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Really solid implementation of a tiny bullet-hell shmup!  Very nice pixel-art too!  good job!

Thanks for the feedback, guys!

I actually was planning on adding at least one boss fight but ran out of time  :(

And there's actually a timer displayed once you finish the game (along with a counter of how many times you got hit).  I might show it after each screen transition after the voting ends.  

Fun twin-stick shooter.  Movement and some particles effects don't seem to align with the pixel boundaries.  Pixel art is fun and charming.  I think it would feel better if the bullets were a bit faster.

Wow!  Fantastic all around!  Beautiful graphics, lively animations, fabulous ambiance, good puzzle designs, everything is great!  Great job!

Minor bug: when swinging weapon and moving at the same time, she stops animating.

Pretty good and simple rpg system.  I did hit that bug you mentioned on the page, I look forward to trying it again once fixed.  I definitely enjoyed the simplicity of the gameplay (not really a fan of complex rpg systems myself).

Great graphics!  I liked the chosen color palette quite a lot.  I would try to make the crouching pose a bit lower (it looks a bit to similar to the running pose).  

Difficulty ramp is a bit too slow and game play is a pretty standard endless runner.  I would try and find a mechanic that hasn't been tried in an endless runner before.

 Music composition is also great but I was expecting something a bit more fitting (like chiptunes).

fantastic, clean and charming pixel art!  was a bit hard to control and understand at first.  reminded a bit of insanely twisted shadow planet (a very good thing on my book)

good mini game with simple gameplay... main dude's stylish design is pretty good

Thanks for playing.  Yeah, there's an ending, once you get the hang of it you can finish it in less than 5 mins.

Pretty good graphics, animations and map layout.  There's a bit of jankiness on the player's movement along collision and on the combat, I would work on polishing that. 

Great atmosphere and tension build up.  It drags a bit on the walking initially to the point I almost thought that was it (some sort of infinite walker experiment), but then I noticed the ambiance changing a bit, and then I found the baddies.  Pretty interesting horror game.

Pretty awesome game!  Took me a bit to figure out the controls but once I got the hang of it it feels pretty satisfying.  Still think there might be some tweaking on the size 2 platforms (felt really hard to me get right, almost always lose on those).

Got a bit addicted, played around 10 times or so and my highest was 33.  Good job and good luck!

Quick and fun little shmup!  Good job!