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What a great game! It feels well polished for a jam entry. And of course, good job in taking the 1st place! 

Thank you a lot for both playing and your feedback!


Thanks a lot for your kind words!

That's pure truth

I love the art, it's really eye pleasing. I managed to get to the end :)

The abilities look cool and I played it with my brother. It's nice for a jam game to have online multiplayer!

I feel like it needs some obstacles in it, but I really like the graphics.

I strugled to get to the end of the game, but I enjoyed the gameplay. I think there should be a way to reload your gun though. Well crafted!

Although game play isn't that complicated or well... The story. Like. The plot and the way it is being built by these small cut scenes is astonishing. I laughed. I really did.

It's a nice concept, but I feel like it should have a tutorial. I was figuring it out for like 15 minutes, but afetr that it was a pleasant experience.

That's simple, yet, requires to be always ready and steady. I scored 50 and to be honest, I'm proud right now. I like how it's 1 bit and colors change every death, it adds to the graphics which other way might be boring, but you have done a good job. Nice!

That was a very relaxing and funny one. I didn't expect something like this if I'm being honest. Well done :P

Nicely done, I'm impressed you went for the animated background, it fits well.

That's a good start, maybe you can throw in something like a time based event? :O

For a first game, this is just nuts. Really.

Honestly, well done. What I really love about this entry is the description of the game :P But the game plays out nicely, good job.

It's absolutely amazing. I LOVE IT! If there's anything I would add it would be a sound when player moves a box.

Thanks for the kind words!

Hot dog dinner indeed, I'm glad someone actually played and finished it ;)

I was going to make them, but I ran out of time as I made this in a week :P

Thanks for appreciating my work!

Great to hear that!

Wow, that's a lot of work. I would aprriciate if it had some kind of in game tutorial once it will leave the jam!

Cool, little game. I like it. I think it deserves an android version! It's polished for a jam game.

You found it!!! Nice, well done.

Thanks for positive feedback, I'm glad you've enjoyed the game ;)

Thanks for your review! It's definitely one of the longest one here ;)

Happy to hear that overall your experience was positive. Now, into the bad things. Your points are very good and I do understand them. I planned to polish this game after the jam ends. Here are some things I wanted to change:

1. Barrel pattern in chapter 5

2. Duck spawning higher up in chapter 4

3. Change the hitbox of player to be much smaller

These are the things I already had in my head. However, based on your opinion I'll try to add:

1. Camera height in chapter 5 would be a little bit bigger

2. An easy mode, but that's just *maybe*

Things I CAN'T add/make:

1. Additional platforms in chapter 5, barrels would simply explode on them, making the lower stages no way to climb

2. Rotate hitboxes; this is literally impossible in the soft I used to make this game

I'd also like to mention that there is a small bosdfight, because you've failed first part of the boss. After you hit him, you both jump onto the ground and have an epic (well, maybe not that epic) fight.

I'd also like to mention that this game has a built in timer for speedruning and an easter egg!

Anyway, thanks a lot for kind words! If you have anything else you'd like to add, do not hesitate and just mention it here.

I'm so happy to hear you've enjoyed the game so far. Thank you!

Thanks for honest feedback! You're not the only one who complained about the font and it's understandable, my bad.

Glad to hear you enjoyed the game anyway!

Thanks for taking your time and playing the game! I'm happy to hear it wasn't an easy one to finish ;)


The whole game is crafting the cheese :P that's it

Thanks for playing. Yeah, I just use alt+f4 to exit things, so I kind of forget people actually use exit option. My bad :/

Oh, ok :P

Well, maybe some day!

WOOOW, that's a big project for a game jam. Definitely worth to make a full title out of this one! Also, smooth graphics, I like'em.

Thanks a lot! I'm super happy you enjoyed it ;)
Have you finished it? :P

I love the protagonist :D lol

Pretty polished, but I didn't hear any music :/ Otherwise, pretty clean!

Pure cratfing, but somehow I really enjoyed this one. I think the green ingredient is too rare though.

That was a funny game :P I liked it a lot

That was a funny game :P I liked it a lot

This game looks very complex, wow. One note though, at first I spawned with upside down camera and it wa confusing

This game looks very complex, wow. One note though, at first I spawned with upside down camera and it wa confusing

That's a crafting game. That's it! Very simple. yet cool! Nice