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Beautiful game with a really neat mechanic. Great job!!

Oops! Definitely forgot to normalize my movement. And I'm so glad someone noticed the cable spool :)

Very cute game. Well put together and I got a couple of good laughs about it. I know it's a jam and time is tight, but changing the colour or italicizing the action text in the dialog box ("Sigh". "rubs temples", etc.) would make it easier to parse.

Marvin loves you!

Thank you for the feedback! We'll definitely look at submitting one of our games :)

Very cool game :) . Unfortunately I got myself stuck the first time as the ghost was able to push the boy through the corner gaps at the bottom of the first screen, but that could mean really cool things for speedrunning. I would love to see more and see what other puzzles you could make!

Looks awesome!  Any tips or articles on how you got the emission from the lines like that?

This asset has proven to be fantastic for that, if you're working in Unity:

The newest version (added Feb. 8th) has been updated and tested to work with Oculus Rift (and touch controllers)!