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Cool game ! Was fun once I had the flow going.

Cool game, but I wish it had better onboarding. I didn't really know what I was supposed to do, when would the enemies attack or any of the rules. Not much was happening after day 9 so I built more houses to have a bigger population and out of the blue I lost because I didnt have any more food and I didnt know it was a thing or a win/lose condition.

The art is great. Nice achievement for a gamejam game.

Simple and fun mechanic. Wonderful art style.

Cool game !

Cool game !
Was satisfying to zap those puny non believers 😈

Cool concept. Cool game. Took me sometime to pass the first level, I thought the "trigger once" condition was working differently, but it's probably because I don't use gdevelop. Other than that it was frustrating at times to missclick and have no way to delete. I gave up at level 4, cause it took me a lot of retries on level 3 and having to redo the code every death is a bit tedious, so when I realized it was even more complicated I gave up 😅

Really cool idea tho, really fitting the theme and the fact it was a gdevelop jam.

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Really cool game ! The music and the ambience was really cool. I struggled a bit with the double jump, having to quickly press up twice is a bit weird when you are also trying to move horizontally with the same hand, I wish space was jump instead of the reset to checkpoint button. It also took me some time to understand the flip upgrade, at first I though that boxes telling me I could not flip were actually boxes I could build with my newfound power and since there was a lot of overlap in the zone after I unlock the power it wasnt very obvious and I ended up being lucky after mashing for a while.

That being said, it was fun and I reached the end, I hope you win 💪

Fun, short yet weirdly addictive game. It gives me the feeling of bursting bubble wrap, once a game is over I want to try again !

My only really small nit picking would be controls in the main menu, the movement was really fast, pressing just a little would move the selection twice, making it hard to select something.

Excellent game ! The art is great, the game is well polished. I like that music has an effect when entering the flipside. I like the top mirror indicator, it gives a good indication of the progression.

Really well made game.

I love the ambience and the general mood of the game, music was very fitting and the art style was nice, I really like the character art. The taking picture mechanic is really cool. I had a bit of issues with getting stuck on the side of platforms and I wish I could cancel the picture to quickly take another one, cause it often lead to just... waiting.

Cool game !

I liked the tackle move. Was a bit hard to tell if I was dealing damage when shooting at an enemy, having some feedback would've been nice, it was hard to tell if I was doing the right thing against enemies with a lot of HP. Also there were really narrow space that I needed to kind of fight with the controls to get in and I get stuck, I don't know if it's intended, but it feels like a bug.

Thank you for playing ! I'm glad you enjoyed it :D

Another World was indeed one of the influence for this game ^^

Félicitation pour catapulte !
Le jeu est très cool !

Really cool game ! I love the concept and the upgrades were fun. The only thing I didnt like was the volley upgrade, it didnt feel like I had any control over theme, so it would lead to some frustrating lost where I really needed to shoot something but couldnt even try.

Really fun game !

Great update ! The new enemy archetypes were a great addition, I specially liked the one with an axe, forcing me to be a bit smarter with my attacks and nice final cutscene !

Really cool game !

Not sure why, I'm unable to pick a character. I can move around in the character select, but I can't confirm my selection.

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Thanks a lot ! I really wanted to go back to fix the problems with the jump and the difficulty to allow players to experience the story. I'm glad you had the patience to try the game again 😅

Alternate endings would've been nice, but, you know, gamejam's limited time haha

Thank you for your kind words and thank you for playing 🙏

Awesome music pack once again !

I made another gamejam using your music (bought, credited and linked) and finished 4th place this time, but 1st place in SFX/Music which is obviously thanks to you !

I used mostly music from the "ambient" and "somber" category and your music was perfect for the mood of my game.

If you are interested:

You can poke me on my twitter:

Thanks a lot for trying the game ! :D

The jam rating ends tonight and I already have an update in my back pocket that I will upload as soon as rating is over. Mostly some hand holding mechanic for the jump and controls and some checkpoints so the difficulty is not as punishing.

Thank you for playing !

Cool game. It was cool and somewhat relatable to trade protein for "gym gains". I ended up giving up because it was unclear if there was an objective to the game, you start without any instruction and you just jump around killing stuff, so I don't know if there was a way to finish the game or not. There aircontrol was a bit lacking, stoping to press move input would not brake my movement so I would sometime have a hard time to land on a platform.

The theme was nice, I felt the "gym bro" vibe with the music and all. Nice entry.

Thank you for the kind words !
Yeah, I learned how crucial play testing is, since... well... everybody had a problem with the jump and I could've have fixed the issues if I asked for playtesters (I already did actually and I'll update the game once rating is over).

Thank you for playing !

Thank you ! Difficulty is definitely a main focus of my post jam changes. The jam version doesnt have checkpoints for time purposes, reloading the level is really simple to do, so I didnt take the time to make checkpoints, but it's something I'm definitely adding post jam, it should also take care of most of the "re-reading" cuscene issues, I'll make sure to add a check point in the race.

Thank you for the feedback and thank you for playing !

Cool game idea, but I think the game difficulty is a problem, it is VERY easy. Which is usually ok for a gamejam, but since the goal of the game is to die, get upgrades to start again stronger, the fact I spent 10 waves fighting enemies that can barely touch me, that I already one shot them and the map is covered in health pack, I kind of don't feel the need for upgrades since I'm already strong enough. I think having it easy at the beginning is ok, but I feel wave 10 could've been like wave 3 instead, so I can die, buy some upgrades, start over and feel stronger. I ended up purposely dying so I can try the upgrades, spent my money and couldn't really tell the difference.

The concept is cool and the art is great, it only needs some balancing.

Cool game, I liked the recurring mechanic of fliping the switching and doing the level backward. I had to give up non the 3rd level tho, the one with the rising lava, cause it was just... way to hard. Also I'm not sure if the key was necessary, maybe it's getting different in other levels, but in all the levels I played it was just right next to the door, so just leaving through the door would've been enough.

A bit too hard imo, but it was a cool game for sure.

Thank you ! My goal was to build a relationship between the player and the friendly AI with more conversation than it's necessary to the story and simply have a chat with the AI, so you care more about them during the story of the game.

Thank you for playing !

Thanks a lot for playing ! The story was my main focus and it's probably what led to the jump problem 😅but I'm glad you enjoyed the chating.

I already started to work on post jam fixes and I made something where the code would detect that the jump will fail because of the jump anticipation animation, so I drag the player behind overtime so the player ends up on the edge of the ledge and still make the jump, just slightly slower. So it's not coyote time per say, but it allows the player to not be frustrated by missing a jump that seemingly just "didnt work".

Thank you for playing !

Wow, thank you for the kind words and thank you for playing 🙏

Loved it ! I'm a sucker for level ups and it was a lot of that :D
The big hive thingies were very satisfying to kill and it felt easy enough for a gamejam while being challenging, so I think difficulty was on point. My only knit picking would have been the jump input, since the game is really fast and the jump really quick, specially with the quadruple jump, W to jump made me unable to move with D while jumping, would've been nice to be able to jump with space as an alternate input.

Great game, finished it, loved it, awesome.

I could not get to play the game. There was some turtle with loud music and 3 dots moving and the arrows would not do anything.

Cool simple game, but there's not much objective, you shoot zombies and numbers go up, there's not much incentive to keep playing. The rotation point of the character seems off, like's they're not rotating from they feet, but somewhere around their shoulder.

Cool idea ! Interesting use of evolution. I kind of wish I had a bit more agency over what was going on and why. I was carefully choosing the buddies at first, but would not understand why so buddies were living or not, so passed 5th round I started to click randomly and lost and I got a hint that then made it really obvious and I won quickly. Would've been nice to have something happening during the winter, understanding why the buddies died etc.

Very cool idea ! the music was fun and the characters were nice.

Cool game ! I like the main mechanic of charging and throwing yourself around, it challenges positioning and timing and it's satisfying  with the audio and all. The only thing I would say it that win screen is underwelming, it stops the music with text, so maybe a music stinger or a winning sound would be more satisfying to finish a level.

Cool game and I like those slimes.

Really cool game, I wasnt expecting the fighting style and was plesently surprised, the "throwing fist" attack was nice and easy to use and the enemy attack patterns were nice. The only thing I'd say is that I didnt really understand when I could or could not attack, I'm guessing my speed stat was used a a kind of buff on the cooldown of the attack, but I wish I knew when my attack was really, cause ended up spamming, leading to me missing the attack I didnt really know when the fist would spawn or not.

Cool game, those mouth sounds were funny, the concept is goofy and fun.

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Dev here. The second level aka the first one with the fruits to collect is a bit too hard, but if you want to skip levels to experience the story, all the levels are selectable in the level select available via the main menu or the pause menu (press Esc).

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Great game ! Love the art as usual, the "wobbly" style and cute characters. I enjoyed getting those alternative collectibles, but I didnt understand the tutorial and only understood their purpose once at the race. Very cool use of the them and having to race was very fun, using the attack to get speed.

My knit picking would be that I would often walljump unintentionally, throwing in the wrong direction when I was actually trying to double jump. E as an input... kind of doesnt work, since it means I have to either do everything with my left hand and stop pressing D so I can press E, or use my right hand ackwardly, so I ended up using the mouse, which is weird since there is no reason to use the mouse, maybe having another alternate input on the keyboard so I can use my left hand for movement and jump and my right hand to attack, something like Enter or shift maybe ? I also wished I could reset during the race, I would play poorly and know I would lose and my only option was waiting to fail. Oh and there's a very long delay to stop moving, which wasn't much of a problem during the race, but during the platforming section it would often lead to weird death where my character would not stop and I would fall of a platform, I couldnt just, move a little, so it felt kind of slippery.

Great game ! Awesome art ! fun use of the theme and it was fun to race that cheating jetpack user !

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Cool game, I feel it lacks a bit of feedback on taking damage, I would take damage and not notice, maybe making the character flash or make a hurt sound. Also it took me a while to beat the mammouth, I would not be able to dodge it's attack and it would hit me twice and I'd die right away, until I realize I could button mash  my way in and kill before it can attack.

Cool game.

Awesome art !
I feel the game has a dire new for a tutorial tho. I was thrown into a game I don't know with a ticking timer and no intruction, I couldnt manage to use the cards at the bottom and it took me 3 rounds understand I could click the units and didnt know what was a good idea or not. Seem like knights kill the soliders or something, so I guess there's a rock paper scissor kind of thing in there. Probably having simple levels, without a ticking timer, where you have like one unit and you must pick the right rock, paper scissor to defeat an enemy unit and something about the cards or the objective of the game.

Looks like there's a cool game under it tho, nice polish and very great art and I love that NFT joke haha.