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Poppy Works

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Please let Playdate themselves know!!

This is a remake of the 2012 game!



Can you give us the actual character IDs you're using? Polish uses some scattered characters across more than 1 block, so please paste the actual characters in question


Fun game! I was able to enjoy the HTML5 version too :) 


us too 👀


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Thank you for your comment! Sorry about the slight issue. I will ask QA about this tomorrow morning.

EDIT: we were able to replicate the issue and have informed the developer. Will update again when we have this fixed.
EDIT 2: QA checked it, and a patch has been issued. Thanks for playing~!

Thank you!

Your game looks really cute. We will issue an update to our devlog when Thai becomes available.

Are you using Silver for any other of your languages? Thanks :)

Pressing F1 has no effect. If I change the hotkey, nothing happens either.

This would be a great feature to have since the output HTML has a default CSS document linked in it. It would be nice to be able to alter that either in preferences or in the document itself somewhere :)

  • No
  • Yes
  • In a folder in my downloads folder.
    • Yes
  • Yes! Upon saving an empty document
  • New, Save, Bug
  • Win10


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Thank you! This will be added in the next update, so please make sure you follow our devlogs~!

Thank you very much. We will add this in the next update.

Thank you very much! We will check this and issue an update. It will be a lot of work, so I thank you ahead of time for your patience. I do this in my spare time. 


we are all hard at work~!

Thank you! These will be included in the next update

Thank you! This will be included in the next update

Thank you! These will be included in the next update

Thank you for your report!

Please give us the hex codes in text :)

Your character has several skeletons, just like in Mortal Kombat.


alt+enter duder


hi again

we're working on it

things are looking good :)

We've updated the pricing scheme which may fix this issue. Please let us know!

Sorry to hear this. I will ping the support thread with itch again.

About Poppy Works

Poppy Works was founded by two friends in 2012 after they met in college. Since then, they have worked on R&D, porting and co-development for previously established development studios and indie partners all over the world. We've fought a lot of technical fires for a lot of studios, and we're looking to build the future with you. Poppy Works has published several titles digitally and in retail boxes for console systems in the Americas, Europe and Asian territories. We've been working remotely since our founding, so relocation will not be required.

About Project "WindowsCE"

"WindowsCE" is a codename for a new project developed by Poppy Works and its partners. This is an all-new fast-paced action game set in an existing classic game IP. Poppy Works is taking the IP in a brand-new direction; pushing the look of the classic art while taking inspiration the original technical limitations. Our team and publisher have experience and educated knowledge of the genre we are working in.

Everyone on our team is interdisciplinary. Showing a diversity of skillset and execution will be a good indicator of a strong candidate. "WindowsCE" is being developed with Gamemaker Studio 2. Applicants will need strong English-language skills.

About Project "Nights"

"Nights" is the codename for a traditional games project being developed by Poppy Works. The project is centered around creating new content for 5E-compatible tabletop rule systems. Our team is made up of 3D sculptors and 2D artists. The project is already underway and you will be joining a team in progress.

The Agreements

All of our applicants and our team members generally agree to the following principals:

  • Poppy Works has been a remote studio since its founding. Timely Communication amongst the team is critical to the success of any of our projects. It's better to over-share than to not share at all.
  • Balancing work and life is not only important for the health of our team members, but for the health of our projects.
  • Members of our team will have respect for all races, spiritual beliefs, sexual identities and level of ability.

All candidates must be able to adapt to remote working, asynchronous communication and be willing to attend remote meetings with their peers and colleagues to resolve issues and to collaborate on meaningful tasks.


HMM?? I don't know how we can fix this. I'll raise a ticket with itch. Thank you for the report!