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Thanks for the comment, it's really appreciated! 

I personally do not have any flickering in the HTML5 version, but I tested the executables and sure they are fine! (normally)

Thanks for the kind comment! We are really proud of the state of Periapsis we were able to release! 

Thanks a lot for the kind comment! We enjoyed making the game, and seeing that some people like you enjoyed playing Periapsis is the greatest reward we can have! 

Thank you very much for playing ! We really appreciate that you enjoyed the game !

Due to the 64x64 limitation, we thought of a way to measure life points by another way than a classic life bar : actually, if you didn't notice, you can see your life points by looking at your ship; 1 engine is red: you were hit once, both engine if you were hit twice and the cockpit is red if you are at the limit of explosion.

However, I agree that it can be hard to see that if you stick to the bottom of the screen.

Thanks for reviewing the game, we really put our heart in it. Indeed the game is really hard sometimes. I only had a few peoples testing before the release. It's sad that some people can't finish the game to watch the beautiful end-cutscene made by my teammate! 

I don't know where you were blocked, but be sure to play the Mars level, it has something really special! 

Anyway, Thanks again for playing! We really appreciate that you enjoyed the game. 

Very cool game, with a very nice (and scary) transition ! I loved the voice acting and how you played with sounds ! It adds so much to the game !
I honestly really enjoyed playing.
Good work ! See you in jams !

Thanks for your comment, we're really happy to hear that! We're not professional pixel artist, the fact you liked the artwork really please us! 

Yeah, you pointed out 2 important problems in the game. The attack action needs some polishing, and the values that affec the sanity bar need to be reworked. We are actually regrouping the littles flaws in the game and we will correct them in an update when the rating period will be over. We will surely add some new features too.

Thanks again, your kind words and suggestions were really appreciated :) ! See you in jams! 

Wow, thanks a lot for your comment! It really makes us proud of our game!

I'm on my 3rd game jam personally, but I improved my C# and Unity skills during a recent internship in a company. Mahjoub has already more GJ behind him as well as kamj! Our sound designer, Sojzi, is on his first time! 

About the art, its in majority Mahjoub and me on it, but we're not professional pixel artist at all. I guess a lot of practice is always the best for art and programing :). 

I'll also review your game, and let you know how I experienced it! 

Thanks you a lot again, see you on next jams!

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Thank you a lot for your review. It's always really enjoyable to see that people are receptives to our creations.

This game was pretty funny to do, and focusing on the cute design in the bedroom as well as the nightmare design was a great exercise.

I saw your creator page, and personally loved your 1vs1 duck fighting game! I think me and some people of the team should appreciate doing some jams with you at some point. Especially for your impressive pixel art skills! Contact me back if you want to discuss =)! 

Good concept to "face your fears" ! Really liked this, really fitted the jam !
However, I understood with screenshots and other comments that you introduced mechanics in a fun way, like "face your fears", or "it's better to forget sometimes" (to introduce the fact you can't collect all coins in some levels, thing that i really liked), but in my playthrough I wasn't able to read them all (see my screenshot below). If you are using Unity, maybe it's because you are placing your rules in a Canvas, but clearly you need to change the parameters of this Canvas for it to be able to display all items perfectly like it's showed in your editor, for any type on screen. I'm on a 15'' screen by the way.

Anyway, really liked the concept, and enjoyed the game, even though the wall jump can surely be improved !
Good work !


I'm on the same mood as Xanlosh after playing this game. I was wandering around for 2 minutes after collecting the orbs, wondering if there was a following. The concept can be easily enhanced : for example, the more orbs you collect, the more paintings go to life and pursue you.

Also, you could change the orbs for something with a link with art and paintings. That can be a brush, or even something more interesting : a little sheet of paper with the description/meaning of the painting it awakes (to link this idea with the last).

Anyway, it was just some suggestions in the case you are planing to continue your game.
However, good work, enjoyed the game =) ! Hoping to see you in future jams.

Yeah, we'll do this as soon as possible.