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Cool game ! Cool ramp up of the mechanics, nice ambience and cool art. I had a bit of a problem to understand how the spikes were working, the fact it's turn base made it a bit weird since you have to go in when the spike is still there but without the "!" I wonder if a little animation of the spike "shaking" like it's about to go would've been clearer. Other than that maybe having a better tell of what killed me when I die. I had to give up on level 11 since I kept dying from something and I had no idea what was killing me and it's hard to get better if you don't know what you did wrong.
Cool game tho, well polished.

I played half the games so far, so I will have played the majority of games in the end.
A bit of random and a bit of appeal of the itch page, it does test a bit the marketing capabilities of the participants (if you are reading this and don't have a cover image on your game, you know what to do ;) )
Once voting is over, if I missed a game in the top ten I'll probably go check them out.

Also that's just me, I'm not speaking for the other judges.

As many as possible 😅 There are many games this time so it's unlikely that all games will be played.

You can make a Windows 10 build if you can't manage to make a browser version.

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Yes. It's allowed.
But mention it in your credits.

Good luck !

No, only honor and glory 😤

Wesley will make a video about the community winners and the judges picks.

Thanks for the info ! I didnt know that :)

As long as the game follow the rules, the engine is not important.

TLDR: yes, you can use Unity.

Can it make a stand alone game or is it somehow linked to Roblox ? (sorry,  I never played Roblox 😂)

Cause if most people can't play it, you might be penalized in a sense that not a lot of people play it to rate it, and having few votes impacts your rating.

No, go for it 👍

Politics and religious themes divides people and creates drama.

I'm rich !!
Cool game, the music was very nice.

Valve outdid themselves once again !

Hey ! 😃
Thank you for playing and watching 🙏

Cool game !

Hi ! I do like to peek on some gamejams that I didnt participate to, to see my buddie gamedevs games and there's no real way of seeing their games appart from the rest.

Would be nice to have a filter in the "Submission" list to only see the games of people I follow or maybe a sorting option to have those games sorted first, so I can see all my buddies games from that specific jam.

Thank you for trying it out 😃

Cool game !

Thank you ! 🙏

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Cool game !

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Cool ! I'll try again with the update :)

Tbh, I didn't really understand what was going on. Sometimes there's more plants, sometimes I can water them. I don't really understand what more water does, since I can seemingly water all tiles with a single water tile. I wasn't sure if the sprinkler were doing anything and I have no idea what the sheeps were for. At some point I would get a game over, I don't know why. I kind of don't know what the goal of the game is and how I'm impacting growth. I'm sure there's a cool game underneath, but I just don't understand 😅

Oh really ? Are you talking about the laser chasing you in the first platforming section ? Or was it during the boss fight ?

That game is very hard XD
I like the chill mood and the creepy TTS voices at the beginning of levels.

Cool game ! Simple to understand and it get's frantic enough to get you "in the zone" where you move quickly on the spots in order. I enjoyed it !

Omg, this game is so good, gorgeous art, perfect gameplay. I can't believe this is a free game.

Excellent game !

Really cool game ! I really enjoyed finding the right solution to keep those monsters away. I did had to quit at some point on a level that seemed... just impossible. Having to survive 8 turns with 6 of those blob moving 1 square, it seemed like I just didn't have the tools to deal with it.

Nope, sadly Unreal dropped html support in 4.24 and I'm using 4.27, so no luck.

Thanks a lot for sharing your game made with the pack !! 🙏

Hey thanks for playing !
I probably wont expend that particular game, but I do like how the game works and I'm thinking of making a larger game using the same mechanics.

Thanks for the reply !
I actually found through google itch games translated in french.

But it doesnt seem to have a way to find that directly from itch (from a player's point of view I mean), but at least there's a way, so I'm guessing people looking for translated games will know how to find them.

Hi ! I wanted to try localisation since it's pretty much a must have for commercial games.

So I translated one of my game in French and it's an option in the menu, so the game is playable both in English and French.

So I was happy to update my metadata to add "French" to the supported language.
Then I wanted to look how to search for games supporting French and... could not find any way to search for it.
The search for games doesn't have a language filter or a tag or anything.
Searching directly for "French" would find meme games with baguettes and French stereotypes or games to learn French.
Searching for "français" aka French in French will find games only in French with the word "Français" in their title.
So there's just... no way of looking for a game that supports a certain language without looking for a game in that language only.

Am I missing something ? It seems weird to me that there's metadata to tell what language a game support and no way for people to look for games supporting that languages.

TLDR: There should have a language filter in the search for games.

Cool concept, nice art.
I think the initial portion is cool, having to go somewhere before the time runs out, my only problem would be with the top right corner, where I would keep bumping into the roof corner and miss the jump and be thrown back to the beginning.

I had to give up at the boss fight. There's a lot of camera shakes and audio feedback, but there is none on the very cryptic way you can damage the boss. I accidently realized bricks were falling from the roof, so I tried shooting at the roof and when you hit the Boss, there's no camera shake, not sound effect, there's just text saying "oww" which is easy to miss and not very satisfying. Also shooting at the roof just works... sometimes, maybe the brick was getting stuck ? often when it would not work, once it finally worked there would be like 3 bricks falling down. Also the very low rate of fire of the fire attack makes it very frustrating to miss the Boss's green fire balls, the hit box seems too small so I would often see my fireball go through the boss fireball and then because of the low rate of fire, I was done and died and didnt feel like I missplayed. Since the first phase of the boss require you to hit the boss a bunch of time and I would often lose because either shooting at the roof would not work or shooting and missing a green fireball would kill me, I would struggle to even get to the second phase and I could not figure out what to do while having 3 times more green fireball thrown at me. Shooting at the boss would make camera shake and they would not teleport anymore, so.... was I damaging them ? A health bar would probably help, but I think having some kind of "hurt" sound effect or any confirmation that I'm damaging the Boss or not would help a lot. I reached the second phase I think 3 times and then I don't know, I got worse at the game for some reason and would keep dying by missing green fireball so I gave up.

I think the core is cool, while I'm complained about the Boss, it's a cool boss fight. I just feel you could work on the "signs & feedback", having something that looks destroyable on the roof so you think maybe it's a good idea to shoot there ? Cause there's nothing prior to the Boss fight asking you to shoot at the roof to make stuff fall, so to at least have something visually different would help. And I think the easiest change that would make the boss fight a lot better is having a "hurt" sound effect, camera shake, visual effect etc, when hitting the boss, giving the player's confirmation that they are doing the right thing, cause I had not way to tell in the second phase if I was doing the wrong thing or if I was just bad at the game and in the first phase, it was really underwhelming to damage the Boss, considering it was more satisfying to shoot randomly at the wall, with sound effect, camera shakes and visual effects. (Also making it easier to it the green fireball, it's hard enough to deal with the low rate of fire, making it hard to hit is frustrating 😅)

All in all, it's a really cool game, that's why the long wall of text of feedback hahaha, cause I feel with few minor tweaks it would be great.

Hey that's great ! 😄
Thanks a lot for playing ! 🙏

Oh wow ! I'm very honored ! 🙏
I hope it was worth the trouble 😄
Thank you so much for playing and for the kind words !