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How could I ever forget you! I remember precisely who you are. Thank you for all the support I got from you over these years. So much have changed since then, but I'm still very much serious about programming. If you're that kind of person too or just wanna hang out you can join my discord server. I'm almost certain you'll remember some of the other users there!

I'm not that active on there, but I'm eager to talk if you want to! Nowadays I'm making my own programming language, maybe you'll find it interesting.

And yeah, Dexel was a really cool adventure for me as well, thank you so much for making me recall this pleasant memory! Hope to see you soon ;)

Great news! I'm glad you're making a big project, cause I enjoy your games, they are usually short, but really well polished. Cool update!

I love this game. I honestly wish you could turn it into a full long game, because it's really cool to play!

I'd love to see this game be made into a full title 😍

Amazing update for a great game! Keep it up!

Thank you very much for taking your time after the jam to play it! I really appreciate your kind words!

The game is planned to have a post jam version, but it will take some time, because it'll be remaking it in my game engine.

That's because the plan is to have a real matchmaking and database, do multiplayer would take one click to launch, without hosting/joining.


Hey, thanks a lot for your positive feedback! I'm happy that you had a good time playing the game.

If you haven't played online yet, I'll be hosting a tourney this Saturday! The winner will have a possibility to create his own card. I hope it's going to be a lot of fun.

We still have so free space, so if you'd like to participate, do let me know!

That's a really well-polished game! It's really good, I'm surprised you made it in under 2 weeks! Well done!

If I were to change anything, I'd definitely make it harder and also faster. The cutscenes look nice, but I feel like some of them could be way faster because you have to wait too much right now.
Also, more enemies would be welcome, but that's something that's obviously related to the short timespan, so that's totally fine!

Overall, a REALLY cool game!

I have such strong Hotline Miami vibes... AND I LOVE IT!
I honestly can't wait to see how this will turn out if you'll continue to work on it! Keep up the good work, that's a cool little game you've got there!

Thank you so much for your detailed description of your experiences! I'm glad most of them are positive!
Yeah, you're totally right about some stuff being clumsy. Well, if I had time to polish :P Things would look different, but overall I'm happy with the end result!

Also, I'm hosting a tourney in this game and the prize is that you can have your own card in the game! If you want to participate, do let me know!


This is a great game! I really like how it plays out. It's far from being easy, but it's not too hard either. From the graphics design perspective, everything is clear and looks good!
The teleportation feels kind of too good sometimes, by allowing you to skip some keys, but it feels satisfying at the same time, so that's ok I think.
The only thing I'd consider changing is how rotating your character works. I feel like the mouse is just better for that and if you're going with the buttons, you could make it so that strafing is on A and D, and rotating is on Q and E.
Overall, a great entry! Keep up the good work

Thank you for your feedback! Yeah, sometimes the dragging feels bulky :/
Glad you enjoyed playing it!

Thank you for noticing the fixes! And thank you for pointing them out in the first place. Without you, they'd still be in the game.

Thank you for your positive feedback! It means a lot to me. Glad you enjoyed the game!

Ugh, sorry for the bottom getting clipped:? Unfortunately, there's literally nothing I can do about it, because it's caused by itch' unresponsive window nature.

Thanks for your kind words

Thank you very much! I'm sorry you couldn't play in the browser :/

Thank for your feedback! You can skip the tutorial by pressing ESC/back button twice!

Very cool game for chilling sessions! If you could make it on mobile, it would be great!

Thank you! Yeah, it was a little challenge to make it, I'm not gonna lie, but I'm pretty satisfied with how it came out. Thanks for the kind words!

Done! Press F11 to toggle fullscreen on and off.

Thank you very much! I really worked a lot on it, so I'm glad you enjoyed it.

Hahahah, that's such a cool idea for a game :P Love it

Cool game! I really wish I could play a full version of this. Something that would last for 2 hours or so :D
Love the humour, keep it up!

What a great game! It feels well polished for a jam entry. And of course, good job in taking the 1st place! 

Thank you a lot for both playing and your feedback!


Thanks a lot for your kind words!

That's pure truth

I love the art, it's really eye pleasing. I managed to get to the end :)

The abilities look cool and I played it with my brother. It's nice for a jam game to have online multiplayer!

I feel like it needs some obstacles in it, but I really like the graphics.

I strugled to get to the end of the game, but I enjoyed the gameplay. I think there should be a way to reload your gun though. Well crafted!

Although game play isn't that complicated or well... The story. Like. The plot and the way it is being built by these small cut scenes is astonishing. I laughed. I really did.

It's a nice concept, but I feel like it should have a tutorial. I was figuring it out for like 15 minutes, but afetr that it was a pleasant experience.

That's simple, yet, requires to be always ready and steady. I scored 50 and to be honest, I'm proud right now. I like how it's 1 bit and colors change every death, it adds to the graphics which other way might be boring, but you have done a good job. Nice!

That was a very relaxing and funny one. I didn't expect something like this if I'm being honest. Well done :P

Nicely done, I'm impressed you went for the animated background, it fits well.

That's a good start, maybe you can throw in something like a time based event? :O

For a first game, this is just nuts. Really.