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Earth is polluted. Embody the new hero of the humanity while flying with the "Blue Hope" to terraform the Solar system.
Submitted by Raychop — 13 minutes, 8 seconds before the deadline
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Authenticity (Use of resolution restriction)#524.5264.526

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Lovely game! I included it in my LOWREZJAM compilation video series, if you’d like to take a look. :)


Uh loved this game. Excellent controls and difficulty, was able to beat it and felt very fair. The tentacle alien octopus was great, once figured the pattern it was easy but fair.  Saturn feels hard if you start it first, else it all escalates perfectly.
The music and graphics are great, really feels like a retro shmup.

Amazing job with this game!


Thanks a lot for the kind comment! We enjoyed making the game, and seeing that some people like you enjoyed playing Periapsis is the greatest reward we can have! 


Very cool shut them up, very polish, lovely art. good gameplay. Good Job.


Thanks for the kind comment! We are really proud of the state of Periapsis we were able to release! 


Very nice and well polished game!

I got some strange flickering in the html5 version, but I guess that the executables are fine.


Thanks for the comment, it's really appreciated! 

I personally do not have any flickering in the HTML5 version, but I tested the executables and sure they are fine! (normally)


Wow, this is a great game! The graphics were crisp and clean, especially loved the instructional screens with jitter and the planet level selection. I would have liked some additional weapons / upgrades a little earlier on to keep it fresh (maybe I didn't make it far enough), but otherwise a very polished entry!


The completeness of this game is really impressive. I also liked the boss designs, and the timescale when the player gets hit was a great detail. The music was excellent from beginning to end. The level selection menu is really stylish.

I would like the enemy ships and player bullets to stand out more from the background, but I am having a difficult time thinking of a good change to the palette.. usually I would avoid black and grey, but the black background feels like it comes from one of those science class planet posters right now, and that's pretty cool too.

It felt good to have a goal and see the progress rewarded in various ways through the UI, including the ending. Nice work!


This is a super cool game guys. I really liked the graphics and the gameplay is great for the time! Contratulations!


Really good game!! :)


Wow, this is close to a full game, but perfect for a game jam. A bit hard for me, I beated only jupiter and mars, saturn was too much. Well done!


Yeah, this is a really tough game! I really like the bosses, they are very well designed and the method to beat them is really clear without making it too easy. I find it's the smaller enemies that get me, though I guess I don't NEED to kill them all!

Great controls, graphics, audio. Really well polished and fun game!


Wow, really great game here! The artwork, sound, and gameplay are all top notch. I didn't expect to but I ended up playing the entire game, such great work! I really enjoyed the Mars level and the telegraphing of the enemy there... very cool.

Only thing I would say is maybe an option for autofire, I never really saw a point to not just hold down the fire button the whole time.

Really great work. awesome job!


This one was very good. Music and visual presentation are all top notch, but I couldn't help but feel the game was overly punishing at times. I found it difficult to differentiate bullets from certain effects, and the severe punishment for dying is only slightly mitigated by the quick restart.

I might come back and finish this one off later.

- Callum


Thanks for reviewing the game, we really put our heart in it. Indeed the game is really hard sometimes. I only had a few peoples testing before the release. It's sad that some people can't finish the game to watch the beautiful end-cutscene made by my teammate! 

I don't know where you were blocked, but be sure to play the Mars level, it has something really special! 

Anyway, Thanks again for playing! We really appreciate that you enjoyed the game.