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Online Multiplayer Chess with superpowers
Submitted by Constipated Gorilla Studios — 52 minutes, 10 seconds before the deadline
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CriteriaRankScore*Raw Score
Authenticity (Use of resolution restriction)#1734.2144.214

Ranked from 14 ratings. Score is adjusted from raw score by the median number of ratings per game in the jam.

Did you work in a team?
I worked all alone, all the art and code is made by myself. Most of sfx are creative commons. Credits are included on the page or in the game (post jam)

Was the resolution a challenge?
The resolution was a big chalenge considering that I had to cram 32 pieces 8x8 with full on animations on the screen at the same time

What did you learn?
I learned what not to do during a game jam (net code) and how to menage discord rich presence and discord invites (feel free to test them out)

P.S. I do feedback for feedback , so if you comment and rate I'll give back

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I like chess and I also like new interpretation of this game.  However this one seems sometimes a little bit to chaotic for my taste. Maybe a instruction on your page would help. But I had fun playing it with my girlfriend!

And also it's a great achievement doing a multiplayer game in a jam. Had no chance to test the netcode, but if it works, it is really a great job!

Nice one!


This is pretty cool! 


Super cool !

I really like the fact that you took the time of implementing the discord-inviting tool!!!

Loved all the super-powers. Like all reworked-chess games, it sure needs some balancing but it is already pretty cool and enjoyable.

Quick question : does the checkmate take in account the powers effect ? It's quite hard to do IMO : I already done a reworked chess game and it was a pain. I would be amaze if that's the case !


There actually is no checkmate in the game. 

I did this on purpose for 2 reasons one is time because as you know it would eat a ton of time to implement.

The second reason is for game design. As the King's power might work in your favor I didn't want to block the player to be able to explore all the possibilities.

Anyway, I'll rate you back and leave feedback Thanks for commenting!


Just a few polishes here and there and it could be a nice game for the Google Play Store :D


That is a really creative concept! At first everything looks a bit confusing but you get the hang of it pretty quick. It still needs an extra layer of polish (debugging something like this must be absolute hell) but this has the groundwork for a great game. This can definitely be expanded a ton.


Which version did you play ? I fixed all the bugs I could find in the post jam version so if you saw some bugs in it pls let me know. Thanks!

Debugging is actually pretty easy as surprisingly my code ain't spaghetti.


Played the jam version as I wanted to rate the game as it was after the jam.


Very creative chess game ! I played against myself locally, but it was fun to discover the power of each piece. The rewind mechanic of the crown was super cool, but I think it was bugged because the piece was duplicated after the rewind. I think there was another bug with the soldier piece; if I understand its behaviour, it pushs back enemy soldier in diagonal, but at some point the soldier was pushed on a bull and the bull disappeared.

Developer (1 edit) (+1)

Yeah, there is a lot of bugs in the jam version. I don't know about the duplicating because it is impossible to happen with the code I use, the soldier bug got fixed. 

If you want to play together I'm up for vs or a 4 player one

I'm about to play your game, thanks for the feedback!


Hi, this looks great but I have one question: is the Post-Jam Mac version identical in every way to the In-Jam game?


The Jam submission had some bugs that I fixed in the post jam version. I also added a info tab in the menus showing how each piece works. The game itself is identical to the jam version except one little tweak I made thanks to the feedback of a friend (Made the horse lazer hit 2 chessboard tiles instead of one). 

Even though the changes aren't affecting the game play I can entirely understand rating  my submission lower. 

Anyway, If you want to play some online games with me or anyone on the discord server feel free to join (it's pretty empty I just opened it)

Submitted (1 edit)

I'm only asking because I don't have access to a PC and would like to give it a spin. I just wanted to know if I would be playing a better version of the game. I feel like I'm well armed to play now that I know the differences.


The abilities look cool and I played it with my brother. It's nice for a jam game to have online multiplayer!


Nice twist on chess! Good SFX, animated pieces, love the lasers and horses and whatever other crazy stuff is going on there :P

game-play screenshot would be nice

Developer (2 edits) (+1)

Yea, for sure! I'm about to add that today. 

I didn't ha e time before but I just got a small time window to make screenshots and gifs. 

It'll be up soon 👌


Made me chuckle! Sounds, animations and powers are all so good and unexpected. I'm up for 4 player online game if enough people gather :D


Great! Thanks for the commenting, I really appreciate it.

I'm up too for playing with people online it's just that I can't right now... 

I'm on the lrzj discord so when I'm more available I'll play with people.

I'm also making some updates post jam and will do a info page to make it more intuitive (kinda tutorial) and adding an Android build soon

Hopefully, it'll be out by august 20 because I'm not in the mood to really do some work rn.