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ez clap


Usually it takes about an hour for people to play through I think :)

Thanks, I have fixed the bug now! :)

it was hard to understand for me, but fortunately you provided some hints, nicely done. I wish this game had sound effects, the only missing part

the game is hard

The visual effects look incredible but the gameplay is a bit lacking I think. I enjoyed the searching part much more than the shooting

I like the game, but i think it would be more exciting to play with actually designed levels instead of procgen, but its nice anyway

My wishes:

  • I should only be able to click on the actual balls, not near it
  • Have a score so I have a goal of beating highscores

Feels really nice tho, simple but good

Im sorry i have to confess i skipped the very important text part and went straight for the golden cauldron


I tried relly hard. I died really fast

Got the secret ending lol

panicked at 'called `Result::unwrap()` on an `Err` value: OptionSelectionTooHigh { input: 2, count: 2 }', src/

I really like the UI you have here. I wish this was more of a finished game but it was still a really cool experience

too many pills. this game is too hard for me :)

Almost one on EXTREME difficulty. Good game, but i dont see the side effects?

Escaping the first room was incredibly hard for me, took like 15 minutes. but then i speedran to the end in 1 :)


I tried my best but could not get to the leaderboard :(

got to 100 score, nice game!

fixed itself after a bit nvm

I wish this game was a bit longer, but it is realy pog game

looks like the game is not playable at the moment for some reason (playcade website down????)

This is the best game! I wish you win!

i cant make the last jump wtf


did it with the same team we did flashdark btw

this is what I call real art


accept your defeat

took me a couple

here’s the vod if you are interested to watch it back


ez game gg

ez win gg

get rekt

I lost

This game is amazing, even tho it took me a while to understand what to do in each minigame. I do really suck at chess apparently

Nice game, I really liked all the different cards, got to win on my 2nd attempt.