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Really diggin the animations on the player, that jump cracks me up! Nice entry =D

Nice job with the animation! The game itself has a very cool concept, congrats!

Nice! I love the pixel art, that bunny is adorable...The rocks really pop, heck...all the visuals are great. Nice job!

Thanks for all the love guys! =D

Nice job! Cute graphics, I have terrible vision so I wish it was scaled up a little but overall it's a good little game!

I like the graphics man! Fun little game, I wish I could press shift or something to run so I could get around the town quicker but other than that, nicely done!

I tried to play it but the application wont open for me =/ Looks cool though!

Woah, this is pretty trippy! Very cool and unique =D

Man, this art is excellent! Nice job!

I like the color scheme and graphics! Very nice old school feel, I struggled with the controls quite a bit but, started to get the hang of it at the end. Nice job!

Very fun! I did have so problems reading the text but I also have bad eyesight so that could be the problem. Anyway, great entry...very clean + lots of polish. Nice work!

Really like the animations on the spaceship and when the hero dies! =D Nice entry.

Man that intro art is killer. Really nice job on it. The game is fun too but, the intro art is amazing!!! =D

I'm diggin' the color scheme! Keep at it this looks like it will be fun when it's finished =D

Challenging is right! ;) Fun entry, nice job!

I like the concept of being able to switch to shield mode and send the bullets back at the enemies. Sort of fits the ludum dare theme perfectly, did you submit to it as well? Nice job!

You had me at catformer! I like the cat sprite, looks like you are off to a good start, keep at it! =D

Cool little match 3 game, I had fun playing! Nice job =D

The artwork is really good! Game play was a little confusing for me, I wasn't sure what I was doing but I kept thinking "man, this looks pretty" the entire time. =D Nice entry!

haha the character sprite is great! Reminds me of the good old nintendo days, nice job.

Awesome game, very entertaining! Even with so few pixels the art was done well enough that I could tell what everything was, nice job!

Very cool! Nice job, audio makes me just wanna keep playing too =D

Woah...the bullet moving with your spaceship is a pretty interesting idea. Nice job!

ULTRA COOL! ULTRA COOL! ULTRA COOL! Love the take on SUPERHOT, and the creepy face that overlays, and the slow down time mechanic. Nice job!

hahaha, something about a flying cow just makes me smile. Nice job!

Love the artwork and atmosphere of the game, nice job!

Nice, I thought this was going to be more like guitar hero (like push the key as the shape hits the icon). I like the twist of having to move the shape to the correct column!

Interesting idea, I like the blend of 2d/3d modes, nice job!

I really like the concept! I think you could expand on this idea and have a pretty fun game, nice job!

I love the artwork and atmosphere!

This is hilarious. Love the art style!

Nice, I like it! I suddenly have the urge to break out the n64 and play golden eye now... ;)

welp, I suck at this game lol...I like the concept though! Nice job

Wow, it seems so simple but it's incredibly challenging! Nice job! =D

I really like the background art! Interesting concept too, sorta reverse snake? Nice!

I'm impressed with the detail you got into the main character with so few pixels, nice job!

I like the art! Jumping felt really wonky but it's still pretty fun.

Nice job! It was kind of confusing for me at first but, once I figured it out, it was pretty fun!

Nice job!

I died. Like, a lot =( cool concept though!