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Awesome game, loved uncovering the hidden mechanics :D

Thanks, this works great!

Thanks for playing and the detailed feedback. We are looking at making some post jam updates and we will look at making the turn tile art clearer.

This was a bunch of fun to play and great for those that love speed running. The effects were polished and I really appreciated the fact that you put in coyote time so the movement felt very smooth. Awesome work.

Really interesting idea for a puzzle game that clearly hit the theme and focus. I found it super impressive that you introduced so many new concepts/mechanics through out the game too. Great work!

Really cool concept and smooth animations, in particular the strikes and picking up / placing down the checkpoints. Great implementation of the jam theme and focus, great work!

Thanks for playing and the comment :)

Wow, thanks heaps for the huge praise.

We might look in to expanding the game with some more levels and tile types after the jam :)

Yay, you are the first one to mention they solved all the puzzles :)
Also, thanks for the praise!

Thanks for checking it out spoon, appreciate the kind words :)

Thanks for playing :)

Really fun and creative take on the jam focus and theme. You also nailed all the diversifiers so bonus points there (I didn't recognize this as a spoonsweet game at first as it strays away from your typical pixel art style but makes sense given the shapely diversifier). It was like playing a piece of art in a way though I think I lost way too many trees during the fires. Played a couple of times and only got 61 saved as my best score :0

Cool concept that is easy to pick up but takes a little time to master, the difficulty ramped up quite nicely.  Nailed the cross path theme, great work!

Really creative concept and presented extremely well. The style reminds me of Into the Breach. This game really makes you think and plan ahead in order to maximise the minerals you pick up each run.  Would have been great if there was some sort of retry button so you can test a path and make some adjustments and try again, even if there was a limit on how many times you could do this (perhaps a retry would make the game too easy though). Awesome job overall!

Cool concept, absolutely hit the brief with regards to the theme and limitation. The level design was also excellent. It was a bit on the hard side for me personally and it would have been great to have seen some more animations on the main character but other than that I had a lot of fun playing. Great work!

Thanks for checking it out and the feedback.

Thanks for playing and the nice feedback :)

Really cute and wholesome game. Initially I struggled with the sensitivity of controlling the camera with the mouse but then swapped over to a controller and had a much better time. You got a tonne of content in there too, I was expecting the game to end after collecting the 150 coins and fixing your house but then new areas opened up. Awesome work!

Thanks heaps for playing and the kind feedback Xander. We might look at further development after :)

Thanks for playing, hope you enjoyed the challenge.

Thanks for playing and the feedback. We might develop it a bit more post jam and add in a few more tile types. 🐈‍⬛️

Great game Xander, had heaps of fun with it although I wasn't the best at it as I struggle a little with precision timing games. You totally nailed the theme, restriction and got in a diversifier too. My only feedback is to allow the player to decide when to start moving from the checkpoint (as opposed to the count down) which would have helped later in the game and perhaps consider unlimited respawns to help players progress further. Awesome work overall!

Great implementation of the Crossing Paths theme, it was fun working through the puzzles. I also really enjoyed the art and juicy movement, awesome work!

Thanks for playing and the feedback.

Thanks for checking it out.

Charming and fun game. It took a while to get use to the movement, but I did eventually make my way to the end. The spread gun was especially satisfying to use. Solid entry. 

Btw, I recognised your avatar from your YouTube channel, keen to see some more Adventures of Bob someday :)

Thanks for playing. Yeah that last level is a tricky one, thanks for sticking with it :)

Thanks for playing and the feedback :)

Amazing entry, which oozes in atmosphere. Like others mentioned I kept playing through as I had to see what happens. The implementation of checkpoints was really clever too where timing often became important and even knowing which one to skip. I also enjoyed the brutal ragdoll deaths.

Hiya, as you mentioned we had similar concepts for this jam so obviously I reckon you nailed the theme and restriction :). I had fun playing and thought the puzzles were challenging. I would have preferred the reset option not reset the tiles on the board so you can gradually tweak them during the running of the bots. Would have also been great to have some music and sound effects. Nice work :)

Fun game and a great take on the Crossing Path theme. I enjoyed the narrative too. Only feedback is some of the art styles clash a little (eg. the ship and background tile set). Overall, great work.

The game looks, plays and sounds great. Nailed the theme and you even got one of the diversifiers in. It was fun racking my brain and working through the levels, great work.

Very cool concept, you totally nailed the theme and restriction. Gets hectic fast and its fun managing the vehicles/paths. Great work!

The AI won :o

Great work Skeffles, really enjoyed the difficult ramping up on this one. Sorry I missed it during the ratings period.

"F" - for frog

Thanks for the play and feedback!

Thanks for the checking it out.

Thanks for playing and the feedback. Totally understand about the controls, we originally had it they way you described but changed it to help with faster responsiveness but it is quite weird at first. The option to choose probably would have been best. Thanks again :)