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Thank you!

I agree... I started work on the game-loop a bit too late and I definitely plan on revising it in the near term.

I'm usually of a game-play first mindset, but having good aesthetics is always motivating.

Thanks a lot for your comment, Leon!

music is coming soon  :)

Thanks mr_happy!  So glad you liked it!

Pretty good feedback, Beez!  Thanks a lot for playing it!

Cute arkanoid-like.  I enjoyed seeing the different levels and anticipating what would come next.  The jump mechanic could use some polish, it snaps into the up position and it's not clear when it's useful.  But otherwise it's a pretty great one, good job!

The art in this game is pretty and clean!  The idea of running away from the crumbling floors is pretty cool too... only complaint is some blind jumps and fail cases where I ended up between two stalactites for a little bit.  But otherwise a pretty solid entry, good job!

I like that it's a short and tiny experience.  I agree with people that it feel like it freezes when you finish it, not sure but maybe you could make it look like a computer shutdown sequence or something like that.  Pretty good job in the game in general and with keeping the scope in check.

Wow, this is a pretty clever use of the tech, wasn't expecting that.  Got to a part where level got a bit too demanding an quit.  Perhaps not rely too much on super difficult/sensitive setups and add more clever gimmicks?  In any case, pretty good job on this one!

Love sokoban style puzzles!  This is a fun one, good job!

Thanks for your feedback, Yxure!  Glad you liked the game.

A bit control heavy (aka I'm not very good at controlling it), but pretty cool main mechanic nonetheless... good job!

haha good... I was afraid you found an unintentional exploit somewhere.  Not familiar with the Amiga trainer stuff, but that sounds cool  :D

Thanks Gregory!  Glad you liked it... tbh, I had less than an hour before the deadline and I still had no music... then I had the "brilliant" (aka cheap) idea of just adding "creepy" background noise to give it a sense of apocalyptic dread.  :D

Do you mean cheat as in you had to modify the code to get lots of health and ammo?

thanks rujogames!  glad you enjoyed it!

Thanks for the feedback, MFauzan!  I'll see what I can do about the up/down situation in a post-jam version.

This is a great entry!  Very original gameplay, combining strategy with bomberman, genius!  The art is great!  The music is catchy!  Excellent job, everyone!

pretty cool game... although I would say it's a bit on the punishing side.

pretty cool to see the tiny little people on the field.  good job

Pretty cool game, Gregory!  Good job!

So much style!  Great animations!  Punchy gameplay!  Pretty great all around!

The art is pretty good, but the game in general needs a bit of polish. It is a pretty good foundation tho, good job.

nice and simple... I love it!  good job.

Good stuff.  Great art.  Is there a way to destroy the enemy spawners?  Music is good, but I didn't think it fit the theme well... very good job overall, tho!

Pretty great tiny experience, usually not my kind of game but I couldn't stop until I finished it.  What engine did you use to make it?

This is super fun and unique!  Good job, loved it!

Wow!  This game is super solid and flashy!  Good job!

Took me a while to get used to the controls, I still feel it's somewhat inconsistent/unexpected when I drop a stack vs. when I drop each of the elements, kinda wish it was always either all or one at a time.  Otherwise it's a pretty great simple little game, good job on it!  Congrats!

Thanks a lot for your feedback, tducasse!  Glad you enjoyed playing the game!  :)

Thanks, Spicy!  I had the intention for adding more features, but unfortunately I ran out of time... the goal became to simply to survive by exiting the city.  I might polish the experience a little bit post-jam... thanks a lot for playing it!

Thank you so much for playing and rating it, Wadware!

Loved the art on this one.  Enemies coming at you hard and fast from offscreen is definitely a no-no.  This is a great start though, with a ton of polish, this could become a great little tribute game.  Good job!

I'm generally not a big fan of sports games, but this is a really awesome take on golf.  Excellent job, 5-stars all around!  Now, please work on a mod with no golf and only golf cart combat  XD

Excellent job on the pixel art of this one, Carlos!  Minor nitpick: I would constraint the cursor from going to the lower part of the screen.  Other than that, pretty solid entry overall, man!  Cheers!

Thanks a lot for your feedback, Johan!

Thanks for playing, Carlos!  I agree it's awkward to do room transfers up and down.  It was an early decision I made to make it different and have a constrained feel.  I was planning on making sure the rooms were designed so that it wouldn't feel like you had to wait for zombies to move out of the way before making progress.  I might adjust things a bit in a post-jam version.  Thanks again for the feedback, dude!

A bit too easy in the early levels with not enough bullets.  Has a bunch of cool stuff: different enemy types, upgrades, etc.  Not super creative in terms of theme, but it's a pretty solid implementation.  Good job!

I like the simplicity and clarity of the art and the gameplay.  I would reduce the player speed and increase the player bullet's speed (doesn't feel particularly great when your avatar is faster than your bullets).  Music is cool.  Pretty cool vibe in general.  Good Job!

Pretty awesome game.  Love the different played ships and shooting styles (perhaps switching to a different player ship every 10 seconds would have been cool?).  I also would have tuned the bad guys shooting straight down to shoot a bit slower so they're more comfortable to shoot straight at them with your ship.  Other than that a pretty good implementation, good job!