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Very very impressive game!

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This took me a second so I wanted to share here in case anyone else had trouble. Even after setting up this font you'll probably see a lot of boxes when using non-Ascii characters, and that's because TextMesh Pro generates a subset of the text so that it doesn't take up a ton of memory. You can generate other text assets with the remaining characters (or cram them all into one asset if your subset is small enough).

If you're using I2 (which I highly recommend if you're trying to localize a Unity game!) it has a tool to copy+paste all of the characters currently being used, which you can use to generate TextMesh Pro assets that have all the characters you need.

Question for people that have played the game (especially if you found it from the horror tag): Should I change that tag to something else? We were definitely aiming for a creepy game but I don't know if it's fair to call it a horror game. I'd love to hear your thoughts!

Hey, thanks for the feedback and sorry the slime boss is giving you trouble! There are a few playthroughs on YouTube that might give you some tricks to use, there's some stuff in the game that isn't tutorialized well yet.

As for the difficulty itself, we're definitely planning on making this first area a little easier and moving the difficulty into later areas and higher difficulty levels (like ascensions in Slay the Spire and Monster Train) - we just kept it a bit harder while we work on more content so that there was some room for replayability and trying out the different orbs and relics.

Thanks for playing and I hope you'll give the demo another try when it gets closer to 1.0!

ooh, interesting thanks, I didn't think that was included in the current build, I'll have to push a fix soon. Thanks for the report!

Hey there, did you just see the picture of Peglin looking towards the Castle afterwards? Because that's the end of the current content (right after you can select the multiball relic). We're working on more at the moment though!

Thanks for the suggestion. We're not planning on doing that by default for a couple different reasons but we might add that in as a relic that you can get :)

Thanks, tried it out myself and it also doesn't work for me in the app. We'll see about uploading downloadable versions as well but for now I would recommend trying a web browser like Firefox or Chrome!

The itch desktop app? Or are you using something like Firefox or Google Chrome to try and play?

To be completely honest I wouldn't spend too much time trying to play our game because it was from a jam and only takes like 2 mins to "beat", but we can take a swing at it if you'd like :p

What browser/OS are you using?

Thanks we really appreciate it! Still a ways to go but we're working away at it! :)

This post uhh, did not age well. We're unfortunately delaying the Early Access launch until 2021. We will be doing some playtests on Steam and on itch as we continue to work on our new content though!

More details:

We've made the demo available until launch if you're interested in trying it :)

Thanks! We were actually continuing to work on it for a while, and might revisit it after our current project :)

There isn't much to it, but if you're curious where we were at you can check it out here

(password is just password)

The game that we're actively working on though is called Peglin, and it'll be coming out on Nov. 20th!

Hey there, thanks for the interest :) We're still working away on the game and Peglin will be available on and Steam Early Access on Nov. 20th!

I'm curious if anyone has run into this before? I posted a devlog, saw it in Most Recent, but when I poked back later I could see the posts that it was between but my post had disappeared. The post itself is still up, and I don't see any issues with it, but I would love to know why it would be removed from search results so we can avoid it in the future:

My two hunches are:
The external link out to Medium - I could see why those would be caught by a filter, to avoid people just posting a devlog which is just their external link. In our case it's just a link to some details about what is coming up next.

 We marked the post as a Major Update  - This update roughly tripled the size of our current game, which I consider major, but I would love some clarification on whether or not this is only supposed to be used for things like "Game is out on Steam". FWIW this is our 5th Devlog and the only one we've marked major.

This is adorable! Really looks like it finds a good balance between tactics gameplay and something a little more approachable, like classic board games.

Peglin - A Pachinko Roguelike (Currently free on itch!)

It's funny, WebGL is my default because I like making my jam games easy to play, so I didn't know how bad it was until we started building the standalones!

Hey everyone :) 

We'd love to have you join the studio discord if you're interested in chatting and/or learning more about the game. Also if you have any questions or feedback, or run into any terrible bugs, that's the fastest way to reach us!

(Of course we'll be watching the topics here as well, so if you don't want to use Discord that's okay too)

This looks awesome! What a cool idea.

Thanks! We've been having a lot of fun making it, and more on the way :)

(love your asset pack btw, can't wait to use them in my next jam!)

Hi everyone!

We've been using to share builds with our playtesters for a while now and we figured why not open it up and let everyone in on the fun. 

Peglin is a unique turn-based Roguelike where you defeat your enemies with the power of Pachinko. It's... easier just to show you: 

We will be having a more traditional Early Access launch later in 2020, and are aiming for a full release in early 2021. In the meantime, you can check the game out with WebGL or a Windows Standalone right here on

Oh and it's minor but we changed the name of the whole game

Ah it looks like it is summarized on the jam page now as well, but I hope that helps :) 

Yeah we should link to those on the itch page somewhere, in the meantime this is from the discord

"Here are the official rules for prize eligibility and selection criteria for the jam this weekend:

Award Eligibility
Must be 13 or over.
Must be submitted by the due date and hour (11:59 PM PST April 22nd)
Must be completed to the point of running as a prototype.
Must represent original work ( plagiarism and/or forgery will be disqualified) All assets used in the project must belong to the creators or be used under an appropriate license.

Award Selection Criteria
Entries will be reviewed by a review jury of not more than a dozen members on a simple point system. Games must address one of the themes/diversifiers
A winner and any runners up will be announced MAY 1st

Awards will consist of the following Prize Package
Hand made original signed earth photography, promotion of game and studio/individual, opportunity to be featured at IndieCade Events (US/EU), and a Carbon Offset donation in your studio/individuals name."

The jam doesn't have a short & simple theme, but is focused on Climate Change and Earth Day.

We will have a keynote when the jam starts, and will have researchers available to chat in the IndieCade Discord which should help to narrow down a more specific theme for your game :)

Hey Spoonizee, this jam will happily accept games that were also submitted to Ludum Dare as long as they are related to Climate Change and fit in with our Earth Day theme. It also runs until Wednesday the 22nd so you've got time to expand upon your LD submission or start something new :) 

I couldn't stay away from the goblins... This one's got a bit more polish to it :)

I don't have any credits in this one yet but I'll try to figure out the best way to get them in a Kongregate game (comment/description/in-game). Feel free to shoot me a message if you'd prefer to be credited by name vs page.

Thanks again!

This is really excellent work :) The way you blended traditional tower defense elements like gathering gold to upgrade your towers, without taking away the core poker mechanic is fantastic.

Thanks for the work you put in, the game is a lot of fun!

Awesome, I can't wait to check out the changes!!

It's a beautiful asset pack! I've only used it in a small game so far ( but I will definitely be using it more in the future :) 

Sorry to necro this if this pack is no longer being worked on, but I just wanted to add my support for door opening + closing animations. The big doors look awesome and I'd love to have a big boss stomp his way out of them!

Hi! I recently used your assets in a small game, and credited you in the game's description (there's no credits in the game itself due to time constraints).

Thank you for releasing such adorable assets! :)

I definitely respect some hustle, but you're necro-ing a lot of very old posts there my friend. Might be better just to make one new topic on the front page in the future, or reach out to active Indie YouTubers/Streamers directly and more personally.

I've been wondering this myself! Hopefully someone will provide an answer :) 

Ah, yeah they're compressed already. Probably wouldn't get much additional space savings, if any.

Are .unitypackage's actually compressed though? Maybe you can get additional space savings by zipping that package?

It took me a while to find this myself, but you can enable screenshots for browser  games too.

Ah, I didn't realize how old the thread was until the discussion about it in the newest replies. Apologies!