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Added a little donation as an incentive for you to try some of my pico8 games on this.  So far, I haven't been very successful with them (Quasar Kid seems to try but the framerate is really really bad).

Anyway, keep up the good work and I look forward to future update to this  :)

...and I love to hear that!  Thanks for playing!

Thanks for the feedback @indutny!  My thinking was that having your new friends annoy a little would be an incentive to try and bring them back to your ship as soon as possible.  So, at any given point you have to decide to deal with them blocking your progress or spend the time to bring them to your ship and come back.

Thanks again for your comment and for playing the game!

Just found out it's a French word.  It was only meant as a variant/tribute of my love for pico8.

High Five, Keith!  I'm having lots of fun making this one.  Stay tuned, I have plans for adding a few more things: planet clusters, a planet map, way more levels, music, etc.

gah... thanks for the bug report.  I'll see into fixing that soon.

Thanks a lot!  Any favorite aliens in your collection yet?  :)

I liked quite a few things in this roguelike.  It's simplicity is something I appreciate a lot (not a fan of over-complicated player-facing systems).  Not being truly turn-based is another thing I liked.  Unsure if the fact that you're a little flame-dude has gameplay implications, but it would be cool. 

Pretty solid entry, good job!

Was ignoring this for a while (card games meh)... oh boy I was soooo wrong!  This is fantastic!  Excellent job on it!

This is pretty cute and simple fun.  Curious if you could make this more interesting by allowing the player to combo destroying the same gem type in a sequence to a score multiplier or something similar.

I like that law, no time to waste in silly dilemmas.  I think it was the right choice, as I think pellet munching would have actually detracted from the horror feel of the game.  Good luck on the results!

The ambience of this one is fantastic, really makes pacman a legit horror game.  Curious why pellet collecting didn't make it into this game.  Either way, great job!

This is pretty solid!  I suck at the controls tho, kinda wish I could play with twin-stick controls.  Great job regardless!

Graphics and animations are top notch!  I was looking forward to playing this based on tweets I had seen.  I was slightly disappointed with the controls, but I think it can easily be fixed by increasing the sword and shield speed by a good amount (twice or three times as fast).

Good job!

Very nice... I enjoyed this a lot.  This is like the a game for the Atari 2600 except with a whole lot more depth.

A couple of minor problems I had with it:

  • the pixel's initial velocity is painfully slow (spending upgrades on that first fixes that).
  • once you get the blue pixels, I couldn't figure out the rules to rid of them to fit in tight corridors.

Good job, man!

This is not a genre I'm usually into, but this game is pretty darn charming.  Excellent job, Munro!

That's no good... you could also try it on a phone or tablet.  Not ideal but it should work with virtual controls.

I just tried both FireFox and Edge (also on Win10) and it works.  Make sure you click on the game screen with your mouse to give it focus.

Simple but lots of fun... once the blue ships appear the difficulty escalates quickly!  Also loved how  the enemy movement is tied to the music. Good job!

Lot of cool platforming puzzle mechanics on this one!  Good job!

I love Evil Dead and all things Necronomicon!  It is hard  and really short... I can see this concept be expanded into a more deep experience, but for a 2-week jam this is pretty damn impressive.  Great job!

cool game... I found it difficult to release grab and press jump immediately after, did you try allowing jump without releasing grab for us casuals?  :)  Also, the rope just decoration, right?

Good job on your first Pico8 game!

Fantastic game!  Awesome animations and tight controls.  God of War style axe-throwing is pretty cool.  There was a section I kept dying in, which, after finally overcoming it felt like some sort of double-jump exploit.  That was the only part I was about to quit, I'm glad I didn't.  The boss and the section after it were unexpected but pretty cool and different from the main game.  5 stars all around.

Thanks!  Glad you enjoyed it!

Really solid implementation of a tiny bullet-hell shmup!  Very nice pixel-art too!  good job!

Thanks for the feedback, guys!

I actually was planning on adding at least one boss fight but ran out of time  :(

And there's actually a timer displayed once you finish the game (along with a counter of how many times you got hit).  I might show it after each screen transition after the voting ends.  

Fun twin-stick shooter.  Movement and some particles effects don't seem to align with the pixel boundaries.  Pixel art is fun and charming.  I think it would feel better if the bullets were a bit faster.

Wow!  Fantastic all around!  Beautiful graphics, lively animations, fabulous ambiance, good puzzle designs, everything is great!  Great job!

Minor bug: when swinging weapon and moving at the same time, she stops animating.

Pretty good and simple rpg system.  I did hit that bug you mentioned on the page, I look forward to trying it again once fixed.  I definitely enjoyed the simplicity of the gameplay (not really a fan of complex rpg systems myself).

Great graphics!  I liked the chosen color palette quite a lot.  I would try to make the crouching pose a bit lower (it looks a bit to similar to the running pose).  

Difficulty ramp is a bit too slow and game play is a pretty standard endless runner.  I would try and find a mechanic that hasn't been tried in an endless runner before.

 Music composition is also great but I was expecting something a bit more fitting (like chiptunes).

fantastic, clean and charming pixel art!  was a bit hard to control and understand at first.  reminded a bit of insanely twisted shadow planet (a very good thing on my book)

good mini game with simple gameplay... main dude's stylish design is pretty good

Thanks for playing.  Yeah, there's an ending, once you get the hang of it you can finish it in less than 5 mins.

Pretty good graphics, animations and map layout.  There's a bit of jankiness on the player's movement along collision and on the combat, I would work on polishing that. 

Great atmosphere and tension build up.  It drags a bit on the walking initially to the point I almost thought that was it (some sort of infinite walker experiment), but then I noticed the ambiance changing a bit, and then I found the baddies.  Pretty interesting horror game.

Pretty awesome game!  Took me a bit to figure out the controls but once I got the hang of it it feels pretty satisfying.  Still think there might be some tweaking on the size 2 platforms (felt really hard to me get right, almost always lose on those).

Got a bit addicted, played around 10 times or so and my highest was 33.  Good job and good luck!

Quick and fun little shmup!  Good job!