet (like 16x16, 32 x 32 etc) ?

Playing around with the scale option changes the exported size, but I still cannot find the info for the exported tile size.

I need to know the tilesize before exporting for it to fit with my other animations (for ex. 4 rows X 4 columns with tilesizes of 32 x 32 = tilemap of 128 x 128).

"Click on a color slot and click in the image to select what color you want to add."

Has this function been removed in v1.55? Impossible getting it to work.

Super fun. Impossible even to get the first star, must have tried like 112 times,  but still has that "one more go" addictive feel to it.

Super addictive game, this will drive you nuts! Excellent gameplay.

Had to give up though at level 8 after trying like 150 times.