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Hello everyone! Please check the latest update~!

Please use this guide to select all of the supported characters you wish to use.

Thank you! We will try to add these to our big CJK update!

There are so many characters...


Please refer to this document

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Try making the size of the font in your font object 18!

Going off of this post to get a crispy render, check the short video of our settings:

Ahh! Ok, yes, I'll do this! :D 

Do you know the Unicode ID for the Glyph for the Period and the Comma that you are using?

The ones you have in your screenshot are:

  • U+002C ( , )
  • U+3002  ( 。)

These two Glyphs cannot change. Please share the IDs of the ones you wish to use~!

Thank you

Please let us know if you have any questions!

This is the block that's used for bindings: //

We've collected and combined all of the known missing CJK Gyphs:


UTF-16 code points:

4E13 4E1B 4E1C 4E1D 4E1F 4E24 4E3A 4E48 4E49 4E4C 4E50 4E70 4EA7 4EC5 4EEA 4EEC 4EFD 4EFF 4F18 4F19 4F20 4F24 4F60 4F6C 4FCF 503C 5173 5174 517D 519B 51BB 51CF 51F3 51FB 5219 521B 522B 52A8 52CB 5355 535F 5361 538B 53B2 53D1 53D8 53E0 53E6 5413 5417 5421 542F 5443 5458 5462 5496 54A6 54AA 54CE 54EA 554A 555F 5582 5594 55B7 55BB 55E8 563F 5641 5657 56C9 56E2 56F4 56FE 5706 5723 573A 5757 57AE 57DA 5899 58F3 58F6 5904 5907 590D 591F 5920 5934 5956 59B3 5B62 5BF9 5BFC 5C18 5C1D 5E01 5E15 5E26 5E27 5E2E 5F00 5F02 5F20 5F39 6000 603B 6076 60CA 6123 6124 61C2 620F 6218 6254 6269 626D 6270 62A2 62A4 62E5 62E9 6321 6325 6346 635F 6361 6362 63B7 64AC 64BF 64CB 654C 65F6 663E 6682 6735 6740 6781 67AA 6807 6837 6A94 6BD5 6CF5 6CFD 6D46 6D4B 6DA9 6E10 6E14 6EDA 6EE1 7075 70E4 70E7 70ED 7231 730E 73AF 73B0 7522 7535 76D4 76D8 773E 7784 77EC 780D 7838 78B0 79BB 79CD 7ADE 7B3C 7B7E 7B80 7C72 7C7B 7CD5 7D27 7D55 7EA0 7EA2 7EA7 7EBF 7EC3 7EC6 7EC8 7ECF 7ED3 7ED9 7EDD 7EE7 7EED 7EF3 7EF5 7EF7 7EFF 7F13 7F16 7F20 7F29 80BF 80C1 80DC 80F6 810F 8173 819B 81C3 82CF 8346 8363 836F 83B7 83C7 841D 8428 84DD 85D3 8611 8680 86CA 8717 877E 8788 89C1 89C6 8A15 8BA1 8BA9 8BAD 8BB0 8BBE 8BC6 8BC9 8BCA 8BD5 8BE5 8BED 8BF1 8BF4 8BF7 8C0B 8C22 8C93 8D17 8D28 8D2D 8D39 8D5B 8D5D 8D76 8DC3 8E66 8F6C 8F6E 8F74 8F7B 8F7D 8F83 8F85 8F91 8F93 8FB9 8FBE 8FC7 8FD0 8FD8 8FD9 8FDB 8FDC 8FDE 9009 9057 9109 91CA 9274 93DF 93E2 93FD 942E 9472 9488 9489 94A5 94B1 94BB 94C1 94C3 94C6 94D0 94F2 94F3 94FE 9501 9505 9508 950B 9519 9524 952E 9550 9556 955C 9563 956D 9570 957F 95E8 95EA 95ED 95F4 9631 9648 9669 9690 96BE 96DE 96FE 9879 987B 9886 9897 989D 98CE 98DE 9935 9975 997C 9A6C 9AB7 9AC5 9AD2 9C7C 9E1F 9E21 9E25 9E26 9E2D 9E45 9E49 9E66

Thank you for the report! I will add them to the list~!

Hello! Thank you for your report about missing glyphs~! I will add them to the list

The comma and the period you are using there are compatible with Japanese language texts. is there a separate glyph that is used in Chinese?

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After some feedback from the Unicode community in this thread; we will be adding the Navajo Ogonek into the Private Use area. If you are a user or speaker of this language, please consider voicing your opinion below!

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Navajo speakers; we plan on adding a centered version of the Combining Ogonek [U+0328] character to Silver (example of existing Ogonek  below);


into the mostly empty Combining Diacritical Marks Extended block [1AB0—1AFF].  This is seemingly an issue with the current Ogonek character overlapping between Polish/Lithuanian and Navajo, with the current Combining Ogonek [U+0328] character being set off to the far right side of the character rather than the center, which is standard in Navajo. 

A safe candidate would be ᫿ [U+1AFF], as it is at the end of the Combining Diacritical Marks Extended block [1AB0—1AFF], and runs little risk of being over-written by any near-future update to the Unicode stardard.

Would this be desirable or too out of the normal Unicode range of what you are able to type?

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Hello! This is a note to ourselves about which glyphs are missing, we'll add the following glyphs very soon.

Korean :

If the game does VERY well, we might be able to do that ;) 

Here are all of the currently supported Unicode Blocks:

  • Basic Latin 
  • Latin-1 Supplement 
  • Latin Extended-A (partial)
  • Spacing Modifier Letters (partial)
  • Combining Diacritical Marks (partial)
  • Greek and Coptic (rework scheduled)
  • Cyrillic (basic)
  • Runic 
  • Cherokee
  • General Punctuation (partial)
  • Superscripts and Subscripts (partial)
  • Letterlike Symbols (partial)
  • Number Forms (partial)
  • Arrows (partial)
  • Mathematical Operators (partial)
  • Miscellaneous Technical (partial)
  • Enclosed Alphanumerics (partial)
    • This block is severely altered. Keyboard, Mouse and Gamepad icons are located here.
  • Box Drawing (partial)
  • Block Elements (partial)
  • Geometric Shapes  (partial)
  • Miscellaneous Symbols (partial)
    • Chess Sets, dice, etc
  • Dingbats (partial)
  • CJK Symbols and Punctuation (partial)
  • Hiragana (partial)
  • Katakana (partial)
  • Hangul Compatibility Jamo 
  • Enclosed CJK Letters and Months (partial)
  • CJK Compatibility (partial)
  • CJK Unified Ideographs (partial)
  • Hangul Syllables (partial)
  • CJK Compatibility Ideographs  (partial)
  • Halfwidth and Fullwidth Forms  (partial)
  • Linear B Syllabary 
  • Linear B Ideograms 
  • Playing Cards (extended)
    • Complete Playing Card and Tarot set.
    • Additional Glyphs: 🂰🃀🃐
  • Miscellaneous Symbols and Pictographs (partial)

Thank you! We will add these ASAP!

Not sure what to tell you! Please try re-installing

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I'll need more information. This sounds like user error.

If you're using photoshop, and are using glyphs that are not supported by the font, you'll get a default font instead. 

Ok cool! I'll change that right now and upload it~!

Oh wow! I didn't realize all of these were missing! Thank you for your feedback. I will work to add these and will let you know when they are available~!

Thank you so much! You can download the font right now! It just went live~!

Please let me know if you have feedback on the characters :) 


same honestly

We're glad~!

Paid~ :)

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This thread is for reporting which Kanji or Chinese character you are missing for your project. Simply paste which glyph is missing, and we'll work to get it into the font as soon as possible. 

Simplified Chinese support is not at 100%, but Kanji and Traditional Chinese should be completed.

Thank you for your help!

Can you describe your issue in greater detail? Thank you! 


Is there a good way to contact you? I found your twitter but it looks like you're not on that often