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Chat was badly managed yay! Thanksfully I improved at that nowadays!

Thanks for the comment mate!

I cannot rate the game as I wasn't part of the jam. However, what a gem! I liked everything about it. The controls are absolutely great and polished, the art is super clean, and the game design is incredible. Very well made game!

Hey, not bad at all! Let me write down the most honest review I can make after playing the game for 30min.

I do think there are a few points you could improve easily:

  • If you grant ZQSD & WASD controls during the gameplay loop, you should also enable this for the menu, and not only the arrow keys.
  • After a level is completed, you should at least be redirected to the planet you selected before, or to the new one, and not to the beginning of the list.
  • Jump/controls feels a bit floaty to me. Maybe play a bit more with the gravity and forces to make this feel a bit more responsive and pleasant?
  • Shooting isn't feeling right for 3 main reasons:
    • First, it scales with the user's input, meaning that the more you spam, the faster you shoot. I think a defined cooldown within two shots and the ability to keep the button pressed to shoot would be better.
    • Second, the projectiles do not stop through the terrain, so you can peaceful takedown enemies that are behind a wall.
    • Third, the projectiles aren't disabled/destroyed after they went out of screen, so basically you can destroy enemies that are not supposed to be there yet
  • Flying enemies aren't a good idea unless you can shoot to the sky, or it could be good if they go down faster before going to the player. In some edge cases, they aren't possible to kill depending on your position because they fall straight down on your head.
  • Noticed a few bugs with the AI, like some of them are going in a straight line even if there is no more ground under them (the blue boxes one) and like the bullets, some of them are going through the level.

Now, let me say that the theme is adorable. Absolutely cute and satisfying to put plants on a desert planet! That was really well executed.

Controls are very good, it feels already super polished for a prototype. Please continue, it's going to be awesome!

Thanks for playing it! It happens :)

Thanks for this very complete feedback! 

Very good looking game for sure! I like the mechanics of the boss fight, that's very clever. I wish I was able to attack when jumping tho, but otherwise that's a very nice entry!

That's the first game I'm rating 5/5 for any category. Guys, this is awesome. Art is incredible, shooting is sooo satisfying, the controls are perfect, the idea is great. The boss fight is also perfect, like it has several patterns you need to understand to win.

I have nothing bad to say about the game. Solid entry. Congratz.

I like the pixel art of this game! I'm a bit annoyed by the controls tho, combining mouse click + arrows + space bar is too complex for me to enjoy it. 

Music is a bit too loud too in my opinion.

Congrats for publishing it!

You'll prob read this a lot but it's missing a lot of animations! Art is nice tho, I love the robots! I wish there was a bit more content in it, such as actual fights or things to do on the level (even the boss isn't moving).

Very good game! I had a ton of fun trying that, well done! I wish you'll keep working on this one, it's a neat idea. 

My only recommendation for now would be to probably rework the balancing a bit, and to rework the player's attacks (they feel super slow and not responsive to me). Otherwise, great freaking job!

I don't know what to say haha, well it's interesting :) made with Scratch too, which is cool. I had no clue about what to do tho.

Nice 3D game, a bit short but that's expected in a jam. The level design isn't bad, the controls are great. There's a few small bugs (enemies going through walls, or you being able to get a box through a wall), but nothing critical so far. The game could have been a bit more polished but it's still enjoyable like that. The overall idea is nice.


You're welcome! I know overscoping is the main issue on game jams, don't worry :)

Yes, it's nice to try out things. Also, for some stuff such as the UI elements or so, you usually want the player to understand easily what is what that's why most of the games use the same scheme again and again: cuz anybody will directly understand "ok so this is my life" :)

Hope you had fun making it!

Haha no worries, at least there is no bug to fix here :D

I didn't think I could have a jumpscare playing a game from the jam, gg!

The idea is very interesting and the art nice (even if I'm not a fan of the amount of post processing effect used here).

I'm just not sure how the game is supposed to be played, the overall gameplay confused me a lot to be honest. There are grandma disappearing or not, cross on the ground that I collect to damage the boss (the big guy I guess) but I'm not even sure how the grandma was disappearing haha.

That's a cute little project. The art is cool, I like the "lobby" where you move from one level to the other.

Sadly, there are a lot of collision issues. The overall movement seems to also be a bit off to me. I also wish there was some outlines or animations on the items you have to collect because at the moment it's not clear or difficult to see in the background.

Here is a capture where I was stuck in the level.

It's not bad at all but it def needs to be tested/polished.

Hey! Thanks for the comment!

That's strange, did you click the "QWERTY" line (and did it get the green checkmark)? I watched a few people playing it and they didn't got the issue you mention when switching to QWERTY. Please let me know!

Thank you for the video! I noticed you have an issue with items not being adapted to the screen, can you tell me what screen ratio you use and what is your resolution? Might wanna want to fix this after the voting ended.

Thank you!

Thanks a lot! Really happy that you liked your playthrough!

Thanks a lot for the kind words, happy you enjoyed testing it!

Hey, thanks for the comment!

I'm sure Joff was really appreciating your work there. Or maybe not? Can't really tell. Totally agree with your game mechanics suggestions, as I said I'm pretty sure there are a lot of fun ways to make the game even more attractive and interesting! Glad you enjoyed it!

Hi there, thanks for the feedback!  I wasn't sure about the speed timing, previously it was 2x faster to be triggered and I felt it was a bit too much because you need a bit of time to figure out how the control works. And for the zoom animation, I can understand the feeling. The objective was to split two orders by putting it in place (so obviously, the game's timers and the happiness of Joff are paused during that time and resumed after the animation is completed).

Thanks for the comment! Took me some time to figure out how to do that chain to be honest, never used the hinge joints thing in Unity :)

Thanks for playing it and for the kind comment!

Hi there, thanks for the feedback! What actual keybind layout did you prefer at the end? Hope you had some fun regardless this :)

Haha, thanks for playing it!

What I mean is that overall, I would spend 10-15min on a game to test it out for a jam. Your game feels like an entire completed project which has hours of gameplay available haha. That's not bad tho!

Good concept, even if it's a bit simplistic. Theme is very well implemented here. That's not my cup of tea, but it works well, congrats.

I would say it's taking too much time to be tested as a jam game: that's almost a complete game you could sell on steam lol. Of course there are ways of improvements, but wow, what a job to accomplish that in 10 days. Congrats to all of you that made this, it's clearly one of the best game I've tested on this jam's submissions.

It's a pretty cool looking game, with an interesting ambiance. The puzzle is super hard to be fair, I wouldn't have succeeded without your comment here. 

I feel the overall game is very cinematic but kinda empty. You jump a few platform, press a few buttons, and you're done with the level. I wish there was more puzzles or interactions to play with the two-characters combo.

Not sure about what I had to do here. I clicked on incoming tasks, and I had to type 2 city codes apparently but I was able to validate the field 3 times per task so I failed again and again. RIP.

I like the aesthetic of the game, the fact that you're basically opening a computer and doing things on it seems to be great.

I would have liked to be able to know where I was in the openspace tho, I saw workers but cannot tell which one was me.

Art style is great, love it. Don't see how it fits the "on the edge" theme cuz you can go in and out the platform without problems.

Gameplay is fun the first minutes, then get intense for some reason. I like playing it. There were a few bugs tho: you can still strike even after you die, and skull effects aren't despawned after you restarted the level.

Also a little music would have been cool here!

Congrats on publishing a game! I've died several times trying to understand why and I realized that things was happening off camera as soon as I spawned, and I had no way to save the tree cuz I wasn't able to reach it on time.

I get the idea, the game works, but there are a lot of little thing to improve to make it enjoyable in my opinion (such as the overall art, the audio balance (shots are super loud), the core mechanics that are actually kinda random and sometimes unfair, etc).

Despite of that, it's still a cool thing to actually finish a game project and to submit it on time (especially if it works, which is the case here) so well done!

Top tier game of this jam. I wouldn't be surprised to see this being in the top 10 pool at the end of the voting session.

  • Art in amazing.
  • Everything feels super polished (even the main menu is incredibly cool to look at (the game over could be improved to match that level of perfection haha)).
  • Audio is great, fits very well to the gameplay.

The concept is super simple but very well executed. My only concern is that it's pretty difficult to see the difference between what is an obstacle to your progression and what is part of the background.

Very nice atmosphere even if the graphics are very simple + the overuse of post processing effects to make it look good. I can get some people aren't artist and don't want to risk to spend time on that, but some little things could have improved it a little bit such as - as en exemple - trails, particle effects for bullets when they hit something or for the player when he walks, making the enemy squares blinking when they got hit, etc.

I didn't get surprised by the ending cuz your package game is named "scary game" lol, even tho it was kinda interesting to this the story progressing that way.

I feel the effect at the end is a bit too much considering you still have to move to another room to end the level, which is harder since you can't see a lot on the screen.

It's overall a nice experience to go through, congrats on publishing it!