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Thanks. Yes I need add lot more thing. It's just a basic prototype.

Thank's, this a little update, with my team we will add lot of new thing 

très sympathique j'adore l'idée

Super propre le jeu, tu as mis un maximum d'effet c'est super sympas. Seul défaut pense au personne qui ont un clavier qwerty :)

Good work, i love this game

Very nice game

Thank you very much

Hi, I have made a Game jam

but i can see it In Upcoming game jam. I don´t understand why.

Thank you.

super sympas ton jeu. Seul petit defaut, je crois qu'il faut taper super vite sur la touche sinon on traverse change de 2 lignes.

(1 edit)

Sympas comme idée de jeu, ça marche bien. Bon travail :). Ah oui rajoute le lien vers le itchio sur la gamejam plutot qu'un google drive ;)

good work nice art

Soo good game. Very fun

Thank you very much


Thank you very much

I don't if i have a bug in the my browser, but now this bug is fix, and this game is soooooo cool, very fun, i love the blood soo ;) i love this game, very cool art, very nice gameplay.  Good work.

I'm on firefox and window, did you make an update ? because now it's work perfectly ?  I will retry it know. 

Thank you very much ;). I will work on this point. Thanks.

you use the linux version, so yes this is not my fault this the FNA lib bug, but they correct it, so i will fix it ;). Thanks for much. I didn't "use" SDL i use FNA this is an reimplemention of xna, but the creator of fna have code a binding of sdl for c# and he use it in FNA, this is FNA link. It's a full code oriented game lib.

Thanks so much.

Very good game game, the 3 D work soo cool. Good job.


very nice game, the graphism and the music are beautiful, and the story is great. Good job.

The graphism are really beautiful, but I think that you should add an option to speed up the speech. Good job.

Very nice art, and very cool gameplay

really fun game, even if it's really tricky, I really like the sounds effect, good job.

really fun game, very tricky, good job.

Very good gameplay idea. very cool art. Good job.

a lot of mini-games, with controls just before the begin of each of them, really cool. Just one thing, why don't you show the controls before the games in random mode?

I have try this game before the end of the jam. And try after they are soo much change, very cool Versus, very cool gameplay. Cool Art. Good Job.

fun game. good work

pretty fun game and original. The graphisms are simple but beautiful (my best score is 771 ;) 

Very nice art. Good job.

Nice game, The background is amazing, good job.

The game is amazing, the mechanics are simple, and the riddles are not very hard at the beginning, but the difficulty increase quickly. Good Job. 

just increadable game, very nice game, GamePad control, very polish. Star wars game ;) good job.

Very very cooool game, lovely draw, best game idea ;). Very humoristic. Polish they are screen shake, explosition. Very good job.

Very nice game, really dynamic, and the animations are really beautiful. Good job.

Very cool shut them up, very polish, lovely art. good gameplay. Good Job.