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Thanks for playing and the feedback. I can see how the "Getting over it" falling aspect wouldn't be everyone's cup of tea so all good. The frame rate issues can happen on the HTML build but it runs a bunch better on the Windows build which we recommend. Thanks heaps for the words of encouragement too :)

Liked the concept of the game and the aesthetic was super nice and clean. As other have said, it's a bit punishing starting over but would be keen to give it another go should you do a post jam update where you just restart the level. The other thing I noticed is the momentum of the bean seems to carry over to the next level after you complete one which kind of throws you off. Great work overall :)

Thanks for all the super nice comments. Totally understand how the collisions with pins could be punishing especially if a few hits were chained together. The idea we were going for was a "Getting Over It" climbing concept where you can't die but are set back if you take a hit. We could probably address this a bit more by positioning more safe areas in the game so you would never fall too far. Thanks again :)

Thanks for the super kind words. The idea was the toy was trying to climb out of the toy box to stand on the edge to be noticed by its owner but can understand how it would be seen as a loose fit to it :)

Thanks for checking out our game and the feedback :)

Thanks for playing and the feedback. We are super happy with the graphics that our artist Foster Turtle made :)

Thanks heaps for playing :)

Fun, charming game. The character was a lot of fun to play with and I loved that you weren't punished too much for getting hit by enemies or spikes. The voice lines also added a lot of character to the game. Great job!

Gorgeous looking game with a haunting soundtrack. You also hit the target with the implementation of the theme.  My feedback is I felt the players movement was a little slippery and the jump a bit floaty. I would also map all the actions to the keyboard unless you needed the mouse specifically in the game. There was also the display aspect issues where the sides got cut off in the main menu as others said.

Overall I had a really fun time with this, well done!

Fantastic looking game, loved the 1 bit 3d aesthetic. Looks like a huge effort when into the cut scenes too. Loved how the enemies come off the main plane as you defeat them and all the other small details you put into juice.

Only suggestions would be to add in a death animation for the player, put on a 3d effect on the crates, assign keys on the keyboard for the sword strike and shield (as the mouse wasn't really needed in the game) and perhaps coyote on the sword strikes so its easier to chain a few together.

Overall awesome job!

The visuals here were so good, haven't played another game that looked quite like it. As others have said, it was quite hypnotizing and it also felt a bit 3D to me, like the colours were popping off the screen. Music was also great and had a lot of fun playing. Would help to have more feedback when shooting the bosses, I wasn't sure if I was damaging them at first. A health bar would also help. I also came to a point in the game where there was no more enemies, waited a couple of minutes and nothing happened?

Overall, fantastic job guys!

Really fun game, it certainly kept me on edge when playing so you absolutely nailed the theme there. I did find a couple of times you and the boss would get stuck in the walls when he was chasing you but other than that had a great time playing. Nice work!

Nice art, music and a really interesting mechanic, I think you could create really interesting puzzles with this idea should you were to continue developing. Great work!

Very cool Xander!

The incorporation of the themes was perfect. I got super nervous being on the edge (especially how it sucks you in a bit) whilst tackling the boss. I enjoyed the various attack phases of the boss and it was super cool being able to play both sides.

My feedback is to ease the attacks of the boss right at the start of the game, as a new player that threw me a bit. Also, perhaps an audio cue for when the ship is low on health. Great work!

This was great Wes. I haven't played Hades but I love the idea of a game where you always feel like you are making progress, especially in jam games. Nice variety of upgrades and enemies, the game was fun to play and a good challenge. I also liked how you enemies visually telegraphed when they were about to shoot a projectile to give you a chance to get out of the way.

My feedback would be to have a death animation for the player, have some audio indicator for when you only have one heart and probably have less rooms before making it to the boss.

Overall, awesome job!

Thanks so much, will likely reach out for some play testing later if you are keen :)

Thanks heaps for playing and the super kind words. Very happy you enjoyed the story :)

Heaps of fun Wuz, the attacks were super crunchy and the physics were great on the naked dudes. I had fun punching them while they were on the ground to see what weird shapes they would make with their limbs. Game looked great too. Only bit of minor feedback would be to make the hits that you take more impactful. I felt the impact of punching the enemies more than the impact of taking the hits. Overall, awesome game!

What a brilliant idea for a puzzle game. Reminds me of a mix between Portal and The Witness, it was also a great interpretation of the theme. Had a bunch of fun playing, well done!

The art, especially in the cut scenes was amazing. The gun felt super satisfying to use and the game very fun to play.  I felt like I was playing a top down Metroid game. Awesome work.

Thanks heaps for checking out our game and the feedback. The idea was the power ups collected would make it easier and faster to traverse up earlier sections if the player fell, but totally understand taking multiple hits from tacs and losing a bunch of progress would be quite frustrating. Thanks for the kind words :)

Thanks for playing and the super nice words. We hope to keep expanding on and improving our games in the future :)

Thanks for playing, happy you enjoyed it. Hadn't heard of fancypants but I looked it up and can definitely see the similarities in the style :)

Hi, thanks for playing and the feedback. There is a bit of a rage game element to it, the climbing and falling element was loosely inspired by Getting Over It :)

Thanks for playing and the positive feedback :)

Thanks heaps for playing. You did great to get 19 beans in hard mode. The feedback on the dash is very helpful and will likely look into tuning it further in the future :)

Really loved the look and sounds in the game. I thought it was a really creative take on the theme. The rope physics on the crates were super cool but couldn't find a situation where I needed it. Also, I was lost in the beginning so I had to check in the comments to find out about the light switch at the start of the game. I guess for feedback, is to make the game a bit faster (a bit too much time waiting around) and more clearer indication of the light switches. Overall great job :)

Really fun game, I really liked the retro pixel art look, the music and sounds. I thought it was cool that you had the different sections with checkpoints, and each of the sections introduced a new platforming idea, enemy type or mechanic.

The end boss was also really cool, especially the fact that you gave it multiple attack phases.

My feedback is the player control did feel a bit slippery, took a while for him to stop (though it does fit the the space theme so its understandable). Would have been cool if you could shoot up and diagonally and if there was a way to get some health back during the boss battle (maybe in the form of health pickups to give a risk vs reward element).

Overall, solid entry. Awesome job!

Love this art pack, great work!

Cheers Jordan, thanks for checking it out :)

Beautiful story with a unique game mechanic. It's a bit like how I view some of the games I create, sometimes I want to protect and nourish them and other times I want to destroy them :D

Game looks amazing and is really fun to play. It's a shame about the crashes and the slow down is a bit too much at times (the nature of time constraints during game jams so understand). Would be super keen to see what this turns into should you decide to continue development on it :)

Thanks for playing and the feedback. Totally agree about the hidden cash, they needed some more visual cues.

Very fun game with lots of different power ups, beautiful art and cool effects (such as the explosions and screen wrap, nice touch). The game gets super hectic after you pass a score of 1000, managed to get a high score of 1275.

My main feedback would be to add a menu and perhaps some screenshake during the explosions for a bit more juiciness. Awesome work!

Haha, we all have a mate like that right?

Played this briefly just after the jam and thought it was brilliant. Just came back to complete all the puzzles :)

It's a shame that you missed the top 100, easily my favorite game.

Love the vibrancy of these packs, awesome work Wes!

Very fun game that looks and sounds great. Those flying fish were brutal lol

Thanks for checking it out Xander :)

I'm not making the art assets available as I might turn this in to a full game in the future.