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VimJam2 - Monke PizzaView game page

​Monke pizza restaraunt simulator
Submitted by kuviman — 1 day, 5 hours before the deadline
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VimJam2 - Monke Pizza's page


CriteriaRankScore*Raw Score
Technical Implementation#103.9333.933

Ranked from 30 ratings. Score is adjusted from raw score by the median number of ratings per game in the jam.

How does your game apply the limitation (and optionally, the theme)?
The Boss goes around and fires/hires players (so they are on the edge of being fired/hired?)

Team Size

Solo (1)

What main engine/tool/language did you use to construct the game?
Rust | Own "Engine"

Which diversifiers did you use, if any?
By the Hand, Infinity, My Own Noise

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Very fun game ! very cute visuals & loved the music & sfx.

Doing multiplayer game in jam is very bold ! kuddos on that :)

Great work :)


I laughed a lot playing this with a few people! We purposely gave each other raw pizzas, and changed our orders at the last minute. I had my fill of pizza and of working. I love this game, I got a big kick out of it. :) The audio and voice acting perfectly match the silly vibe. Great work technically too - we were able to join and the game worked seamlessly. A unique experience, hahaha.


Super impressive entry and loving nod to Vimlark for hosting the jam. I ended up opening another window so I could serve myself. I see how this could be a blast with a group, especially with a few more objectives or challenges. 

I love the gorilla gibberish during the song. So good. I could jam that all day and make and eat my imaginary pizzas.

One of the most unique entries in the jam. Great work.


This is really cool


Cool game. I watched it played on both Vimlarks and Joshes streams (but when I wanted to play it was a bit lonely on the server ;) ) So instead of playing I enjoyed reading the source code and trying to understand rust (somthing I haven't done much before). It was remarkably simple for using such a low level language and making multiplayer game. So I enjoyed the read :) 

Great work. 


TBH code is really bad here, pure spaghetty lol, but hey its a jam game

Also, Rust is not a low level language, it’s both low and high level :P


Delicious! Multiplayer and everything! Lucky i got to play with a bunch of people. Might not be that interesting alone. Well done :)


Was fun to play on Vimlark's stream, got the multiplayer experience !

Really cool game !


This is awesome to play, so simple, yet so fun! Repeatability is a bit low and becomes repetitive quite quickly. But playing with a lot of people was awesome! The art is great.


VimJam Pizza Club!!! 


This was impressive with your own engine.

It works and functions great!

Really good, and fun!


Playing this game on stream with Vimlark and everyone was stupidly fun, amazing work! Great, great job - super fun!


What a special moment to have everyone on stream join at the same time. Good stuff, multiplayer during a jam is absoluetley insane.


Tried out opening 2 windows to try this game. Blows my mind you managed to create an online multiplier game in your own engine for a game jam! I had fun playing around with it and loved the touches such as the Monkeys saying hi and buy as they came and went. Would be curious to see this being played on Vimlark's stream with chat jumping on and interacting.

Awesome work!


Fun game, love the art style!


Amazing and fun game! My friend and I play it together and just fool around! :D The multiplayer aspect is freaking FUN! And the art being loose and somewhat silly with them hoping around just *chefs kiss*! 

Oh and of course... MONKE :D


took me a while but managed to get it,  cool music and graphics, and simple controls, overall its a fun game! keep it up!


The Game Is Fun, I Like The Idea, Having It Be Multiplayer Makes It Better, Tho I Don't Think Many People Will Be Online. Hope Ya Keep Makin' Games And Have FUN!


really like the music and the game idea is good but i was lost on who i was supposed to deliver the pizza too?


Deliver to other players, since game is multiplayer. You can open game in two windows in case you want to play alone I guess


Server based game wow! Managed to play with my team hahaha


This is a dope game. I managed to play with two other random people for 10 minutes and it was a blast. Not gonna lie, it's one of my favorite entries of the jam that I've tested so far!


Ordered some cucumber pizza from you!


Im glad you found people to play with :) I guess most people are going to be very confused trying to play alone

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