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Thanks for playing and the ideas. I'm turning this into a full game so will look at adding these extra details :)

Thanks so much. Hope to have a full released version of Pushy Worm out next year if you are interested :)

Yep, the worm movement for sure is inspired by snakebird. Though, I have added in a few other mechanics to try and differentiate from it :)

Thanks for playing and sharing on your channel :)

Thank-you for playing :)

This was brilliant! Congrats on a great game!

Hi, I am working on making this a full release (Steam page is up for wishlists) so I am not making any of the assets available.

Thanks heaps for playing and the comment :)

Thank you for playing and the comment. I have heard that people get annoyed when they spell an actual word and it doesn't turn green but as you said, you need to be able to correctly guess the whole set :)

Thanks for playing :)

Very fun, kind of a sokoban mixed with Tetris. I owned a NES growing up but never came across Puzznic. Great work!

Thanks Lisa, happy you enjoyed it :)

Thanks for playing!

Thanks heaps Ginger!

Thanks bud, love your support! :)

Thanks for playing Gin, happy you are having fun with it. One of my aims for the demo was hard puzzles but might try to ease the difficulty ramp for full release :)

Thanks for playing and the feedback Rocky. Will have more of a think on how to teach the morph mechanics.

Thanks for playing and the detailed feedback. Will do my best to tune the difficulty curve and find ways to best communicate the shape shifting mechanics in the final game :)

Thanks heaps Jordan. Thanks for making an awesome soundtrack for it, couldn't be happier!

Awesome and super challenging. Never felt so proud of myself for solving a puzzle :)

Great work, loved the atmosphere and touching cut scenes you added to this. Also a very interesting and beautiful world to explore.

This is fantastic. A polished Hyper Light Drifter meets boss rush game made in a week! I'm amazed!! 

This was great, didn't have time to play through it all but will for sure come back to try and finish it :)

Very cool game Xander, managed to get a tonne of gloomy atmosphere into it!

Alternative title, "5 nights at Jordy's"

Awesome precision platformer with unique levels, had a bunch of fun playing. Great work guys :)

Dude, you seriously know how to blur the line between art and gaming 🤣

Just realized we hadn't replied here. 2 weeks later I'm hoping the song still isn't in your head?

Thanks heaps for checking it out :)

Art and effects in this game are gorgeous, up there with Ori. Fantastic work! 

Awesome concept that is taught to you super well, can't fault it!

Thanks so much for giving the game another try. Yep, a controller makes a big difference and helps with the tricky platforming sections. Thanks for the kind words :)

Awesome character art, a super interesting mechanic and gripping story telling. Great work Adam!

Cool game, takes a while to get the hang of but a bunch of fun once you do. Great to see a Vimlark game using the Construct physics engine and the alien is super cute too!

Lol, Goblin hugs are the best!!

Very fun game with awesome art, bunch of polish and great atmosphere. Final boss battle is for sure a highlight which includes a bunch of thought out attack phases. Great work!

2 unique game experiences in one game, awesome graphics and music, whats not to love :)

Had a bunch of fun playing this, felt like a top down Metroid game. Art was absolutely fantastic and shooting felt so satisfying. Awesome work.

Really fun game that is super satisfying to play through, especially after upgrading your abilities. I didn't quite get the hang of utilizing the dash during battles but for sure the swing attack came in handy with the smaller enemies. Look forward to playing again should you keep working on this :)

Awesome art style and super catchy music. The game loop is a bunch of fun and also noticed a few Easter eggs hidden in the levels, whats not to love.