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Don't Break From Bad EmotionsView game page

You are ​On The Edge​ of breaking from bad emotions, and must destroy them all.
Submitted by Mrtubagames (@mrtubagames) — 19 hours, 52 minutes before the deadline
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Technical Implementation#1502.9232.923

Ranked from 13 ratings. Score is adjusted from raw score by the median number of ratings per game in the jam.

How does your game apply the limitation (and optionally, the theme)?
Each Bad Emotion is a Boss Battle

Team Size

Pair (2)

What main engine/tool/language did you use to construct the game?

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I like that you went for literal boss fights, I didn't like some of the ways they were implemented, but it's nothing a bit of playtesting and tweaking wouldn't fix. As always, it's hard to really balance/playtest a game as much as it's need to be for a gamejam.


That cloud boss was awesome, interesting mechanic to make me heal or let the tree grow.  I couldn't get past the second boss but, it was a fun experience.  Great job!


cool game but i felt so bad for the poor cloud :p the other bosses felt like they deserved it

great job!


The cloud is infesting you with bad tears :0


the tears are guilt from harming the cloud 🤣


Great job. I really liked the first boss though, having to choose between healing or having it grow is a great idea!

The second boss graphics were really cool!

Game had a good challenge

Found the sounds and music a bit harsh though, might need ot be a bit softer?


Nice work! With some initial tutorialization to teach players about the double jump would've been helpful! Once I figured that out, the game was a nice challenge.


Nice boss rush! I managed to make it to the third boss but had a really hard time beating that guy. I would always start the fight by ended up in the pit which took out a good chunk of health. The second boss also didn't seem to have a reliable way to beat him without taking damage yourself, though luckily I was able to tank him pretty easily. Sound effects were a bit loud, but I appreciate they were there! Goodjob!


Thanks for the feedback! The pit was just a tired end of jam bad desicion lol.


I feel you for sure!  Great job on the game!

Submitted (1 edit) (+1)

Cool game ! The multiple boss fight were pretty cool. My two negative things would be that it took me a while to understand that I had a double jump wich is crucial for the first boss fight, so some kind of simple tutorial would be nice. Also the range of the attack is very small, so I would often get it by the boss because I'm going toward it and the range is small enough that I would hit them but get hit back right away.

Cool game ! Cool concept, I played to the end, was fun !


Nice game !

it took me a while to figure out how to beat the first boss. i thought the drops where only for healing so I was catching them all the time.

Also for the first boss I dropped directly in the lava ^^ maybe make it more obvious where you need to jump or maybe lock your x position after you jumped so you land on a platform.

Appart from that, solid implementation & fun to play.

Good job !


Thanks for the feedback! A lot of people had the same problem with the first boss. And the Lava was just me being stupid and tired at the end of the jam :P


I didn’t understand how to kill the boss, it would be nice if it has some tips in the description but I really think it is a really cool job, great work.


Thanks for the feedback! That seems to be a big problem, I should make it obvious the glowing tears grow the trees.


The first boss is hard to figure out. Tried restarting several times and almost gave up until a tree grew randomly and I got it.

Nice little game otherwise, I liked boss variety


Thanks for the feedback! Yeah, I probably should have made a tree growing teardrop grow a tree or something when you enter the arena