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Thank you for giving my game a shot, glad to hear you liked how it looked! 

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Thank you for leaving a comment.  Your feedback is great and helps out a lot, I'll definitely look into different sounds, tiles and enemies.  I'm happy you enjoyed what there was. Thank you again for playing!

I really like the games art, the gameplay is solid and the music was good too!

I like the games art style and gameplay (the food looks really good). The music can get a bit repetitive sometimes but overall I really enjoyed playing!

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Thanks for playing my game, I'm glad you liked it.  I had more ideas I was planning to add, like new enemies, but eventually decided to leave them out.  I'll try to add some post-jam. Thank you again for leaving a comment!

I really like the art style and music.  The game builds a nice tension and I wish we could see some more combat.  I would love to see the game finished!

Thank you for the comment!  I plan to revise some stuff post-jam so I'll definitely look at making the tutorials better explained.  I used the built-in d3d functions from Gamemaker:Studio, you can find how to use them online.  Hope that helps!