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Bravo, vraiment super polish

Hi we have made some map fix


Hi, you game look very cool. Very ambicious game for a gamejam.

good job

Hi one of the best game from this jam. Very cool art, very good transformation power for the exploration.

Good job.

HI very good work. gameplay are very cool love the transformation system. You have made beautiful pixel

good work

Very cool game, you have made lot of content. Exploration is a very good point in this game. Art and music are very nice. Nice work.

Hi very cool game, cool music the start of the first exploration music reminds me the begginig music from the Thing. The gameplay work perfectely, and input feeling are very cool. I have notice some possible amelioration, first optimisation, on web browser some map have some lag, other point cristal pics, when i saw the cristals for the first time, for me they didn’t make damage, so it make it better you can add a light animation along the peaks. Otherwise, your game are very cool.

Good map generation exercice to make a metroidvania map, it’s work good for the generation. Did you have some ressource for map generation ?

Good job.

Cool game. gameplay and level design are very fun.

Good work.

good game, very nice game, light effect is just perfect. You game totaly look like a metroid game gameboy.

when the player need too jump throught plateform to asccess to a mushroom moving plateform.

Good job, i have seen some bug like fall in infinity, but the gameplay and dialogue are very cool

Good game, very difficult to make gamplay and art with this little resolution, but you did it.

HI good first gamejam game. Good basic gameplay.

Good work

I think i didn’t explain good, you have make a very good camera movement ;)

Hi, impressive drawings and modellings, you have make lot of work to make a very good camera movement. One little bug diagonal movemenent make a strange animation like he change animation every frame. (i play with gamepad) good job.

Hi thank you for you comment, after reflexion you have say a very good idea, if player die he did lose his power but he restart for the begining, i didn’t make checkpoint because i use lot of time to try to make cool level design but finally they are not lot of level.

Cool work you have all the basic thing for platformer game, try to view some tutorial to make a better physics. Cool to have a boss for the end of the game.

Beautiful game, need some music and sound effect, to improve the wahou effect create by the light. The gameplay is very cool and i love all art

Good job

Very cool game, for a first Unity game, this very good add some sound effect for the feedback. The fox is just perfect

Good work.

Nice work, the climb power is very cool and can make lot of level design possibilities. Good continuation in your unity learn you have made a cool game.

Cool game, you have made a nice light shader. I have finish in void but not very important. I think add sound effect every where in your game, it will improve a lot the game experience.

Good job.

Very good game, I am impressed by your shader first time i’m seeing this type of shader enemy integrate plateform, juste beautiful. Ray gun is too powerfull he give the possibility to kill the last bost without see him.

Very good job.

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Beautiful game, amazing art and music. Gameplay and capacity are very cool. Enemis AI work perfectly and make very interesting movement. I love this game

I like the movement but i think the problem are the camera, who move too quickly compare to the player movement .

The bug diseapear when i pass the game in fullscreen. So no problem.

You have make a very polish game. The level desin is simple but it’s work very good. Beautiful game. Good idea to make a futurist game, it change from the other game.

Cool game.

I have some feedback : player didn’t have good range so every time i’m trying kill enemy player take damage. I think you need have more gravity in the player to have better felling. Enemies AI is very cool.

Good job

Very cool narrative idea.You have a very good level design.

they are no save point, because they are not lot of level.

Beautiful art, i love your pixel art and music. When i have start the game the first time i was block on the new game menu, i thing the gamepad control are strange in the menu, fortunately the game have not this problem. Very story and cool cinematic. You have a master piece. First time i see GB Studio game, its work very good. Nice work.

Nice how did you make camera zoom in you map ? because it’s very interresting to show the greatness of room. I have seen some little bug, like mummies, can block on spike but nothing horrible. Gameplay is good. Thank you for the possibility to play with gamepad, for me this a verry important thing for this time of game.

Very cool, good idea to start without jump and to view the player evolution when you have all the ability. You have made lot of art, and the game look very polish.

Good game, lot of differents enemies, nice game. Very good music.