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Oh yeah, I got notifications on! ;) Nicely done my friend.

Level design and difficulty ramp was excellent!

Oh nice, this was a unique puzzle idea.  Or I haven't seen it before lol, fits the theme very well and the challenge ramped up perfectly.  Nice job!

oh this was super original, wow great idea!  If only real programming was like this, I bet a lot more people would want to do it lol!  I had fun with this one, very nicely done.

I really really like the art style guys, its awesome.  The game oozes charm, all the art/animations and dialog are fantastic.  Congrats to everyone!

Oh nice, saw this one on twitter and was looking forward to playing it.  I like how you slowly introduce mechanics to teach us over time.  The art is awesome and the whole things feels complete and nice, great job!

lol, this was wild.  The long arms are great, if those are long arms I'm moving around with!

I am blow away by what you've done in 10 days.  This is so cool, every thing is polished and juicy from the animations, to the cutscenes, the art, the color scheme, the player feedback, it's sooo good.  I have nothing but positives, I can't believe you did this in 10 days. Amazing.

Lean into the shaking text as a feature not a bug! ;)  I legit didn't even think it was a bug, I thought it was to emphasize I needed to hurry or my boss was going to be mad.  I liked it, cute little game with some nice art!

I love the visual effect.  I've always wanted to play one of my doodles and you brought that dream to life.  The animations/damage taking animations on the baddies look so cool.

That cloud boss was awesome, interesting mechanic to make me heal or let the tree grow.  I couldn't get past the second boss but, it was a fun experience.  Great job!

lol man...I was coming to play a game not work overtime.  That felt to similar to real life lol  Nice entry!

This game has something very charming too it, all the art and animations are great.  Very challenging but, I kept trying another run

The art is really cute and the animations are clean!  It was very difficult but, I enjoyed it :)

This was great, it felt very polished and complete but was simple to play.  That intro animation is soooo juicy.  Great job!

I love it, right in the nostalgia feels.  Fun little game with a nice ramp up on difficulty.  Great job!

This was really cool, unique take on the theme.  Also it's always fun being the monster in the dungeon :)

Wow, this look gorgeous.  I love the designs of the planets/asteroids?  Nice job, I had fun playing it!

Well that is certainly a unique take on the theme.  The high effect was super cool looking, nice job doing this solo in the time frame.  Impressive!

This was great, I really like the effect when you steal a move/ the wavy line thing coming to you look super cool.  The lazer beam (maybe wand) ability was awesome, I felt op when I had it.  Having to be on the edge of getting attacked to be able to attack was a very unique take on the them.  Great job!

So much freaking polish.  This is really really good guys, it legit feels like a full game.  You spent time on the little details that matter in everything, the story, the art, the sound, the controls.  It's really well put together and thought out and was a joy to play.  Very impressive, congrats to the whole team.

The art is adorable.  The baby chickens look too cute and I felt really bad for taking mama's babies lol.  Nice job!

Wow, that promotion bar goes down fast on hard lol.  Way to make it feel stressful, def fits the theme.  Nice job! :)

This right here is an alpha chad baby.  Think other babies could hurl dumbbells like that? Think again!  Hilarious and a tad bit creepy but, wonderfully weird.  Good job!

I like it!  The simple graphics with the glow and processing look really sharp.  The first boss kind of reminds me of will you snail.  I see the vision of the game you were going for (if we had more time) and it's pretty cool.  Nice job!

Man, I really like your sprite work!  The color scheme, the pixel style in general all looks very clean.  Also this is the only game I've won and stuck around for to hear a song for!  It was great, really interesting/unique jam entry.  Great job! 

Ohhh you have a good game loop here, something about it made me want to keep playing one more run.  Nice job!

The problem you run into with text is no one reads at the same pace, I see some comments say it was too fast but, I actually wanted to to scroll faster.  It's a minor thing, game jams right?  Can't please everyone.  Also read enough comments to realize that spamming click breaks the game so, I tried to play it the way you intended and limit my clicks (it's pretty challenging that way and I was constantly running for my life).  Cool game, great job!

Very cool little puzzle game!  I really like the art style and the mechanic of having to pause and move platforms to get the dwarfs where they need to go.  Polish this up a little and release it on mobile!  It already seems pretty solid :)

Congrats on your first game jam game!  I think it turned out really well (especially for your first).  Challenge ramped up nicely and there were some pretty good platforming parts.  Great job, keep jamming! :) 

This was a lot of fun, simple to understand gameplay but, challenging and interesting.  Great job!

The art is soooo good.  I really love all the scenes with the boss, very cute style.  Taking away abilities was a really cool twist as well (only I kept forgetting I lost them lol).  It also naturally added a difficulty ramp to the game by taking away the abilities.  Two bird, one stone.  Really great job overall team!

The fact that you pulled this off in scratch is really impressive!  It had great music and controls, and you gave the player lots of feedback to figure out what was going on and how to beat da boss.  The art's pretty good too, I especially like the bosses animations (his roll looks great).  Great job!

Aww business duck's art style look really cute.  I def wanna give it a go if/when you get a windows version!

I love Jerry, they say the perfect game does not exist but, they are wrong.  Allow me, a very skilled bird lawyer, to present exhibit A to the court room, this game.  

Seriously though wuzzy, you improve with every game you make and its really cool seeing the devlogs you make/seeing your progress.  This is fantastic man, the art is hilarious and the game is soooo much fun.  The little details like the family portraits are fantastic, great job dude!

Okay so I was very pleasantly surprised here, it appeared to be a very simple platformer at first, until I got to the end of the right section and learned I was deceived and actually playing a mystery game.  Detective platformer dude was on the case, I was gonna figure out where to go lol.  I had a blast back tracking and unlocking clues to get further.  Really cool little game!

The level of polish in this is fantastic.  Everything has feed back, clickily buttons, squishy characters, lots of little details that make it feel polished and put together.  The mini map, the transitions when you die, you guys kinda got it all, it feels like a complete game.  Also, can we talk about that cover art?  Way to give all us 90s kids retro nostalgia! 

Wow, great job.  Always a fan of games that take one mechanic and use it in numerous different ways to traverse the level and fight.  The whole game being designed around that dash mechanic is fantastic and makes this feel unique.  Good level design that the dash not only kills but, is required to get past obstacles.  Awesome job!

Idk why this one really hit my funny bone.  Seeing the firefighter "boss up" just made me giggle, everytime.  It was more challenging than I expected but, fun to play and figure out.  Great job!