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Great game! The last level was insane though :P This game is going to be supported in future or not

Cool! Played it, it's a bit too short though :P


Description is accurate :P but I still enjoyed the game 

Game look great, but the code seems to have some bugs. I ABOLUTELY love the graphic details though <3

I did it, I beat the game! YES C:

As I mentioned in description, You have to bark them to death ;P

Tip: After grey wolfs eats a sheep, he won't move for some time

Oh god, of course. I remember that game :P That was a very early android version, play store was called android market back then (or something similar) Thanks for playing!

yey, You're also here! Thanks a lot

Thank You! I'm happy I helped Your team just a tiny bit c:

It's Your first try ever? This is insanely good for a first time, time limited project, well done man

Well, thanks for honesty :P I had some problems with scaling due to how LOVE engine works (or my low IQ brain) anyway, thank You for playing C:

agree with this guy, game is great, I am suprised You managed to make it in such a small ammount of time. A timer would be warmly welocme <3

Thank You!

Yey, I knew it ;P Good job on the game!

yeah, the jump mechanic feels so smooth :D

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I like the game, it's really cool... however, I'm worried about Your assets. Are You sure You made them/know someone who maid them? Your main character reminds me of game called Legends of Yore:

and the button sound sounds exactly like buttons sound from Towerfall Ascencion. If I'm wrong, sorry. But level design is cool though!

I wish I could rate it 6 for gameplay :/

Great game, I played it several times :P I LOVE the graphics

Cool game, had some great time with it. Good job!

The game is short, however, the controls feel smooth :P And I'm glad You made it!

Wow, that's a piece of a polished game right there :P

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Bark the wolf to death ;P

Edit: I updated info, it has much more detail now. Thanks!

Yey, I'm here c:

Good luck with Your game man!

I can't download it :/ Other assets work fine, this one doesn't

Thanks! I'm an indie developer, so it might take a while :P But I'll definitely post it here once I'll release it!

To be honest, I'm creating a spin off to chess right now and these assets are just what I needed. However, can I slightly modify knight? Wouldn't You mind?

Great assets! I love them!


Wow great game! What engine are You using? Also nice work!