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Survival Horror in the Arctic Circle
Submitted by Team Heartcannon — 3 hours, 12 minutes before the deadline
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Authenticity (Use of resolution restriction)#244.7504.750

Ranked from 16 ratings. Score is adjusted from raw score by the median number of ratings per game in the jam.

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Great game as a challenge for 64... It was intriguing till the end! Looking forward to see where it gets. :) 


Great atmosphere, while playing I forgot it was a 64x64 rez game! I liked particularly the sound effects.


I really like the art style and music.  The game builds a nice tension and I wish we could see some more combat.  I would love to see the game finished!


Amazing atmosphere and tension building! I think something weird is going on with how you are rendering the stuff that is causing it to looks jittery. If I had to guess, it looks like a rounding error in the render call.


Hi KilledByAPixel!

Thanks for playing. We're glad you liked the atmosphere. We all worked very hard on it. The trees and certain other static objects are indeed being drawn in non-integer positions due to time restraints. We'll make sure to fix this for future versions of the game.


It felt like a creepy walk in the woods, although I was a bit disappointed by the ending after a 5 minutes walk :-)


Great atmosphere and tension build up.  It drags a bit on the walking initially to the point I almost thought that was it (some sort of infinite walker experiment), but then I noticed the ambiance changing a bit, and then I found the baddies.  Pretty interesting horror game.


Wow the audio/sound effects were phenomenal.  Great job creating a spooky atmosphere (honestly didn't think that could be done at 64x64)


This game does a great job of building a spooky atmosphere. It's a shame that it's so short though as I'd love to see where the story goes. The web build aslo has the issue that it's difficult to navigate the inventory as scrolling in-game also scrolls the web browser.


Hi puarsliburf games!

We're glad you enjoyed our game. Thanks for letting us know about the scrolling inventory bug. We'll try to fix it for future versions of the game.

It slowly builds up tension and when it gets to the right feeling it suddenly ends :( The graphics are great and with the audio it gets the right feel but as already mentioned the camera made it a bit weird at the beginning but you kind of get used to it.
Also the menu in the webgl version scrolls the webpage and the content but that's a minor issue.

Overall if it is continued it's up for a good start :)


Hi BananaBobBert!

Thanks for the feedback!

We're sorry it ended so suddenly. Time is a cruel mistress, after all. Rest assured though that we will be continuing this project soon enough.


I would be interested to see where this goes, if it's continued. It sets up an interesting narrative without much exposition, and while there's not a lot that happens (or that I found so far) I want to play more. Technically, the camera is a little juddery, but I think that's hard to avoid in 64x64 resolution and it serves to add a certain intensity, and the audio is good too.


Hi craggar!

Thank you for playing Snowblind. We really appreciate the feedback. We are aware of the stuttering issue and are looking towards fixing it for future versions.