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Wait, is that some sort or 3D sorcery transformed into pixels? That looks very good! Hm, but, my score was -71, because the boss killed me a few times. I think the fact that you lose score when dying is a bit "too much" :D

Very cool game :)

WebGL build not loading :'( 

Game is awesome. That's a lot of work for a jam, congrats! Only downside is that even if I selected ZQSD, game was running with Qwerty layout - so that was too hard for me to save the scientists :(

That's a yes for me. You did a "similar" game to what I did, but your IA is way better (and that's HARD). Love the animations, love everything. Good job!

Game feels good and chill. Graphics are cute tho!

Music is great but feels not "gameboy" to me. Also the jump is kinda strange to be honest, even if playable.

Oh and I had some strange issues with enemies losing their colliders for some reason after I come back to a room I visited.

Overall, cool game!

Graphics, animations and audio are awesome. This game definitely is a serious entry. I just have a little issue with the controls, the way the player moves feel a bit strange to me, especially when going up. Beside of that, congrats, the game is great!

You are supposed to be able to work the entire duration of the jam, so the two weeks :)

I mean you don't have to right :) It's just my personal feeling, I'm sure a lot of people will do the same thing about rotated sprites to be honest. 

I'll have only one thing to say: do not overextend your scope! Plan to make a small game, extend/add features if you have time for it :) It's a common mistake to plan a too wide scope and achieve nothing at the end.

Also, create, test, build, test. And keep your builds somewhere in case you break everything and have to revert/have to upload cuz it's time.

Happy jam!

I'm doing a space shooter too!
You start looks awesome, however if I can make you a lil remark: sprite/particles rotations wasn't possible back in the GB days. Even if the game looks great, it could feel a bit "off" compared to what a GB is able to do.

Anyway cool stuff, keep going!


I'm Shidy from ShidyGames, and I'm going to participate to this jam in collaboration with Freak.
I'm usually a solo indie dev working on a main project called Space Escape for Android for a few years now, and already participated to a jam next year.
I love this type of event, as they tend to make you meet new people and have new ideas or more knowledge about the game development in general.

Can't wait for it to start, it will be so much fun! And can't wait to test your games!


Thanks, much appreciated :)

Thank you for the feedback and video, it helped us identify some screen ratio issues that we didn't test enough because of the 7 days restriction :)

Thanks a lot! I also ended up with something I enjoyed making and I'll probably push the project a bit more :)

Thank you! I'm aware of the issues you listed, I'll make sure to think about this later on during the next projects I'll work on!

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Thanks, really appreciated, hope you had good times by playing it!

Your game is fantastic my dude. I'm just unhappy to restart from scratch anytime I die but for the rest, it's an awesome game for a 7-days jam. Congratz!

Hey, thanks for the feedback!

I tested to put a soundtrack on the menu but it sounded a bit intrusive to me, I guess it's a matter of preferences :) I'm happy you liked it, did you download the Windows package?

Thanks for the video btw!

Thank you for your feedback!

Text elements are part of what I'd like to improve later on (faster, skippable...). I'm glad you enjoyed it after some testing :)

Hi Stefano,

Thanks for your feedback! I agree that the game would  require some checkpoints because redoing everything can be frustrating, this is something I've noted in case I want to develop more content for the game :)

Thanks! True, I was thinking about this when dev-ing this prototype, it could be great!

Thanks! <3

Thank you!

Wow, thank you for the video! I'll take a deep look into it for sure :)

Jump should be reworked, it's a bit too low. Platformers are boring if your player isn't allowed to do a little mistake when jumping.

Graphics are pretty basic: it looks cool but it is very simple.

Game is fun, I played 6 or 7 levels I think and I had fun times.

The way you did use the theme here is super frustrating, I had no fun dying in chain to try to guess where could be a platform or a trap. This is sad, since the game has some potential.

I like the overall ambience of the game tho.


We can feel that you're talented in graphics, the game is like a showroom of what you can do and visually it's very pleasant to see :)

That's a pretty game. Graphics are good, even if I think the player's animation when walking could be better.

I would like some music and sounds to make me feel the ambience better, you could have something interesting by playing with some scary sounds and a dark and low music behind.

I'm sad the game feels empty atm, even with the dialogs because they are mostly useless. 

Controls are good, character isn't too slow, this is a good point.

Looks like you're pretty experienced, I don't understand why you didn't make any audio or more content inside of the existing scenes.

Nice job.

Thank you!


Thanks for your feedback! It's hard to have an exciting gameplay when doing a kind-of puzzle game, but I'll think about this.

Thanks! This sounds like a good idea to me, I'll consider it when expanding the game after the jam :)

I see! Note that it's always better to make this comprehensible by playing the game instead of reading the description. Same goes with the tutorial and the controls. Player wanna play, not read :)

I'm gonna send you my honest feedback.

I noticed some issues with your colliders than does not fit the sprites. Game is a bit slow imo, also you should make the player feedbacks more present. 

Graphics aren't crazy, but since everything is following the same idea, the whole design is consistent and this is a good point. You do also have issues with layering between some BG soldiers and some scrolling elements.

Your score system with the combos seems to be useless, is there any reason to try to get a highscore? I don't see one.

Unlimited ammo, no dangers, this is pretty easy imo, you should have put some more mechanics into the game like ammo boxes to collect, various enemies...

I liked the global ambience of the war scene and the way the tutorial is integrated into it.

It is a cute short experience, but you should think about a way to make this interesting to replay.

That's a nice game my dude.

It is totally something you should make for mobile.

But let's speak about the current jam entry.

  • I loved the UX. It was so simple and so obvious to get started. No tutorial required cuz the player is already invited to click and see that it's actually shooting and moving the character.
  • Audio is balanced and sounds/music are okay.
  • Slow-mo when shooting is dope, I liked the way it is done.
  • Put a shop in this game! There are coins, I want to spend them to get upgrades or perks, or even skins and new maps!
  • Where is the lie? :/
  • Graphics are consistent and ok because the game is fast, but it can be polished by far to me, especially the background, the player character and the drill. That's a personal opinion but I think it could be better, even if it's more than ok actually.
  • Game is challenging. It's not easy at all, it can be frustrating. I made no progress after 5 tries. Maybe I'm super bad at this, but I think that since the game is super fast, it's hard to process everything in time.

Please keep going, I need some new games on Android ;)

This is not a bad prototype, but it looks not finished to me. 

The concept is good, and what you started to do with the waves, the map, the weapons you can collect, the enemies... this is cool.

Thing is, a lot of things are not achieved:

  • The UI is bad. You're using the default font, and the default UI elements for everything in the game.
  • There are only audio for your shots. No music, no footsteps, no UI sounds, no sounds when I get hit, no sounds indicating a wave is done...
  • Absolutely 0 player feedbacks. When you get hit you'll never notice it. This part is super important.
  • Controls are okay but could be much better. It feels like you're flying when jumping, mouse sensitivity is very low....
  • Some details: with the current camera's placement, you can see the gun floating... if you don't have a 3D model with an arm and a hand holding the weapon, try to use the camera to hide the grip of the weapon. Same, the player shadow... we can see the pill form used to make the player, that's not good.

Also.... where is the lie? Did I miss something?

I hope my feedbacks will help you to know how to improve the game and maybe to know what you'll need to focus for any next project you'll start!

Hey, that's a dope game. 

Audio part is great, graphics are very clean, and the gameplay is very innovative to me.  I just don't consider this as a "lie", I mean the game is giving misleading indications to make the player confused, but there are no lies.

Also, I'm not sure but I feel like sometimes I'm losing a life even if I'm passing through the right door because I started to enter in trigger with another path but changed my mind before passing through, which is very frustrating to me haha. Could you double check this point to see if it's the case?

One extra note, very little one: since the gameplay is fast and focused on the keyboard Up/Down, you could also use the keyboard in the main menu to select "play" and press enter to start your game :D That's a little thing, game is still pretty good imo.

Well done, nice one!

I liked try this game. The idea of a tower defence where you build the path and not the turrets is cool. Don't understand how the game is actually embrassing the theme btw... Also since you only place your path, you're very passive watching the enemies getting destroyed. I mean, that's how the usual TDs are but at least there are some stuff to do usually (managing the turrets, upgrading, activating perks like bombers...). Here, it's super slow so after a few levels I started to be bored.

That's a cool entry btw, good job on that.

That's a super fun game. Visuals are good even if they remain simple, music is chill, but the most important point is the gameplay which is very well balanced. Nice controls using the keyboard.

I'm just no convinced it respects the theme, or I maybe didn't understand how you did it. Also, since the game is quite fast, it would like more feedbacks when I get hit. The faster is the game, the better should be the information you send to the player.

My last point will be the fact that the UI is quite poor compared to the quality of the other elements. Menus are very basic, and when playing the text elements are very simple. I didn't notice I had ammo and hp during my first run and it's hard to see how many HP are remaining when fighting because everything is white and raw texts.

Thank you for this game, was fun!